Recreational Drugs Part 1


Here we have a discussion of recreational drugs. William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, has some definite thoughts on the subject.

Questioner:  You said previously that we should practice moderation in all things.  I was wondering if that meant ALL things, for example, does that mean moderation in, say, drugs for recreation?

The Council:  Well, now, when we said moderation in all things, we expect you to exercise your good common sense and wisdom, natural wisdom.  If you take that approach, then it would be moderation in murder, wouldn't it?

Questioner:  True.

The Council:  So, when we advise moderation in all things, we mean what is morally acceptable in the eyes of the Divine not what may be acceptable in the eyes of man.  Now, the question of drugs, if you become more specific, then we will make a direct statement to that.

Questioner:  All right.  It seems that all the drugs that you hear about in the news and so forth have been pretty much bad-rapped and rightly so, except marijuana.  That seems to be more and more acceptable, and states are changing their laws so that it is not a crime to use it in small quantities.  Specifically, let us refer to marijuana.

The Council:  As we have said before, it is totally unacceptable.  Any drug used for anything other than medical purposes is out of the question, and to change your laws to accept such a activity is causing a karmic situation that will backfire in all of your faces in the future, as it is beginning to do so now.  So, although some of you may approve of such activities, at a spiritual level they are completely out of the question.  If the truth were known about many of your problems or drugs today, none of you would take them in any way shape or form.

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