i know i am posting this as a blog but just wanted to see how many feel the same. Im so ready for what is about to happen. for all the illness, pain, broken hearts, broken souls, and broken bodies to end. no matter who im around i can feel it on them and it rips my heart apart. im a healer and when its so bad on someone and i try to help it takes part of me too, but to give someone else a bit of relief its worth it. im not afraid to lay my life down for anyone but would love to see them all experience pure joy for once. i admit i wear my heart on my sleave but i prefer that so people can see my true intent not to fear and be at ease. yes i know i get hurt every now and then because i am like that but again is worh the peace i can help give someone. again, i am so ready for a new way of life for all to be healed and filled with peace and love.

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  • mees i will start by saying ever since i was young i knew my purpose of service to creator and i trusted him. at 16 my gram got esophageal cancer the dr told us she had only 6 mons to live i looked at the dr said you dont know me and when she was sick in commas in and out the hospital i stayed in meditational focus on her 24/7 and i knew alone i couldnt do it that i needed creator only he could and she kept pulling through 2 years later at easter i could hear creator say its time i ran to mine and her bedroom like i said i didnt stray far from her and there was such a beautiful light she was at peace she looked at me and said i love you and her mom was there holding my hand and i seen this beautiful spirit lifted from a frail body to join her spirit with her mothers before she left her final words was its so beautiful. it was a bitter sweet moment but the pain ended. i moved my aunt who had renal failure in and she was only to live a few weeks again i focused on her and again let creator work through me after a year she was doing so well they put her on a transplant list well unfortunately i didnt match my blood type is rare ab- hers b+ well four years later couldnt find a match and creator said to her rest. my whole being is wrapped around i can do nothint creator maker of all heaven and earth. i pray to him like a child talks to daddy i love creator above all else. when someone comes to me i ground myself invite creator in and surrendor all to him so he may work through me i rely on ancient practices of crystals meditations i read healing tarot but this is so important your intent its a powerful weapon. life is energy and so is intent you must not harbour ill will for that person forgive them bcause if you dont and you go in there with ill will to heal the exact opposite will happen and karma will bite you in the butt. let go of the negativity the hurt and forgive them. remember forgiving them is not for them its for you so you can move forward unhindered  free and knowing your conscience is clear so you are happy with no regrets good intent is my power bad intent will lead you to pain and hurt blessed be

  • just a question about healing, how do you begin, i am a gifted healer aswell like my father. I am verry sensitive and beginning to see what my gifst are.. but i cant yet wrap my mind about this healing, how do you do it? 

    by im-planting good enery and swapping it with the bad ones in the patient? ( just a random thought:p)

  • Loving Lisa... these uh... words and wishes... cast "curly kisses"... out and about... clearing the doubt... of what life is all about. : )
  • Yes when u heal others it usually takes 1 to 2 days for me to work through their karmic pain.
  • My dear friends and spirit family i couldnt change if i wanted. this is what path that was chosen before i was placed in my mothers womb and thats such a blessing to know. i also know that we are all part of one spirit and we cant ever do it alone as my days go i sit and thnk of all who are so kind to me and that helps so much. i was once told that i had a bright light that shines so much that some wont be able to handle it and others love me for it i dont ever want it to fade my friend said that she never seen anything like it before but im so excited there is this page for me to share what has been going on and getting to know all of you is a bonus thank you for being you thank you for your friendship thank you for your brother and sisterhood forever you are written in my heart

  • All this suffer and struggle has to end. I am ready to bring this about.

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