Angelic Name


   By now you may be interested in contacting and embodying your Golden, Solar Angel, but you might assume that the process is lengthy and difficult. Instead, it is amazingly simple!


   Remember that the Golden Angels want to be merged with us, hence they are calling to us and encouraging us to bring them in. All you have to do is sincerely call out to your Angel, letting it know that you ackowledge and welcome it's presence, that you are now ready to bring in and embody your full Highewr Self.

   You may ask your Angel for it's name, your name. These names are not in english or any other recognizable Earth language, for Angels come from the stars. This name could be termed your multi-dimensional or starry name. And once received and used, the resonance of it's vibration will serve to trigger and reactivate your pre-encoded cellular memories, allowing you to receive and harmonize with even higher frequency energy fields. 


   Due to the fact that the Golden, Solar Angels emanate from a sphere beyond duality, they are adrongynous in nature.


   What this means is that their male/female polarities have already united. Siunce we often have difficulty in relating personally with an it or they, our Angels usually appear to us in either a male or female form. When you receive your Angelic name, you may receive either the male or female polarity. Often this is soon followed by the name of the other aspect. Sometimes, you will hear the name of its unified poresence, receiving one name representing both aspects of your Angel. Simply accept the perfection of what you receive.

   On occasion, one will not receive their Angelic name. Instead you will hear what I term trigger name. Remember, that some of these Angels originate from very far away. Sometimes it takes awhile to move your consciousness to the necessary octasve in order to receive these heightened vibratory frequencies. If you receive a name that doesn't feel quite right, perhaps part of it is in English or Italian or whatever, accept it as your trigger name and work with it. It will help you to step up your energies to the dimensional octave where you will find your name. Receiving your Angelic name from your trigger name can happen in a matter of minutes or months. Once again, it doesn't matter. Everything is unfolding perfectly for you. Your Angel is in charge of this process, not you or me.


   There is great importance in receiving your Angelic name yourself.


   Now we are returning to the place of the beginning and once more, we are learning to receive directly from Source. This is the purest and cleanest way possible and it is open to all of us. The reunion is between you and your Higher Self. The process of contacting your Angel and receiving your name confers great empowerment upon the individual involved. This sense of empowerment and the subsequent evolvement into mastery is one of the great gifts which the Golden, Solar Angel bring to us.

   I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that you trust what you hear. From  countless experiences during the initiation process in our workshops on angelic Awakening, I have encountered many people who feel that they didn't receive their name, (with the resulting sense of disappointment and failure,) who, when taken further, realize that they had their name all along. Sometimes it pops into your head so easily, that you think that it simply can;t be the one. Or like me, you think that you must have heard it somewhere else, and you don't want to copy someone else's name. But then, it turns out that the reason it was so familiar is because it is your name!

   If you have received more than one word for your name, often it denotes your various star lineages. These could be seen as the Golden Rays which lead back to Source. You might discover others who share part of your name. These people share a Golden Ray with you. They have traveled with you for quite a distance, united as small fragments of star. It is  my dream to get you together when we have our Angelic Reunions that you may meet and share your experiences of your journeys here. 

   One thing that I constantly find fascinating is the similarity in Angel names, most of which are highly unusual. It's wonderful how Angels in Norht Carolina and Angels in California receive such similar names, when they have never heard anything like them before!

   Once we receive our name, we can beging to translate it, for each name has a significant meaning in which is a major key to our chosen Mission on the planet. To discover the translation for your name, all you need to do is ask your Angel. And then you can find the symbol for your name, which will also be a powerful trigger for you. Some of the Angels have even received their starry signature which has opened the doors to the reception of star writing which some are beginning to translate, In other words. there's a whole universe of discovery inherent in your Angelic name.


   The Angelic name is the bridge between us as humans and us as stars.


   We also have a true starry name, which is most difficult to speak with the third dimensional physical vehicle. Some of the awakened Angels have received names that are extremely close to their starry names. And usually they are the only ones who can pronounce them correctly. These starry names are exceedingly beautiful in an other-worldly sense.

   The more that you let your Angelic name sing throughout your being, increasingly shall you experience an amazingly profound transformation within your entire being. You shall; be quickened by a very beautiful cellular restructurization. This will enable you to receive the magnificant Golden Angelic frequencies which are coming in, many of which have never before been available on this planet. As your Angelic name is spoken, it sends forth sound currents which raise the frequency patterns for thwe whole planet. Most importantly, your Angelic name is the Golden Ray which links you to Source. And bringing in your Angel is your passport to travel within this Ray on the accelerated path homeward.


Claiming Your Name


   I urge all of you to seek your name. 


   You can begin by visulaizing a brilliant Golden White star above you. This is the Star that We Are. It could also be called God or Great Spirit if you prefer. Breathe in the Golden  Light from the star above you. See yourself as a pillar of Golden White Light. Be sure to bring the energy down all the way to your toes. Fill your entire being with Golden White Light until you become that Light.

   Now ask your Angel, the Angel that you truly are, to sound your name to you. Open yourself up and surrender, allowing yourself to receive the name. You may receive one or several words. They will be different from anything you have heard before and strikingly familiar at the same time. You may receive either the male or female aspect of your Angel, or both, in a combined form. You will receive what is perfect for you at this exact moment in time.

   When you receive your name, you might want to try it on and claim it. The first time you begin from the Golden White Star above you and bring the vibration all the way down to the toes of your physical body, stating out loud, "I am (your name)" Let the sound resonate deeply within you.

   It might feel a little akward at first. Some people experience a rush of energy ot twitching in their body. This is because you are bringing in a new octave of energy into your physical form. It's like buying a new pair of cowboy boots, they are stiff at first, but the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become.


   As you increasingly try on these higher dimensional frequencies within your being, the more internal cellular structure shall be realigned. Your name is your individual trigger, your personal resonance to anchor within you full multi-dimensional embodiement.


   As you state your name again, this time claim it across the universe, bringing it once more into the toes of your body. This brings in yet more of your vasteness and merges more of heaven into the Earth.

   The third time, you are going to call out your name form the heart of the Great Central Sun and anchor it deeply into the toes of your formerly 3D body. Now you are beginning to get a real taste of the vastness of your Angelic Self. This brings the Light Body into the physical body, merging them together into conscious multi-dimensionality.

   And remember, the more you use your name, the more powerful it becomes. The vibrations of your Angelic name anchor within you those beautiful Angelic Frequencies. Many of us have chosen to use our Angelic names all the time, helping us to claim and ground the fullness of of our Presence as we move through everyday life. Often when i find in difficult situations, like driving my car on a treacherous icy road, i will begin to sing my name over and over. My fear quickly dissolves as my Angelic Presence is strengthened and empowerment returns.


   12 Steps to Unite with your Golden ANGEL


   1. Create your space

       Find a peacefu place where you feel comfortable and protected. You can make it even more beautiful by adding crystals, flowers and lighting a candle. You can prepare yourself by bathing and putting on clean clothes. You might want to play some inspiring music to help get you in the mood.


   2. Quiet your mind

       After you enter your sacred space where you feel safe and protected, empty your mind by gentling letting go of your doubts and fears, then center your being through breathing, stretching, or meditating. Let your thoughts and anxieties slowly drift away.


   3. Visualize the Star

       Above you is a radiant Golden White star which showers you with Golden Light. Feel this Light enter your body through the crown of your head. Let yourself be filled with Golden Light from your Star. Breathe in the Golden Light to all of the fibers and cells of your being. Now, feel yourself radiating as a Golden Beam of the Star. You and your Star have become One.


   4. Tune into your Angel

       Remember, your Angel is always with you. It has never left your side. To feel your Angel's Presence, all you need to do is remeber it is present, Now you will start feeling the Angelic frequenmcies which ever surround you. It is like being embraced in Golden Wings of all-encompassing Love.


   5. Send forth the Call

       Call out to your Angel, sending it your profound gratitude for always being with you, for guiding and protecting you, and for loving you, even when you were unable to love yourself. Speak to your Angel of your yearning to fully feel its Presence and to reunite that you may be whole once again.


   6. Listen and feel

       Feel the waves of Golden Light which surround you in ever increasing brilliance, Then  allow yourself to experience the Love and delight which your Angel directs towards you. Simply bask in it, swim in this Golden River of Love and drink deeply.


   7. Ask for your name

       This is the time to ask your Angel for its name, your name, that you may bring it in and become ONE.


   8. Listen and trust

       Simply open yourself to receive the sounds which your Angel is sending to you. Do not allow your mind to interfere, gently set it aside whenever it tries to intrude. If necessary, ask your Angel to make your name louder or clearer. it shall do this, for it wants you to receive your name. As your name comes to you, trust what you are hearing.


   9. Try on your name

       Speak your Angelic Name and let it resonate throughout you. Notice how it feels inside of your being as you bring in the Higher dimensional frquencies. The more you say it, the more comfortable it will be, and the more empowered you shall feel.


   10. Claim your name

         Say out loud, "I am (your name)." As you do this you shall bring the energy down from the Golden, White Star above you all the way to your toes. As you repeat this process several times, the Golden Beam of Light will be anchored deeply into your physical body. This is Angelic Grounding.


   11. Merge with your Angel

         Feel your Angel descend into your body and merge with you chakra by chakra until heart is aligned heart, mind with mind, will with will, toes with toes, eyes with eyes, until you have truly beocme ONE.


   12. Go forth freely

         Now you are ready to embody your Angelic Presence. Remeber that you are An Angel, consciously serving on this Earth, no matter where you are or what you are doing. This will begin to transform your entire life in wondrous ways!


                                                                           Solara An Ra

                                                                  The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for The Awakened Ones


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