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Dr. Angela Barnett

The Guardians of our Universe announced that the energy needed for our transformation would be sent from the Sun through six Stellar Wave Activations. That would be a total of 12 when connected to the Spiritual Parallel Reality. They said we must use the Frequency Activations from these Waves to activate the DNA. Once the DNA is activated, there is first a rise in the Karma that is locked in the cellular memory. When these activations take place there may be old memories coming to the surface, bad dreams, irrational fears, jealousy, and an endless list of karma from the past millions of years. The Sun will always have the last word in this matter, because Sun Ra was the highest Sun in charge of our return to the Emerald Covenant, and Sun Alcyone was the creator of the original Star that Earth came from. There is also a Sun within the Earth on another dimension. It is these suns and many more who are bringing the frequencies of stardust, liquid light, gamma and plasma that are needed to clean out and restructure our bodies. This entire experience of having our DNA activated can be very wonderful or very treacherous. The way we make it wonderful is by continuously taking each little thought that comes into the light of the Sun and melt it away. I recommend doing this with all potential past memories of anything that you can remember or that you can imagine. There will be karma surfacing that is actually related to others that you have been in lifetimes before. Each time this karma surfaces make an image of your body as a light body and take it straight out in front and above your head in an angle toward your crystal heart. Take the image of your body up into the sun. See the area in the body where the karma is coming out as a dark area in the light body. Fill that dark area with light, and then fill the entire light body with more and more light until it explodes like fireworks into rainbow colors. You are transmuting all of the old energy out of your body and allowing the rainbows to turn into raindrops of liquid light and form a rainbow liquid light plasma body of your rebirth. This is fastest way to stop karma when you are going through DNA activation. This way you are allowing the sun to do the job that needs to be done before the karma surfaces, and you will have an easy transition instead of a difficult one. The Sun is now being corrected back to being connected with its mate — their orbit is becoming in sync again. The line up will facilitate energy flow — the flow of Light will be unobstructed as the second Sun is being more properly aligned. Their dancing together results in a greater flow of energy from and to the rest of the Universe. This facilitates great change to the Sun’s local area and all Solar System planets are experiencing great physical growth. All this cosmic activity is affecting the way our bodies respond to changing electromagnetic and magnetic factors. According to some reports, remote viewers have seen activities which indicate that the activity on the Sun will affect humanity in a big way this year — especially in late September. There are thoughts that indicate many millions of humans will not be able to withstand these changes and will have to abandon their physical bodies. This is one timeline of possibility. We individually choose our respective timelines. We need to make sure we choose the timelines that are tuned into OUR PERSONAL level of consciousness. We are being called to be creative, inventing ourselves as we go, just as our Sun is creating its own reality. Now is the time to take advantage of the energies facilitated not only by our own planet but by the whole Solar System. We are at a pivotal point in the development of the human race. Listening to Parallel Universe, Over the Rainbow, Symphony of Love will help with this specific attunement with the Sun's energies.

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