Return to Eden

8108688067?profile=originalI have never liked the story of the garden of Eden. Many find it insults their intelligence. I half agree. Yet I am sure it has a deep significance within the collective unconscious. The idea that humans have fallen from the original intention of the creator is not to difficult to imagine. My personal belief is that there is a creator of the universe or creators, the distinction is irrelevant. I don't believe this creator is kind of a super projection of the human ego, which is what a lot of religions allude to when they talk about God. For me the creator exists as the highest divine principles. Omnipotent power, Omniscient Wisdom, Omnipresent Love, and Eternal Consciousness. Yet I don't think "God" actually cares whether or not we believe in it or recognize it. It does not demand our service, loyalty or Love. We have been given the gift of freewill to do and act as we please. Virtue speaks for itself and so do passions. We exist to learn, to grow and to attain complete cosmic freedom. The universe is our school room in this regard.

I must admit, I am being somewhat evasive about this. Here's the deal, anyone who tells you, you must believe in God, you must worship God, or you must do what God says, or you must love God, or God is going to punish you in some way for your sins. etc. Whoever makes these kind of statements hasn't got the faintest idea of the Divine Love and Compassion that holds all of creation in it's embrace. They may have had a genuine spiritual experience, a glimpse of the light, which they have then twisted and distorted into their own human based, ego-centric view that serves their own self righteous agenda which is full of self deception and passive/outright domination. In other words they have seen the light, and it does not compute.

Then we have the image of the Great mother, the Goddess, out of whose womb flows all things, that nurtures and sustains everything in it's embrace, whose Love is unconditional who would no more damn anyone of her children to hell for eternity, than a loving mother would boil her infant alive and feed it to the dogs. She only wants the best for her children, the best being infinite supreme everlasting happiness and bliss. She will bestow this upon all her children without exception and the universe will not end until every spirit is found and reunited in cosmic bliss to the source out of which they were created. Until then we are here to learn and experience existence in the vast scope of all that means, both positive and negative.

Whether you believe in a God, Goddess, Creator, or Creators or not, means nothing to anyone else. It is significant only to you. Your unique perspective and belief system is teaching you about the universe and creation. It is your point of view that counts. I like to share my point of view with others and can say that I have great devotion for the divine and am like the beings of the sphere of Venus "crazed with Love". Yet that is just my perspective, sharing is allowed. The problem comes when someone tries to dominate another person's point of view, instead of recognizing that they are a sovereign being with freewill and are experiencing a supremely unique perspective, that is priceless to them and to the greater unfolding of the Universe.

It is not hard to imagine that humans once lived in great peace and harmony There are very specific things that the human race must do if they wish return to peace and harmony. This is self evident and it is up to human beings whether or not they want to do this. For me the Return to Eden, is a return to innocence and purity, but an innocence that is backed by great wisdom and first hand experience rather than ignorance. In this sense the "fall" was not a curse. It was the expression of the priceless gift of freewill.

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  • thanks kel. Yes you are right Shelly. I only see this as "once we had it good on this planet, and we lost it." But you are perfectly right about the demonizing of women.
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