Dr. Angela Barnett

  Physics of Ascension

The Earth has been filled with the Consciousness of all of the Suns and Stars that our Divine Template was originally created from. This Consciousness was sent into the Core of Earth to re-create the Cosmic Core of Transformation. The Transformation process will allow Earth to Ascend into the Ascension Earth. This can only be accomplished through the Consciousness of those standing upon Earth. Those of us who were the Blue Flame Holders and Violet Flame Holders allowed the Earth to able to hold within her the original Consciousness that was ours.

These formulas were given by entities who live in the higher dimensions were this new chemistry exists. I know it has to do with a complete translation of the elemental charts as we know them. It works much like the music of the spheres principle where you take one note from the spiritual side and one note from the physical side and line them up where they meet in the middle. We dont have the anti particle side of the formula yet because it doesn't exist in this dimension. This has to do with the removal of electrons from ionization. announced that they saw this process taking place in the Ionization layer around the Earth during the Earth Quake in Nepal on April 25. The report said that the Energy from the Earthquake was sending Sound Tones of Electro Tonal Frequencies into the Ionization Layer- that was breaking apart the Ionization.

This is proof of the beginning of this process. The Earthquakes in 2015 are the activation of the Earth's Heart Chakra which is Singing the Frequencies of the new Attunement out into the Atmosphere to Remove the Particle Mass that has been blocking the DNA from functioning correctly.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons atom into positively charged ion. This is a conversion--harmonic conversion
The outer frequency band- the 15th Sphere of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES is the secret. It is flowing into the body through all of the frequency bands.
When that picture is made- that picture is the IDEA. It is what the mind of God is going to create. it will be created into Time and on the Quantum Field. When we become so absolutely AT ONE with that FERQUENCY of Creation - what we are creating-- we have  shifted into a Parallel Reality where man is not Immortal- man is made in the image and likeness of GOD.  This TRANSPOSES the dynamics of our Life and  our subsequent expereince of  it. During this Divine Process of Attunement with the Music of the Spheres, there are other extraordinary translations in reality going on. A new Morphogenetic Field of Consciousness is created that is held within the Sphere of Divine Love that holds all in the Harmonized Attunement during the Shift into the new Parallel Reality.

As long as we are using the slowest wave of frequencies- the hertzian- we carry it with us because we are still in the body. When no longer use the hertzian frequency that molds us into the form of a body we can remove density and transform into Etheric Energy and Pure Light. Through the use of Multi Dimensional Reconnection, we can remain in the body and experience the dimensional realities of the Etheric at the same time.

As we increase the frequency then we can absolutely over ride the anchor of the mass that the body is. We over ride it through the frequency fields over riding the omni field, which is the anchor. Meaning our body is oscillating so fast that we remove the anchor from the omni field that gives us gravity. When we over ride this frequency, we can levitate. We loose mass. As we loose mass, we can levitate . No inertia. no gravity.

We can learn to float in a morphogenetic field of Consciousness that is free from gravity. We can dream ourselves into this state of REALITY. In order to move into this state we must learn to expand consciousness into the GOLDEN MERKABA. We move the Body up from Harmonic Universe One into Harmonic Universe Five and lift all of the bodies in all of the harmonic resonances into the highest body.

When the body is lifted in Consciousness into the Fifth Harmonic Universe, the body becomes Etheric Vapor and the Rainbow Effect occurs. The light glows through a crystal and into beautiful hues of the rainbow. The Colors of the Hues represent the frequencies that the Body is now Oscillating in. This is how the Golden Merkaba over rides gravity. The body becomes Blue and the pink and gold. This frequency moves into the DNA a melts away the old reality of the Hertzian body. The Merkaba creates  a torsion field around the body that lifts it into a new parallel reality.

The body disappears and appears in a new reality. The body appears in the desired reality that is created by the subconsciousness mind.

This is done by moving consciousness into the Spheres of Energy and spinning them faster and faster to lift into higher and higher Spheres of Consciousness until the body de materializes and becomes invisible.

If you get in the sphere and weave the webs of multi dimesnional consciousness around you and connect to the stars of universal consicousness, you become that mind.

Or work to see the entire blue body- breathe- load- and spin and again breathe- load and -spin faster and faster and then present the picture.
What is in the blue realm is the lord of the light realm.

The realm changes us into the blue body that follows the wind--the Breath to transform reality.

We are adjusting reality to remove the  neuronet that prevents flow in and out of wealth. To over ride lack to create genius to create a new reality. We create in the Etheric Mind then bring it back into this body.

The sound is the bands. Electromagnetic field goes into a vector magnetic flux, a rotating magnetic field doesn't create a vortex. It creates a torsion field that looks like a tornado.

An electromagnetic field, and increased frequency begins to spin, the faster the spin, the faster it can go and it creates a pitch in sound that is very audible in the brain. The pitch sound is drilling through or over riding or disolving transmutting the positronic clouds- the negative clouds electromagnetic field over rides a negative field and the positive field. As it does that, it acts like a drill.

If you take a piece of wood and say these are layers of electrical mass, All mass is electrical. Those that are not electrical mass such as hydrogen gases are a conduit to an electrical field. Add one more particle to hydrogen and it becomes a hydrogen engine.

Imagine a piece of wood- think of mass as electrical. As we bore through the piece of wood , we are actually boring through the polarity field itself. Gravity becomes relativistic in terms of the earths magnetic field.

The bands begin to spin- the outer bands of the body are a cumulative effect of every cell has its bands and the cumulative effect of the cell upon all upon tissue upon mass between tissue have slight fluctuation, but they are all producing this enormous band width. We have one band that is the physical band that represents the density of the mass of the body. Then we have an outward band that is representative of Mind and we put the bands next to each other. and we see how mind influences the body.

Let us say the block of the wood is the density of the body and lets say we are  boring through a hole. Now who is doing the boring The outer band the mind is the drill that is about to flux the inner band mass which is the piece of wood.

As we begin to spin these bands of the spirit mind the self or however you want to think of them.

The mind spins and bores into the bands of the electrical field of mass itself.

As a hole begins to appear high frequency over rides static electrical mass.

So as high frequency is applied to electrical fields of mass, then what it does it neutralizes them and over rides them what you see is a hole starting to appear what we want to do is bore a hole.
There are several layers of OMNI.

We are going to bore through omni trons omni ons, which are the pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons and we are going to bore through those, who in discrete units create a denser mass such as protons, neutrons, positrons electrons.

This field has to be more powerful than an electron and it has to over ride the positive aspect of an atomic nuclueus. So then, it has to over ride the first creation of atomic structure which would then go on to be polarized which would become the positive the positron inside the nucleus of the atom.

Now we are boring into the nucleus because it has an electrical field So then we are over riding that. Finally, what we are boring thru to finally displace our origianl omnions to reveal the delicate streams of a grid called point zero radiation, and when we displace the omnions, we go faster than gamma.

We are now at the zero point of quantum energy and that is what we ride on in a great ship.

In this journey of the golden merkaba which creates a golden egg around the body that is within the violet egg. We only want to reach the neutral omni because we have displaced inertia and we have to follow the omni on discrete lines. The grid is so tiny. But we have to follow the lines of the grid and any fluxuation means that this line of the grid has a whole new set of omni that stream from it that we have to ride on as well.

We do that in the golden egg. We are riding on the grids and the omni bands are the drill through the electrical mass to achieve it. The hole that is drilled to over ride the frequency is called the tubule. omni helix centrifical tube. The tube is reaching the center of neutral source.

When we have done that we have asserted all of the omnis that create atoms. We are asserting their inertia to over riding it with the higher-transmuting lower frequency into it.

When we do that we neutralize inertia. When we neutralize inertia, we neutralize gravity. This would cause you to levitate in mid air.

All around your bands have bored holes into the fabric of space to reach neutrality.

When we assert inertia by over riding it we neutralize it and when we do that we neutrzalize gravity.

Is the containment of mass still in tact?

What keeps it in tact. We have two bands. The inner band is only kept in tact by the mind. But it has the power to drill its way out of gravity and inertia and become a free floating object without gravity.

The lotus opens and the blue buddha sits above it.

He has risen above the world out of materiality. He has gained power.
He can over ride and sustain the mechanism of mass that is connected to omni fields that create gravity and inertia. So as to go beyond the material world.

Lower cerrebelum is primary in this action.
CE is going to involve the first tour de force, second tour de force and eventually flowering of the lotus will be frequency.
If the first tour de force is chemical responsive, is that going to do the job
But, in mortal brain, we have pathways that do connect to the subconscious.. The mid brain. Is a very detached center of reciever ship which information comes in unattached from emotion simply pictures of the future.

Which are infiltrated into the personality as substratums of here.
We get a feeling they should go or do this The personality is responding to as stimulous of the mid brain.

If mortal brain is chemical responsive it is not going to be the one that is raising energy in conscious energy. It's where we start --we start with a lot of resistance of doing this . If I am a manifestation coming through that band that is pure frequency and ultra high frequncy so I'm then not manufacturing chemicals.

I am manufacturing electromagnetic fields of frequency. In a frequency filed what I see people as is what their spheres of light energy are doing around them. I can see fluctuations in sound and light fields. I can access the inner sphere and know exactly what they are thinking because I know the exactly the result of their thinking on mass itself. This is what you are doing.

The outer band is keeping it coherent. It is raising energy with force asnd as energy passes the third seal guess where the will is starting to come from the mid brain.

But, when it comes to the forethought of your mind it is from analogical mind of god.
So when I command the sub conscious. You are in it and nobody but a force that is compelling those bands to spin. at a greater and greater and greater velocity. They spin faster and then the subconscious shoots a frequency into the bands and just by saying it, subconscious increases the electromagnetic flux.

The trillions of omni tablets will start to form so minute you cant see them but you are covered like a porcupine that the drilling into the omni field is occuring that is the torsion field That begins to raise the energy of consciousness. This torsion field is actually in concert with every single atomic structure that makes itself known as a molecule or an atom or as tissue. That everything that is mass from its atomic structure up is NOW starting to spin.

The whole body is becoming pourous which is in fact what  it is, but it is held together with the deliverance of that frequency which is the subconscious called god.

We see that the bands are boring holes from the inside to out and to the omni and when it does its non gravity specific, so then you see what is inside the rainbow field this disappearing entity or appearing entity but levitating.

Or disappearing entity through a rainbow prism. Where is the rainbow coming from? It's coming from intense electrical field that is ionizing to some effect like a magnetic mirror which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that is in the mirror that is contained in an intense field working in the vacuum. Then ions are injected inside of this intense  electrical field inside of the vacuum then immediately the electrons of those ions return to plasmic state. What state are they returning to? Plasma--the Sun- the 14th dimensional heliotalic frequency of transformation.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is called a magnetic mirror.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons in an atom causing the change into positively charged ion. This is a conversion--harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency a new dimension.

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