REMOVING POLARITY- REMOVING ALL ELECTRONS Dr. Angela Barnett That harp string that resonates at the highest frequency has Zero Electrons. The polarization becomes dissolved when the sphere that has zero electrons sings through the other spheres. The removal of the polarization is what allows us to become Christ Consciousness. In order to become a Christ, we must learn to play the Harp like the Angels do. The Angelic Consciousness in the Cosmic Sphere of the Music of the Spheres is played by the Breaths of the Highest Angels. The Elohim Angels taught me how to play this Cosmic Harp that would activate the Christ Consciousness. When we breathe to connect our Consciousness into the Cosmic Sphere, or the Violet String, we activate all of the lower strings on the Harp. The Highest Frequency Sends the highest resonance of Cosmic Consciousness into all of the Lower Strings on the Harp. These harp strings actually exist deep within the Soma of our Atoms. The Soma looks like a sphere that is surrounded by a mote of water, just like a castle wall. Inside of the Soma there are these tiny little hair like fabrics that look like a harp string. These strings actually appear to be tiny little spheres sitting on top of each other inside of the DNA. They are separated by electrons. The Fewer the Electrons the more positive the charge is. So the More electrons, the more negative the charge is. So there is a Polarization of the positive and the negative charges in the nucleus of the the Mortal Cell Structure. However there is absolutely no polarization of positive and negative charges in the Immortal DNA. That harp string that resonates at the highest frequency has Zero Electrons. We must move into this Zero Point to become Christs. The polarization becomes dissolved when the sphere that has zero electrons sings through the other spheres. The removal of the polarization is what allows us to become Christ Consciousness. When the electrons become dissolved, there is no more polarization. When there is no more polarization in one DNA, the entire body transforms. In order to change our bodies into the Christ Body, we must Sing the Frequencies of Transformation into the neurotransmitters of the receptor site of the dendrites or cell body.

The Christ Consciousness will be restored through this process. The removal of polarization means the removal between matter and the anti matter, the physical and the spiritual. When Polarization is removed, we become Christ. We become Super Human. The Elohim Angels taught me how to connect my DNA into the Cosmic DNA of the Violet String. I use the gift and the formula that they taught me over several years to create the Eternal Life Album. It was the same formula that I used to create the Eternal Life Album that brought my husband back to life after being gone from his body for several days and declared dead in the hospital. The Angels taught me this transformational process of bringing the Highest Frequencies into the DNA to reconnect the Eternal Life of the Super Human- the Christ Consciousness in Man. They taught me how to use Crystal Light, Crystal Gel and Crystal Dust to remove the polarity of the negative and positive electrons. It is the pre light and sound Frequencies within the Liquid Light or Vapor of the pre plasma of the Gamma that is contained within the three Crystal Spheres that I connect my consciousness through to TRANSFORM THE SOUND. The Transformation of Sound actually means unplugging from the polarized Mortal Mind and plugging in to the Immortal Mind of Christ Consciousness. This can only be done in the Violet String or the Violet Sphere of the Music of the Spheres. This is the highest frequency that removes the polarization of Electrons. Learn more at In our Quantum Level Biology lab we are working with minute organisms called Elementals. We work specifically with Minute, Microscopic Entities who call themselves the Aquafarians. The Aquafarians have showed me in my dreams this display of Electrons within the Soma of my DNA. This would be impossible to see with normal Scientific Technology. In my dreams at the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, where the Aquafarians are my teachers, I was shown this layering of these tiny little spheres upon spheres upon spheres within the Soma of the DNA. To a regular scientists, these would look like a layer of stones, however, at the etheric level of vision they are more like the spheres of the music of the spheres. Scientists call these protein atoms. Each of these tiny atoms have electrons spinning in and out and around them. The nucleus of atoms have negative and positive charges. The Fewer the Electrons the more positive the charge is. So the More electrons, the more negative the charge is. So there is a Polarization of the positive and the negative charges in the nucleus in the Mortal DNA. The free flowing electrons between the stack of atoms do not belong to any one atom because they are swimming in and out of the stack of tiny protein atoms. So these atoms could become polarized into negative or positive at any time. Since we have these electrons dancing back and forth between positive and negative charges, we are working with Elementals who are receptive to Frequencies. The Aquafarians are the Angels who Sing the Frequencies into the Harp strings of the DNA at the Quantum Level. The carbules are like strings on the harp. They are the Aquafarians harp strings. When the Aquafarians Strum or sing the highest string on the harp, the highest frequency of the violet light and sound of the 14th dimension. When that String is played, it Transforms our Reality. When the Violet String is Heard through the other Harp Strings, the lower strings begin their Evolution. They begin to transform into a new Multi Dimensional Choir of Realities. Inside the fabric or skeleton of the neuron nerve fiber there are six other bodies of energy that look like spheres. The structure is held in the dimensional mass through the harmonics of the fabric receptors which are electrons that dance in and out of the atom grid and create a resonance at the Quantum Level. It is this resonance tht holds the hologram together. The etheric spheres or strings in the harp that go beyond the light body do not have electrons. Electrons constitute polarity of positive and negative. This is what makes them visible in the thrid dimension. Some carbules have an electron cloud because those carbules are connected from the light body down. So this cell can glow. It can glow from the inside out because if you strum the carbules of its body it will glow. However if you strum the blue body this will appear like a negative. Your network of webs become visible. When this nerve neuron is finished with its life, it disolves and becomes something else. This neuron that belonged to the Human Brain was created exclusively for HUMANS. But now we humans are ready to become something else. We are done being Humans. We are ready to become Christs. To become something new we need to move into this Frequency of the Violet Sphere and allow the transformation to happen in the etheric levels of the DNA. We must play the harp strings of the DNA through the highest frequency which causes all of the lower strings to melt into the resonation of the highest string. This causes all of the strings in the DNA to melt away or dissolve. This is the transformation that is required before the Christ can appear. The new harp strings are connected into the Mind of God through the transformation of the violet string.

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