Radiate Love And Compassion Like The Angels!

8108946257?profile=originalRadiating Love & Compassion Like The Angels For Spiritual Prosperity!

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)

Compassion is the art of showing concern for others in this world.

It is an art, because it’s having concern for others WITHOUT the attachment.

  • This takes practice on Earth!


When a person becomes too “attached” to a situation or problem in life  it can cause the problem to become worse or to not to be solved in their life. So its important to learn that attachment and compassion can be done from a source of unity!


  • In the angelic kingdom God / Divine is in a state of compassion EVERY single moment for every single thing in existence RIGHT NOW in this universe(s).

  • The very act of compassion is about Angelic alignment to the sacred flow of love and peace!

  •  The result is ALWAYS peace, cooperation, love & harmony, that which the Angels are!


 Once that alignment happens; abundance is the natural result!  

  • Be and feel abundant in all things! Richness in heart and richness in soul!

Anytime you face a difficult situation; face it with compassion… with compassion you are able to move forward in your life, expand spiritually and allow your heart to open and flourish with inner and outer beauty & spiritual radiance.


Compassion is needed in all we do in life because in that act of concern, care and love… a beautiful expansion occurs in the Universe; which attracts more beautiful things to you!

You will keep attracting good,  such as more beautiful Angels to help you on your life journey 

to manifesting greater things, and greater desires!


With Love, STAR <3


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  • Thats so lovely <33

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  • 101% Pleiadian -Galactic-Angelic-Family♥♥♥


  • Feather... you can use it many ways... (the golden one)... is good also ;) ♥♥♥

    • Choose which colour you resonate with (at the time)
    • and focus into it...(close your eyes, or imagine it in front of you )
    • as the symbols are galactic-divine, it should help to allow you to relax; connect, and feel more LOVE unity!

    They were used in Atlantis & Lemuria, and incredibly powerful.♥♥♥

    I have these symbols in a 3d form here on Ashtar ♥♥♥

      The 5d version is this is HOLOGRAPHIC AND  SPECTACULAR, it glides/ spins around... beautiful :)) ♥♥♥

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