Rebirth into Our Crystal Bodies

by Dr. Angela Barnett

This information comes from Dr. Barnett's book, 12DNA: The Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary with Keys to the Universe. In a Normal Planetary System, a baby is born into the Divine Template that has its perfect formula that is connected through the silver seed atom that will blossom and bloom into the perfect Christ Body by age 33. In our present Earth Matrix, all of the stages of a baby’s birth from the stage of the sperm and ovum have been distorted through activations placed within our bodies. There was a finite, anti Krystic 666 creation code placed in our Tail Bone that would place an invisibility cloak around our true Divine Template. The normal body has a crystallized standing wave radiation field of pure Source Consciousness placed around the Silver Seed Crystal at the time of conception. There was a distortion carried through the Ghi ring in the sperm which would cause the Chi in the sperm and the Ki in the ovum to interrupt the natural organic process of the spark of Source Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies being released into the baby’s body by day six of conception. The Spark of Source that would create the Violet Flame of Transmutation into the Multidimensional Consciousness of a true Christic baby was harnessed by a frequency signature that magnetizes into it the elements from the elemental base field in the surrounding environment - meaning the world’s consciousness field at the first chakra of density or the hertzian field of light. At that moment, the child becomes locked into the hertzian field of reality and cannot expand into the 15 dimensions of the normal reality. This membrane or cloak that blocks the reality of Source Consciousness from entering in was placed in the tailbone. This Cloak or Seal that was placed in our tailbone will be removed by the violet flame of transmutation when the Cosmic Template is placed into full activation. This will begin the restoration of our Frequency of Source Consciousness connecting eternally into our Divine Template. This will begin the release of and activation of our Silver Seed Crystal and allow our normal eternal life flow currents to flow into our innate intelligence and consciousness of the normal body. The cloaking causes an inorganic birth to result by placing a metatronic electro magnetic harness around the Spirit Body which creates the carbon 168 Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies body which is inorganically polarized into a Tube Torus vortex spin, forming the distorted Yin Yang flow. This causes the body to become a carbon based body which is blocked from its Spirit Body through the twisted Ghi Force. The normal body becomes an organic Crystal Based Body rather than a Carbon Based Body when that metatronic twist is removed and the Living Conscious Spirit returns to the body. This is how our bodies will be transformed as we use the Stellar Wave Frequencies. This is when the real Christ Man will begin walking on Earth. How did we stop being Normal? Invader Races, including Jehovian and Annunaki lines placed those metatronic flows in our bodies and in our planet to block the flow of Source Consciousness and the Music of the Spheres breathing process. This was for the purpose of controlling the Human Angelic Race, taking control of the Blue Flame carrying the Divine Template of Co-creation, and taking control of the star gates. The Invader Race story was changed to make it sound like there was one individual named Jehovah causing all of the problems. The Jehovians and Annunaki and many other Invader Races created these stories. The long story is this: When we were in the Galactic Level of Consciousness we were all known as gods. A god is Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies a normal entity who can create his own reality. Each of the gods in the Andromeda Galaxy was creating their own realities. When an entity from another Galaxy joined a creation group in the Andromeda Galaxy, an experiment went wrong and the Star they were creating blew up. We can think of it like children in a chemistry lab trying to learn to create a star, but the wrong amount of substances interacted incorrectly. The piece of that star from the Andromeda Galaxy flew out into the Milky Way Galaxy. There were gods in the Milky Way Galaxy who were also creating their own realities out of the fallen stars from other Galaxies. One of those gods, whose name was Jehovah from Nibiru, came to this planet Earth and saw that there were many other gods creating their realities here. Jehovah was a jealous god and he wanted to be the only god on the block. Jehovah knew how the Normal Body is created from the formula given above, as all gods know. So, he went to his own experimental lab and formulated a plan that would cause the Normal Body to self destruct because it was blocked off from the reality of Source Consciousness. Jehovah was the god who created a man made template that would allow only the elemental part of the Normal Man to remain, and that Normal Man would never be allowed to know himself. Jehovah knew that as long as man could connect Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies his consciousness from his Soul into the Mind of God and instantly manifest his reality, that there would be gods many and Jehovah would not be able to control the world. Jehovah was so jealous that he wanted to make sure that he was the only god. So, he thought of a way to hide the Soul of Man in a place where he would never find it. He hid our Soul from us in this invisibility cloak which resulted in this carbon based body. Our transformation back into the normal mangod that we are in our Normal Form is simply changing the carbon body back into the crystal body. Jehovah continued his plan of control and destruction by implanting radiation fields within the Earth’s crust that would also block or cloak the Christ Fields of Frequencies and the Source Fields of Frequencies from entering our Consciousness as we tune into the Earth’s Frequencies. Now, that we know the truth about what made us this way and how we got here, we can begin to correct it. That entire reality or movie that was created by Jehovah will be ending on this Earth in the year 2012. Each of us will remember that a god is an entity who creates their own reality, and our reality is ours. We are not within the reality of another being. We have simply been trapped within the hologram of the creation made by Jehovah. It certainly wasn’t the real movie made by our One Source, or the real gods of our creation in Andromeda, Aquarius, Aquafaria, as well as all Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies of the gods who were on Earth creating this reality before Jehovah placed a cloak of radiation to block their consciousness with the veil of Fear. This is where we will begin again. We will begin knowing who we really are. We will know how to remove the cloaks, seals, veils that block us from the Source Field of continuous instantaneous creation. We will learn all of the things that have been made invisible to us by the invisibility cloak placed over our consciousness. Now we know that the Normal Body is born with a silver seed atom that will blossom into a fully grown Christ body by age 33. The Normal Baby chooses the parents that will help prepare the path of the journey that was perfectly planned before coming to the density of experience. Sometimes Souls plan their journeys for thousands of years before choosing their vehicles to instigate the journey. Sometimes Souls wait until they know a certain state of consciousness has appeared that will allow them to complete their journey. Those Souls would also be waiting for a set of parents who have transformed their consciousness to the place that will help the soul remember and perform the journey. These journeys and things like becoming Christ on Earth, or creating a better Mystery School, or instantly healing everyone on Earth, or creating your Symphony of Love from the Music of the Spheres, or preparing a new technology that would provide free energy for the world. The journeys always involve a mission that is 172 Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies for the world, not for themselves. In the normal system, all souls are always on the group mission of Oneness. This system has not allowed for these Normal things to happen yet. First of all, there was an implant placed within our entire structure that would block us from blooming correctly clear back at the point of conception. The negative technology was placed in the sperm so that the baby would never have the spirit body and the light body appear correctly as it would in a Normal Body. So, our Aquafarian friends from a Star System far beyond Andromeda, Aquarius, M31, or any of the names that have been known to us, placed the silver seed awakening potential within the Edons of the Inner Earth. Those silver seeds within us must reunite with the Spirit Body that was disconnected from us even before we were born. Our starry family has created a formula that will correct the incorrect formula that was placed in our bodies. This time we will be reborn into our Crystal bodies instead of our Carbon bodies or inorganic elemental form. This time our eternal life bodies will be created with the Source Field ignited and connected. This time we will be created from the Divine Template - the image and likeness of God - our Soul within, who carries the imprints all we have been, clear back to the breath of Source.173 Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies The Inner Earth’s Edon frequency fields that will allow the opening of Star Gates all of the way from Aquafaria into our bio fields and carbon fields and translate us through the transformational process of the stardust energy of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel, which is the music of the spheres. The silver seed atoms will unlock our reality from within us. Our pituitary gland will open like a blossoming flower to behold a new movie, a new reality that we create from within and project out into our new quantum field. The spirit body that was disconnected from our physical body that contains our seed atom that will reconnect us to our full crystal body of multidimensionality have been stored away for us in the Edons of the Heart of Mother Earth. This is where we must go to reconnect to our complete self. When our spiritual bodies are re-connected, our seed atoms will begin to blossom into the beautiful star children of our Christic birth. Those stargates connected to Edon were locked and sealed by the fallen angelics for millions of years. Each time our civilization has risen back up into a level of a high transformation, our Aquafarian Family has returned to Earth to replace that silver seed atom that will reconnect us into our spiritual bodies and our transformation will begin.174 Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies The Aquafarians have come to Earth three different times attempting to activate our silver seed awakening. They planted their seeds of our perfect selfhood deep within the Earth so that we could be awakened by the Sun in 2012. The Aquafarians have attempted to fulfill this activation for 500,000 years. Each time we came to Earth, the Dark Ones found us and destroyed those of us who could not escape. We were here to create the Rainbow Bridge of the full multidimensional consciousness as we activated the violet flame to flow through the spheres of the music of the spheres transformation. Some of us escaped each time, and some of us dove into your oceans and became mermaids, mermen, dolphins, seals, orcas and whales. We disguised ourselves so that we could stay on Earth and complete our mission. Our Aquafarian family is ready to do their thing once again as the gates to Edon are opening. They have been working on this alignment that creates the Crystal Liquid Light from their Consciousness - the power of the light frequencies of the Most Perfect Kingdom- to flow through all of the spheres to align and transmute Mother Earth and her entire population. We will all experience our silver seed awakening. This means our perfect selfhood contains our Divine Mind, Divine intelligence, Infinite Supply, Instant Manifestation, Divine 175 Chapter Six Rebirth into our Crystal Bodies Substance, Eternal Life of the One Source will be returned to us. We have been trapped in this illusion where we forget who we really are because our Divine Programming is removed from us before birth. That programming that could be regained if a child worked at it full time from birth is removed again at puberty. Now, all of this distortion will be cleared up and new babies will be born naturally and everyone on Earth will have this corrected as well. However, it is up to each individual to blossom fully to this new wonderful reality. Each individual must make the effort to be this Natural Person before it will unfold into that person’s life. So, this is fabulously being corrected for everyone, but each individual must then make it a part of her/his life in order to experience it and have their life revolve around the Natural New Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and Omniverse. to order this book, go to

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