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Concluded from Part 3

Channeling Our Higher Self & Others


Some awakening people on this Earth choose to actively and clearly channel wisdom, guidance and energy from their higher selves and/or future selves, and in some the mindset has been bred that this is not only the preferred or main method of credible channeling, but the only.


Others believe we are naturally able to pick up on the impressions and energies of any higher dimensional soul aiming their energies toward our world and to that extent, many communications have been channeled that are said to originate from Galactic, Angelic and Celestial beings. Personally, I am a supporter of the latter theory and the bulk of my internet work beyond this series will speak to that.


However one chooses to personally open up to channeling and bring a flow of higher dimensional energies and encoded impressions through themselves, we can begin to become open to this work which is again, another facet of energy work and the active bringing-through of the energy of the realms of infinity.


Knowledge and Love have been imparted onto so many channeled communications and if I can speak on my own experience; I’ve personally been able to garner much deeper and more enlightened perspectives on a plethora of issues pertaining to my personal experience and matters on the world stage because of channeled communications. Aspects of reality that were hidden away from me previously have opened up exponentially, in part because of channeled messages, and the sheer Love that is attached to so many messages is enough to have a read.


I don’t wish to promote a bias of advocating channeled messages however, because they don’t seem to be for everybody.


Some do not find any channeling credible or helpful along their personal paths or garnering of knowledge, and prefer different methods of opening up to the higher realms that work for them personally. We will all find the methods we have used to find our infinity unique, and some enjoy and appreciate the energies and communications purported to be given from the higher realms and various sources within the higher realms (I personally believe they are) while others will find their own unique ways of “getting there”.


We Are Constantly Channeling


What so many people have not yet realized is that we are constantly channeling and working with energy. Energy is constantly being brought through ourselves and for the most part, we do not even realize it is happening. For so many people who are beginning to awaken, a noticeable stream of thought can be had during the night time and in the morning that do not seem to originate from their minds alone.


Some notice a seemingly-random or even bizarre flow of words coming through them, and it’s been said that these words are encoded facets of the energy we’re constantly channeling through ourselves. Channelers have been able to tap into this flow and find messages from specific or widespread higher dimensional sources, and some are just beginning to notice this flow of words that can be easily picked up on by an awakening soul.


We are channeling energy even when we are far away from being able to pick up on our doing so, and we will come to find that we are conduits for the energy Creating our experience to come through and work based on the filters we have placed before ourselves.


So What Else Can be Done?


Channeling, becoming open to Lightwork and everything else recommended here are just some of the things we can do to open up and realize our infinity. Now, I would like to offer some of the final things I feel we can do if we wish to really bring forth that connection with purer echelons of reality, which will display our infinite abilities to us.


Some of these things I’m going to offer may sound obvious or silly but sometimes, the most obvious thing to do is also the most important.


It will be so very important for us to recognize and know that everything, in every moment, is ok.


I have likely said this before in previous writings and will happily continue to say it, because it is not expressed enough if so many of us still experience and occasionally feed so much difficulty in our Lives. I tend to fall out of balance and convince myself that current physical circumstances determine or run my Life or emotional state much more than they actually need to, and I think it’s safe to say that the rest of the world does as well.


When we can fully understand and realize the brilliance and awesomeness of this very moment, and I mean that in a very real sense, any temporary pains or even fears will melt away softly and the perspective we will find will be blissful. On the other side of the fence, allowing pain and fear to rule our perspectives and drain us will inhibit and block our developing understanding of our infinity, as the essential positivity we must feel to access the higher dimensions will itself be blocked off.


So please, do understand that this moment is perfect and blissful and if you don’t feel it is, don’t worry – it soon will be.


Finding the positivity that will help us see everything is alright will open us up to an entirely new perspective and way of Living our Lives, and our ability to access purer realms of perception will strengthen in every moment with each bit of commitment we give to our inner-searches and discoveries.


Enacting Spiritual Disciplines


It’s safe to say that most if not all of us will be led to employ some needed spiritual disciplines, which will help the energies of the higher realms come through us in a much more pure and easily-flowing manner.


We will be led to give up things that are out of resonation with the new paradigm and new way of Living we are growing toward. Some may be led to give up alcohol or tobacco, other soft or hard drugs or another favored “activity” while others may be led to eat healthier and exercise more. Even drinking more water can be an important spiritual discipline, as it is one of the best ways to find physical health and a clear flow of the energies we’re constantly channeling.


I’ve been led to give up eating meat as a part of the cleansing of my body-temple, as I’ve come to discover some things about the vibration of meat that I won’t express here so as not to seem preachy but to keep it short – I was led to give up meat as a part of an ongoing gaining of clarity and health within my body, which I’ve come to recognize more and more as a sacred instrument that should be treated as such.


There is much we can do to keep our bodies healthy of course, and meat eaters obviously can and do maintain health. Ceasing eating meat is just one example of the disciplines we may be led to employ for ourselves, and everything we are led to do will eventually strengthen our realization of our infinity.


Surfacing Negativity & Service-to-Others


An important aspect of our ongoing realization of infinity will be to know that we will undergo a surfacing process of any latent negativity we have held within, which will be exposed to us as we open up increasingly to our inner-realms which, of course, our realization of our infinity lays within our ability to access and remember.


There may be things we didn’t expect coming up from childhood, adulthood or even past Lives, and the aforementioned balance will be critical to attain and employ when the most difficult of surfacing is completed. It can be akin to labor pains and if the surfacing is successful and allowed to come forth, any pain will only be temporary and will be mended with the purer perspectives we will unlock, which we will find waiting for us after the most difficult surfacings.


As long as we can realize and understand the surfacing process, we will have no problems and will pass each lesson we’re given with shining colors.


It will be important as well for us to open up to the idea of service-to-others. For those who are unfamiliar with service-to-others based actions, they are essentially what the name suggests. It’s been said that as we open up to the higher realms and garner the resulting perceptions, we will feel a natural and strong drive to assist as many people around us as possible in finding the perspectives and the realms we have.


This drive is so strong that it’s resulted in the work being done by so many people at present to establish a new paradigm and a new way of Living and Being. The souls from the higher dimensions being channeled seem to feel this drive as well in much stronger manners, as it’s been said that they give their communications among doing so many other things to help us build the new paradigm.


We will open up to and understand service-to-others based actions, and we will feel that strong drive to assist not only our own collective and planet, but so many others in finding awareness and enlightenment. Invite as many people as possible to become aware, so that they too can spread awareness and enlightenment and work toward realizing their infinity, propelling themselves and you toward it by doing so.


Fully Recognizing Ourselves as Godsparks


Finally – it will be important for us to recognize ourselves as Godsparks and facets of not only our higher selves, but of the Creator of All That Is. We are natural components of the energy of Source, of our Creator, and even our higher selves are small facets of the oversoul that is the Creator.


The Creator and His/Her supreme energy are everywhere, and make up everything.


The Love of our Creator can be accessed instantaneously, by anybody. As I said above, you needn’t follow a guru, a strictly-dogmatic religion or a set of rules to open up to your infinity or the Creator’s Love and energies. You don’t need to read this or any other writing from me or anyone else to find the Creator’s Love; you need only realize that it is real and all around you and again, that you are a pure Godspark of our Creator’s omnipotent structure.


When you realize that you are the Creator in a lower dimensional form you’ve Created for yourself to experience, play around in and eventually grow away from as many people are now doing, so many pathways of perception will open up for you and you will begin to truly find yourself infinite and unlimited. A general happiness and wholeness with your Life and experience will be bred, and an appreciation for what you have Created will grow into a wish to repair what you recognize to be out of sync about this reality.


This is the final and one of the most important aspects of realizing your infinity. When you can see that you are already infinite as the Creator of your surroundings, everything mentioned here will open up for you quite easily as you find yourself remembering all of it.


In Conclusion


I hope to have been able to offer my perspective on how we can best become the infinite beings we have always been and have forgotten our nature as. The benefits of opening up to our inner-realms are fruitful, and only through our inner-searches and the resulting changes in perception and understanding will we realize our Godhood, Creator status and infinity. Our very Lives will change; sometimes gradually and sometimes dramatically, but everything we experience will pave the way for our infinity to be understood and expressed.


Collectively, there is so much we can do by discovering our infinity and the harmony that is intended to be expressed, and if we were all united in establishing a paradigm that worked for everybody, than we would very easily be able to do so. It is simply that we’ve allowed ourselves to remain divided and separated, and the “survival of the fittest” mindset has largely kept us from realizing our interconnected and united nature as sovereign facets of our Creator.


This would and will change when we can all open up to our inner-realms and begin working toward realizing our infinity, and we will collectively be able to commune with each other and strongly spread and radiate the energies we will find ourselves able to work with. We are meant to be doing so at this time, and we will be able to when the natural understanding of the personal and collective ability and infinity of each of us is realized.


I’m Wes Annac, and I’m as ready as ever to see the future come about. I will continue to work toward this future in any way that I can, and an aspect of that for me is to help you open up to your infinity and your natural abilities. You can truly do this and despite the help willingly given, you do not need any person, mindset or belief to do it; you need only your personal commitment to a quest for deeper understanding.






(1)-“The Seven Chakras for Beginners” at:


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  • On ww.kryon.com  he just recently said that "our degree os enlightenment is equal to how much we are personally  channeling our higher self

  • Absolutely Feather. In my view, creativity comes from a strong inner-connection and the states of consciousness and inspiration that can result. When we can tap into that, we have made it.... :)


    Much Love dear friend,


    Wes :)

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