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You are not the only one. I have been performing Exorcisms (using Frequencies of Mary Magdalene) for those who have possession problems since 2008.

For those of you who are interested in my personal story of how my husband and twin flame was possessed by three Demonic Racelines and he did Die from his body, and I placed my Soul in his body while his Higher Fractal Consciousness performed a re connection from a higher dimension into him, you might like to read the book, 12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Training Program from the Cosmic Twins Diary

You can get this book by Dr. Angela Barnett at Amazon also. If you only want a pdf, just write to me at

I putting this information out now because the schedule for the release of demons has begun.

However, this is the good news. Prior to 2008, all of the Angels in heaven had no solution to this problem. The event that took place in August 2008 was an event that changed the History of Mother Gaia. Mary Magdalene in the Flesh was asked to go to Monterey and open the First Portal in the Pacific Ocean. While this event was taking place, the Twin Flame male-- a Twin Flame is one half of a Soul. The Soul splits in half when leaving the Cosmos to come to the Universal. Mary Magdalene's Soul split in half. My twin flame was possessed. The female twin can rescue the male twin flame by placing her Soul in his Body. When the original take over of our race line took place 800 million years ago, the demons would always take the female twin because they knew the male could not save her.

This is how demons were created. The fallen angelics would take the soul of a female and this would give them access to an entire race line. Mary Magdalene has seen this event take place over and over again during Seeding Cycles, so this time I was ready.

This time, my team created a diversion that caused the demons to think that my husband was the female. So, when they took him, I was able to place my Soul in him, while my angelic team took his lower fractal consciousness Soul back to Source to dispose of the demons.

This Successful removal has never taken place before in this Universe. This event is what paved the Formula or the Pathway for the Ascension Teams to remove the demons, take them back to Source and allow the Consciousness to be restored to the Individual who is possessed. Before this event, an individual would have to die before the demon was completely removed from their Soul.

I'm writing this as a message of hope for those of you who are possessed, are being possessed or who are possessed in the near future as we go through this Huge Shift. The demons are scared. They want to escape. And the only way to escape is through a human Soul.

When my husband was possessed I used the Frequencies of the Entire Cosmic Soul Matrix of Mary Magdalene. I recorded the Frequencies of the combination of the Twin Flames back into One Soul. I placed earphones on my dead husband until he was able to be returned to his body. That event took place in 2008. It wasn't until this year that Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika told me the entire story of how they helped me in this event to carry my husband's Soul Astrally away while I placed my Soul within him. They told me that this event caused my Soul to become 4800 times higher in frequencies than any other human on Earth. This was the frequency required for Mary Magdalene to open the 12 Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean. Those stories are on the you tube recordings on my website, crystal magic

This message is in response to this recent inquiry. I have had dozens of this same problem presented to me. The answer to the problem is the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM.

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