rainbow children guide part 1

If you can expand your compassionate love large enough to envelop your adversaries, you will see right through their pettimindedness, and avoid their attacks. And once you envelop them, you will be able to

guide them along a path indicated to you whispered by the heaven that is

within your self.

Any actions based in fear, produce the experience of fear. Actions based in Love, produce the experience of Love.

Life contains moments of joy, anger, pain, frustration and pleasure, darkness and light, growth and decay. In each moment we can open our

eyes to see the natural wonders of this world.

Do not try to deny or oppose what your soul whispers to you.

Always remember that there is a cosmic order throughout the universe, that nothing is anarchic in nature all happens for a reason, there are no coincidences.

Seek more often communion with heaven, earth; and nature then the world will appear in its true form and you will be able to blend with

anything that comes your way.

Practicing the art of peace under all circumstances will create a sphere that encompasses all things.

Stand like a tree, sit like a rock;move as the wind then in one single moment, all past is forgetten and you learn to accept your present Moment, and Just Be.

The way of Peace is neither fast nor slow, nor inside or outside. It transcends through all time and space.

IF YOUR Life STRIKES with fire, become like the water and the wind completely fluid and free-flowing. wind and water never collides with

or breaks against it. It Transforms all energy that is not in balance, into a Grander expression of Balanced Harmonics.

All technique's that you can learn only work if it is in harmony with the universal principles and The laws of this universe not of mans made up laws. Such principles can only be grasped through and only come to

us in pure consciousness. Selfish desires thwart your progress, if you

not captivated by notions of victory or defeat it will liberate

you and your Mind will be set free, all illusions dissolve and all you shall see is one.

Clear and open your senses, your feelings and be centered in your own self.

keep your mind clear, calm and centered is the key to this wondrous power and clarity.

Develop the ability to use all the elements present in your Now, directly in hand and do not forget to look in your self

to see the best strategy usually relies upon our ability to

have an unlimited set of responses are available.

let us make celebration that we can still make this that we see a

reality. Take delight ever so simply in life without imposing


upon others. Stop judging each other and let God judge Himself, as he

returns within each who judge only according to intentions, and not

actions - they who have only pure intentions.

Rejoice that our God walks among us, and helps us to make our dreams

into reality.

Myths that are propagated by the masses have a tendency to become

reality. The Mayans were right, this you will see in 2012.

This is the beauty of disillusionment - the disillusioned being has a

magnificent state of spirit - when this function is activated it will

bring you there, into the light of the sun. Do not think that it is so

terrible to be disillusioned , since it is only in this state that we

can find inner peace and freedom of being. Disillusionment prepares


for the void, since you need it for illumination that you are now

welcome into the land of Peter Pan, the land of nothingness.

Nothing is all.

You will be treated in the same manner you treat those around you, so

pass along the good treatment so that you will appear so magnificent

and radiant in the eyes of all.

Illuminated beings naming themselves Shaman, Jedi, Avatar, and the sun

for sure, there is also the Brahman supreme who is the galaxy. He

personifies the being and non-being at once. He manifests Himself in


dreams and for all those who do astral travel, can receive lessons


the night school. Be with Mary of Christ and all the beings of Light.

Also, there are as many Buddhas as there are humans on this earth,

take notice of that which you truly are, that is to say the unity of

all, that gives confidence to the spirits that are here to help us


Schizophrenia is the crisis of the shaman who is awakening

spiritually. (Translator's note : this has everything to do with the

contradiction between old and new world views that we are self-


enough to assume various personalities as we desire, contradicting


the false belief that we are not "supposed" to be able to, we are

"supposed" to be a single personality, more or less "trapped" within

that personality. I feel great sympathy for all the people society has

rendered "schizophrenic" by imposing this false belief upon them)

The game of life is to discover God and understand how God became God,

or how being became being. Welcome to the school of the Jedis and

Avatars of this world. The Druids and Shamans know well with truth,


this path has been taken there will be nothing other than the Present

Moment, the past is dead and entombed, and the future does not exist


of this moment, we need to have mental states that are always


Traditional thought is a sickness of the spirit, one must empty their

heads and rediscover the state of Zen that we all once had when we



Quantum philosophy and healing via the abilities of our subconscious

uses the delta mind level - meditation is an excellent way to arrive


this conclusion. Do not seek to understand, no no more then to

appreciate the metamorphosis of your being, to heal one must first

believe that one is healthy, so that you will manifest in your reality

what you need to heal with. Beings of light are everywhere you can


it is up to you to recognize them, they have the ability to cure all


By the time you discover who you really are, fear, stress, and anxiety

all disappear, as does doubt, and you will rediscover perfect


The true richness is at the heart of each being. As of today, my sole

reason for existing is to make those around me happy since I walk each

day with people more marvelous unto each other.

In life, it is better to be alone (and lead), then to follow wrongly.

When spirit manifested itself to me, my reaction was to ask it who it

was. Its response was to tell me that it was only a reflection of my

own being, naming itself Mary, and told me that love and unity are the

only truths, there is no limit to human capacity, and that I should

believe in the force of the light. It told me that we are no more than

One and that even I was a spirit free from duality. There was no other

than me, and that I and the spirit made no more than One. I was


with a feeling of serenity so vast and inexplicable, the spirit told


that I was coming to the point of attaining Nirvana and that from now


I had become a God that was flying into the ultraviolet light. The


day, walking alone in the forest, I encountered "vixit" and the master

of the 5 elements appeared in a white light, and told me to put my


towards the service of peace, otherwise my magic would stop working


I would return to the original state of being a simple human. It told

me I should remain loyal to my master just as my students remain loyal

to me, and that, like all other indigo beings I must keep my

spirituality in my secret garden, and that His teachings were

indispensable to the survival of humanity, and that I could never


the secret of my initiation into the world of light.

One day we will all cease talking normally and will communicate via

telepathy, and we will also rediscover the concept of Universal

conscience that comes with spiritual ascension.

On this planet, all is relative and related, the simple act of

observing a situation modifies it, so we can never directly see the


sense behind how things are working. All seems to be aleatory but now


can never again believe in coincidences, our intentions manifest in


reality for Gods who prepare the path for believers.

Discover the power of the present moment, and that of believing one

knows nothing, and you will learn about the magic of the present


Religions are an excellent tool for brainwashing, if your guru does

not make a God out of you, it is not worth the trouble to speak to

them -

their God exists within each of us. You must search to the very depths

of yourself for the little fire inside of you.

In life you are the only Bible you need, preach by example and go

beyond words and names. The only thing we need remind ourselves of


the Bible is the 7 virtues and 10 commandments.

Be generous with yourself and your abilities - profit greatly of your

wisdom towards as many people as possible, do not bend over backwards

but open yourself up to the world around you, and a world filled with

magical moments will open itself to you.

The real master is they who can remain calm in all circumstances, and

by their humility they will have conquered all, since God is there for

all who remain humble.

The Tibetan kingdom of magicians is the path of God and links to the

kingdom of Shambala.

To forgive is an act of great humility, to forgive is to understand

those who are the weakest. Often it is the strongest who forgive the

most often, since forgiveness erases the barrier of resistance that

keeps us from experiencing the integration of all that we are. The

quicker you forgive those who you have judged, the quicker you will


the illumined road that will bring you to your true destiny.

The biggest problem with you humans is that you do not see that

dualist thinking will maintain your ignorance of the truth - that we


all a part of one another.

The pivotal method is the application of the universal law of

attraction, you have nothing more to do besides imagining that you

already have everything you desire. The more you become close to God,

the faster this pivot functions, but the real game is not about

manifesting materials, it is to manifest our true nature and to become


God. Simply imagine that you are a divine spirit and repeat your


"I am divine light, I am an angel that is opening its wings, I walk in


world that has yet to be created, I am truth, and I personify both

being and non-being at once"

Your love for me will do nothing but grow as Love is what I am.


I live in simplicity

I live only for that which is essential

Patience is the greatest virtue

The mind is as vast as the universe

Laughter strengthens the human system

The spirit is the house of love

Spirit is the house of knowingness

The body is the house of God

Lucidity is the deepest wound as we approach the sun

Live the present moment perfectly

The spiritual awakening permits the work of the senses

All comes to us with faith in love, peace, and light

Sow your garden with good deeds and you with harvest the best for


With patience develops wisdom

The spiritual awakening develops intuition

Meditation unifies the body

Faith of love heals all

Smiles are free like love

Enjoy the development of true friendships

In Gods eyes we are all brothers

Sickness only helps us grow stronger

We are all related and together we form the fabric of life

The best gift we can give ourselves is to be liked by others

Laughter maintains health

Life is for the sole reason of perpetual self-improvement

God has placed many angels in my service

Ask for, and you will receive peace, love, and joy

My body is my church

The chakras and solar plexus are connected to the light of Christ

May each true being act according to their respective nature

My conscience is calm as I live in truth

I am on earth to grow and to help those who cross my path grow as well

The longer I live within love, the more my aura will illuminate

Lucidity permits us to appreciate life

Every ordeal helps us grow

It is better to walk alone than to follow wrongly

The optimist attracts all that is good

Divine love is food for the spirit

Eternal youth is in our hearts

Stop feeding your ego in order to remain humble

Eyes are the mirror of the spirit

When maintained, friendships will last

My internal star shines at all times

Truth is stronger than lies (Translator's note : interesting how truth

can take the singular, but lies must take the plural!)

I live my life to the fullest just as the turtle does, one day at a

time, one step at a time, slowly but surely

I command my angels to help me, protect me, heal me, and guide me on

the path of happiness within unconditional love

The greatest treasure is mankind made in the image of God

Druids and Shamans are those with a great spirituality filled with

light and wisdom

The door to paradise is open, I have reason to believe

I am a child of light come to live on this earth, borrowing a human

body so that I may walk my path

Every step I take, I grow with each passing day, and each step permits

me to choose the path that will lead me to paradise at the end

of the journey

In the sky of a starlit night, I can see my aura shining

My silver son is always shining like a diamond

My silver son is connected to my being, both terrestrial and celestial

All is marvelous here and in the skies

I walk each day with marvelous people

Here on this earth filled with richness, I learn to develop my wisdom

I pass my ordeals with dignity since it is they that will bring me to

great internal beauty

I have come to share with other rich beings my true experiences of

life that have helped me remain in the light and to know the goodness



My friends of light are my guardian angels who are there to look upon

me each time I call them, and I thank them with all my heart since


are always there for me

There, that is all for the time being, and do not forget that all this

can change us. In having the ability of bringing more (Translator's

note : this is the process of understand the creative cusp, to reside

there and bring creative energy into the world - there is no such


as a creative block or writers block with this perspective adopted),


can have greater and greater confidence in the force of the light.

This presently makes for a great work for us, so that our ascension

process will be as smooth as possible. Ask the spirits/angels for


help, either for your own work, or for the work you see others doing

that are sustaining the greatest change, and above all, do not forget


do your part, it is absolutely essential to both us and them.

Carry yourself well, and no matter what happens, never lose sight that

all of this is for a very important goal, and that afterwards,

humanity will know their hour of glory, the most fantastic it has ever

known up to the present.

I wish unto you love and wisdom growing towards the infinite.

(Translator's note : and beyond!)

The most secret of mysteries

In the beginning there was god, he made you and me we create the sky

and the earth, when you were born he whispered a secret in your ear,

you are the biggest

miracle in the world. How many of you remember he put the seed of


in you, and gave you the ability to create your own reality? He made

you in His image, and you as well are a god experiencing amnesia, you

exchanged your magic powers for security, but you soon discovered that

the security was only an illusion, just like reality. To believe in

myths is to create them as your reality. One must be especially


in what one thinks as it does indeed create your reality. The secret


to remember who we are and find the path that brings us to eternal

youth. One must remain humble, like a child, if one wants to one day

find the kingdom of Shambala, the mythical kingdom of God.

One must cultivate virtue secretly, and fill ones life with positive

action. Remind yourself that nothing is impossible on this earth, the

only one called the "planet of choice", and for good reason, since in

truth, everything around us is no more than a state of mind, much of


thought is actually a type of sickness, a sickness of the spirit. We

hardly seem to remember that the majority of the population is

experiencing this. Our reality is no more than a reflection of our

perception of things. We must stop forgetting why we were born onto


earth, we have an arm we can extend in love to assist the Creator in

their mission to save humanity, as we have largely lost our ability to


The magic of God wants to make us a part of something extremely

powerful, but only pure beings (pure in their intentions) can access

this power. Many have forgotten how the law of attraction works -

intentions always generate manifestations. So, many have seemed to

forget that they are manifesting their own fears. I cannot protect you

from the love of God (that some might even fear). Love immunizes you

from both physical and mental sickness. Love can literally keep you

young forever, this was spoken by the child of Christ. The wise being

needs do no more than to take wonder of all of creation in front of

them. A state of optimisn attracts all that is good, a state of fear

attracts bad spirits, causing you to live with stress and feeling like

hell. Once the situation gets so bad that it becomes uncontrolable, we

must practice to be able to just let go.

The moment one decides to walk this magical path, and rub elbows with

the spirits, one must keep one's initiation a secret (Translator's


: probably from people who wouldn't understand anyways...

to do so themselves as well) and make the pact to forever live in the

Present Moment.

And so you gradually discover the power of the present moment -

realizing you are not just made in the image of God, but you have


a God (sharing in God-dom with Him as you now adhere to all His

teachings) (Translator's Note - This is the important distinction, as

many religions teach He is always beyond us, which is in a way,

something that keeps people down, and was never an original teaching


any of said religions)

love belief the imposible dream of a free world

and the only way will get there is by understanding who we are

and truth about reality

Maybe it is time for us to regain control of our mind and body, and

get the snake-oil salesmen out of this Creation's business the god

Inventing diseases and dangerous antidotes to them, and making them a

part of our mind/body program. An affront to our Creator and the

perfection of natural balance.

The creation of disease by modern medicine and society.

In fact I postulate and can prove that due to the quasi-infinite power


mind hypnosis (belief), modern corporate medicine has created more ill

"syndromes" by "dis-ease causing belief placebo effect" than cured


Shocking but true.

Just be aware of what the crooks are selling you by hook and by crocks

Maybe it is time for us to regain control of our mind and body, and

get the snake-oil salesmen out of this Creation's business.

I think we should all realize and accept that we are suffering of

GOLAM (Gave Our Life Away to Marketeers) syndrome...

Maybe it is high time for all the trusting, purposely dumbed down,

Golams to

wake up and be freed of this enslaving Matrix of dirty money and

insidious power....


We polluted and poisoned our bodies, minds, spirits, and environment,

almost to the point of no return. Then again we all have free will to

accept or reject the mind programs

Smile for there is a new dawn may be be coming where we CONSCIOUSLY

create and propagate more good

news and more good "ease" causing programs. We all carry the keyboard


High level programming language of our mind/body computer which uses

human thought language and gets breaks it down, using Divine DNA, into

machine level body/mind instructions by our subconscious (syntax

translating thought language machine located in the so-called junk DNA

because scientists cannot see its raison d'etre and which encompasses

over 97 % of our DNA, - see http://www.aeonia.com/russian- dna-discoveries-mind-blowing

. And let's not even speak about parallel Higher strands that are not

even seen because they vibrate at such high rate that our modern

laboratory microscopes cannot even detect them in a standing light


pseudo-material format) . Get hold of it and start using it! You all

came with it from Divine factory.

Stop believing blindly in concepts because, because you find it in

print or journals, in what

other inherited, born-in, or learned structures and beings tell you is

truth unless they have no personal interest in your espousing it.

Realize your truth and your power by connecting within and getting the

feel for any information you are exposed to. If it feels really smiley

and right then give it the sacrament of your attention. If it feels


bring unease, and fear, then let it go by the wayside

Get out of the ultimate mind slavery: the power of thought controlled

by others. Most

have not and cannot, and stay on this plane and repeat it endlessly


and other canned stories, and thence have a long way to go, as very

very few really free themselves. Most go from one story and then fall

for another one, and another one, and another one, almost ad

infinitum... From one life to another one. From one world to another

one, all within the same Lattice/Matrix. You can say stop and press


"delete the B.S> "and go back to truth

Here's a fun, informative and "irreverent" interview ed did with

Michelle Johnson on her Kickstart Your Consciousness


Show on Blog Talk Radio. In the interview, we discuss (among

other things): telepathy, spiritual battles, the Illuminati,

duality, esoteric anatomy, the reason "evil" exists, the

nature of God, the near death experience, and politics (the

impetus for my "irreverent" comment).

Make no mistake, there will be much contention when it becomes known

that people CANNOT be forced to pay to sleep

For those who are hurting, broke, different, abused, manipulated,

homeless, hungry, thirsty, and your so called religious leader is

telling you, you need to live their way, give more, do more for them


free, and in return all you get is "you'll be saved from future


tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready

for if there is to be a new Earth, WE (those of us who consciously

live in the knowledge of the One) are

the ones to birth it.

The structures that dominate Earth today were created with the design


continuing oppression. Their goal is to suppress our souls. These

structures will die but with horrendous backlash. We can sidestep it


because the way of Light is Simplicity. Do not be afraid but with

relief and joy, step into the Way of Simplicity.

energy healing scientific proff

just some tought on wath god conscious energy wave of light with

infite inteligence that operate in a very myterious

way in wich is the same as you divine esence that we all are

that create all that... is is wich all that esixt is made of forever

expanding conscious universe that is influence by our belief tought

and emotion if you ca fell it imagine it and feell good about wath you

wish to experience with litle trust and faith anything can become

reality you are universe and you are creating your self every moment

this reality can be change in a instant the moment we shift our

perception see the dream acomplish and hold the vision the more people

hold the same vision the self start emanating energy that start to

bring about the change you desire and you dont realy have to talk the

heart reawke its vision and the earth is restore naturaly to its

natural state of beauty god is the manager of the bank of love who

gadien of this piece of theater you are the producer and the actor and

he never opose to creatif vison and idea wich bring fantesy into is

theather and joy the its creation he send creative energy to the

player you are in this creation wich enable you to create event more

wonder in your life in wich can

only hapend if we let our self be guide by our heart and out

of love for the whole creation

reallising your dream

the main pilar of your life force and power.


Clarity intergrity inner calm and Self Love. these qualities are the

base on which to manifest your own creativity and increase your

Personal Power.these are supporting pillars of arcivement. when one

of these quality frail, the whole structure of our life can

collapse. when one of these pilar are missing hapiness and joy

left us our vitality are low and fulfilling our dream become

almost imposible.

we atrack and created all

that happend in our reality by our vibrational state intend

emotion and belief.we need a source of thrust in your own self to

overcome the the cultural programming that society impose on us .

free our self from limiting beliefs .


a lifetime of adventure and wonder, a deep well of power. Fortunately,

we all possess an infinite source of energy and creative power- we

shall develop a passion that goes with our true calling, our life


our excitement for expressing the uniqueness

and the oneness of spirit can lift us into magical reality. by

devotion to our passion will provides the power needed to reach our

dream. Enthusiasm funds the dream. exuberance attracts the people and

assistance to build the fondation . your enjoyment of your special

adventure lights you up from the inside. Your inner radiance shines

through. People are enticed by your eagerness, your inner fire, your

glow. The joy of self-expression is your secret Natural charisma acts

like a magnet to draw in the human and support you need to soar. our

sense of aliveness is propage contagiously to everything.


on light , we can meet any challenge. as the light fills up every pore

of our being doubt and fear cannot find a place to reside in our holy


your not sure where your passion passion lies?


worrie about skills and how you will arcive them focus your

intend and keep faith the universe will sycronise and give

you sing .

Release all your fears, you contribute to creating what you fear.

Fear produces a strong power of attraction and makes us live disagreeable situations.

Avoid any negative thought.

Do not report what people said to you, keep all personal stuff for yourself.

Respect the anonymity of people.

Stop thinking, practice some mental vacuum.

Live in the now.

The universe returns back to you whatever you have projected to it. If you are negative and are nurturing hate or are judgmental, your reality will be what you are believing

The universe is a mirror of your consciousness, several realities exist simultaneously.

Awaken gods create their own reality.

We are all co-creators of our destiny.

The myths that you are believing in become real in your reality.

If you are always thinking about all the negative events that might happen to you, you are creating situations that you do not want, but happen to you only because you are thinking about them. When you think you are producing a power of attraction.

Control is an illusion.

You create what you are fighting against.

Your consciousness creates the world in which you are living during each and every moment.

Do not gossip instead concentrate upon what you want to create or what you want to become. You have the power to create your own experience to be God.

Do not pigeonhole people;

Death exists because we believe in it. It is only an illusion, death does not exist, only eternal life exists. You will live in eternity if you believe in it.

You believe in the separation between you and God, that is why you do not have any power on creation.

Believe in unity then you are creation simultaneously with all the beings who are making your reality. You are alone in the desert of nothingness.

There are only us, you are unity.

It does not matter what you are perceiving, it is only an image within a dream; it is what your consciousness interprets that creates the interactions that you experiment.

You are energy within energy which seems to be solid and it is what you call physical reality because you see it, but it is only an illusion.

The body and death are only illusion.

Misperception of your true nature is what so-called “normal human beings” are qualifying as illusion and imaginary.

To imagine and to believe create a reality; if you believe in the imaginary, your own imagination becomes your new reality.

If you are seeing angels or gods while awake, if you perceive the light, keep the secret to yourself or you will be labeled a schizophrenic.

Nobody else needs to know about it.

Reprogram your belief in what you want to exist in your reality and believe in the reality of your dreams, it is the only provision for its realization. Erase your doubts and everything will become possible

Remember that your own perception of the world is a reflection of the state of your own consciousness; You are not separated from creation and there is no objective world outside of yourself.

Change your beliefs and proceed to an internal metamorphosis, then your reality will progressively adapt to your new belief.

All that happens in your reality was created by yourself consciously or unconsciously, only you are the creator of your reality.


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