There is nothing more important than learning to tune in to your DNA through your neuronets at this time. The ETERNAL LIFE WATERS ALBUM SET TWO

focus is on Neuronet Transformation. The DNA is the inner programming of the Neuronet system of the Body. We are now in a time of Transformation. Our Guardian Race- the Pleidians have turned on the Time Capsule that gives us permission to re program our Neuronets with the original Divine Template of our Eternal Life Programming.

That template is Etheric. It has been stored within the Inner Domains of Cosmic Consciousness. This Consciousness is an Etheric Plasma Vapor-- a Spiritual Water with a Divine Program within it. We can breath that Divine Programming back into our DNA through our Neuronet. This album gives the technique to do this programming and it contains the Frequencies of Consciousness of this Divine Water. This process requires attuning your frequencies of consciousness into these Cosmic Aquafirs of Eleisha. This has been called Aquafaria in most of my teachings.

The entire transformation process is a result of bringing in the Frequencies of the Pre Plamsa. What is pre plasma? It is what stars are made of. Suns and Stars are made of gamma waves which are made of plamsa which is made of pre plasma. Pre plasma is made of pre vapor called hydrolaise which is spiritual water. One step higher in creation is trypolaise- the cosmic spiritual water. These phenomena are all etheric, spiritual invisible to the five senses. This is why we are getting help from those on the spiritual parallel planes at this time to help us understand this phenomena. The main purpose of this training is to learn to focus deep within the cells into the most etheric place that you can image. In this zero point energy center of each cell there is a place that needs to be re programmed.

Our DNA, our cells our neuronets have an old program within them. We melt away the old programming of the DNA with the etheric vapor that is recorded in this set of music. And then we replace the programming within the DNA by using this process of taking the divine template that is stored within the etheric water substance within the 8th Sun and within the Earth's Crystal Heart. This Divine Template of Eternal Life programming needs to be placed back into the cellular memory which is the DNA. The DNA then becomes reprogrammed with the Divine Template within the Plasma Vapor which carries it.

Starry Silicate Crystal Cells of Immortality



This is an excercise in transforming into our Quantum Immortality. First, draw a box and call it a cell. The cell is a box because it is a three dimensional prison cell that locks us into a box of very limited understanding. Now, imagine looking at that cell through a microscope - the most powerful microscope that scientists have created. That microscope can allow you to see the nano-subatomic particles in the cell. It can allow you to see tiny little micro fibers called microtubules. We can think of these as a densified version of the etheric harpstrings of our minds. The etheric harpstrings are the quantum reality that we can know is true, eventhough scientists cannot see it with their microscopic lenses. Since our present science lab can only see third dimensional visible light, we know that nothing that is documented scientifically can be beyond the third dimensional understanding, because the scientists only have technology that documents at the third dimensional level of seeing is believing.

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