Private TAUK SaLuSa to Me – 5 March 2012


Private TAUK SaLuSa to Me – 5 March 2012


We are very glad to witness the light motivated developments on your world. The energy for your consciousness that we register now is one of freedom. You desire to set aside the entire old paradigm in order to begin a world based on love, transparency and justice.


This is an important change for your collective consciousness, and seeing you work together towards a common goal is a catalyst in itself. However we would like to remind you that the changes seen in your political and economical arena are a reflection of your own state and coming into the light.


The light energies are filling your being through your breath, through the pores of your skin, through your conscious awareness. Sit quietly throughout your day, seeking for inner contact, just observing what is. How is your posture, how are you feeling, how do you perceive the outside world? Just be, observe your thoughts, your body energies, sense your body move with your breath, take in consciously the subtle energies available to you at any moment of your life experience on Mother Earth.


You have accepted this incarnation in order to transmute the higher vibration energies inside your own life, your own body, and all the way through you into the heart and being of Mother Earth. Be with what is every day, look into what is real and what is illusion. Do this as if you had no idea of what you will discover, you may surprise yourself. When you are aware of what is real, when you see yourself for what you really are, your conscious level increases exponentially.


It is possible to be present in your active life, and also to be aware of your true being, your true mission on Earth, by reconnecting regularly with your inner life, your Higher Self. All knowledge is engraved inside of you all, you need to rediscover how to listen to your true self, your true inner voice. Tune into that voice, among the many other voices coming from external influences. In order to be able to tune into your true voice, it is necessary that you find inner peace, love and acceptance for yourself, as well as for all those that share your life.


Now is the time when you need to be an anchor into reality and comfort many around you. In order to do that, you need to be grounded within your self, and to be strongly connected to the world above your head, as well as to the world below your feet. Now is the time to understand why you have undertaken many incarnation for the important Earth Ascension mission, now is the time when all the suffering you have endured through the chain of reincarnations on Mother Earth will finally take a new meaning for you. Now is the time of understanding who you are, and why you are on Mother Earth at this time.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and regards to your collective Ascension; we can assure you that this time is much closer than you are lead to believe. In actual fact, this time is in your own hands, and while a precise date is impossible to give, we do anticipate, with the level of conscious work you are achieving that many chips will fall where they belong in the next few days.


Thank you, SaLuSa

Laura Tyco 


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