Reality vs What we think about Reality

Your natural state is prior to concepts. As long as the positive identity of oneself is not absolutely clear, there will be continued attempts to define oneself at a conceptual level. Not finding any “I” is not the same as knowing what you are. Even having an insight such as “I am awareness” is not really enough, as it is apt to remain conceptual and become the basis of another belief system. That is not the final understanding. It is not non-conceptual reality. Thinking “I am awareness” can easily become a new identification for the “I” reference point. This is seen in the case of those claiming to “be awareness” yet who exhibit all types of self-centered concepts, motivations, and actions. The means to cut through the mind’s doubts is not to track into the mind and its variable experiences, but to discover that which is not susceptible to the mind’s activities. Your true nature is not present at the level of the mind, or even consciousness, and is not affected by concepts and experiences. So considering this (what you are) takes you straight out of the doubts and the influence of the mind altogether. That is why there is no answer in the mind. Beyond the mind and consciousness, at the level of one’s genuine being, there are no doubts or questions to address. The mind is a phenomenon whose existence is based on something else. We are interested in the “something else”, not the mind or its projections. Beyond the mind is the knower of the mind. Beyond the knower is reality itself.John Wheeler
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