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Preparing for the Soul - bridging into the astral realm / 4th dimension by Archangel Gabriel


We spoke in the last lecture about how to prepare for the qualities of the soul, to be able to house the essences of the soul in the body. This evening we will speak about creating a "break" of the conscious awareness between your waking state and your sleep state, to begin to develop a bridge of soul awareness, soul consciousness - a bridge for the death process.

The death process must take place ultimately where the physical form and the ego are concerned. You tend to worship the world of form as the source and substance of your reality, and so believe that death is an ending, and a fearful and devastating experience.

Every night when you go to sleep, you die; every night when you lose consciousness, your astral body lifts out of your physical form, you travel into the astral plane, and you experience exactly what you will experience in what you call death, where you leave the physical body behind.

This evening we will speak about creating a bridge so that you can begin to travel and work in your astral world as a conscious, aware being while still in your physical form, aware of your soul's purpose during your sleep state. It is important at this time that you begin to be consciously aware of everything that is taking place in the astral plane, so that you may benefit from the higher levels of the astral plane that the soul is working with every night when you go to sleep.

The experience of life in physical form is made possible through the host of that life, which is your soul, and your soul is enclosed within an astral form that connects you to the desire realm, and to the desire to experience reality in physical form. The astral form houses the soul and acts as an intermediary, allowing the soul to make its connections to the physical form.

The astral form also creates the desire nature so that you have the desire for this lifetime that the soul has decided upon, to be in this particular form, time and place, with that minute part of your whole soul, the soul fragment that has to do with a particular lifetime. So the astral body acts as a bridge for the soul between undifferentiated consciousness and physical form; its etheric webs build a barrier between the radiant light of the soul and the physical form in its density.

In the early stages of soul development where you are assimilating and integrating life in the physical as an "infant soul", a "young soul", and even as a "mature young soul", you are operating in a rather unconscious state, focused on the first three chakras of your physical body.

Those first three chakras actually contain you in the world of form and create the illusion that the world of form is the source and substance of your life and your reality. They create a disconnection in your awareness of the soul and its guidance; so, the soul has been operating "behind the scenes", out of view of your conscious awareness. Without the soul in the physical body, there would be no life force to animate the physical form.

The soul connects to the physical form through two magnetic threads or filaments, and a third magnetic thread - the silver cord that the astral body connects to your solar plexus - connects you to the density of the physical world, and creates the etheric web that divides your consciousness and separates part of it from your awareness.

The astral body has pretty much run the show where your evolution is concerned thus far, while you have been assimilating and integrating your place and your learning capacity, becoming comfortable in the world of form. Thus when the soul has reached a certain stage of development it can make use of this familiarity and comfort with form that it has been developing, and make use of the attachment that it has to the world of form, and use these qualities to its advantage, and to your advantage - and now that time has come.

The first magnetic thread connecting the soul and the life force to the physical body connects to the pineal gland. This filament connects the soul to the brain and to the experience of rational thought and reasoning. This allows the experience of life as an ongoing evolutionary learning experience that seems to evolve in the density of time, with past, present, and future; with memory, the memories of your previous lifetimes, of this lifetime from the time your were born; that is all recorded in the reptilian limbic portion of the brain, and in the medulla oblongata.

The second magnetic thread of the soul is connected to the heart, and it activates the atomic structure of the body to give it life, life with the desire for a purpose, and the desire to learn and evolve, the desire to operate through the creative force, the creative aspect of life, or the God consciousness. It also creates the interest in the developmental process of the expression of individual being, which allows you as a soul to evolve and to know all the experiences and expressions of creation in the world of form, and all that is possible through the experiential nature of the soul.

The astral body connects you to the desire nature, which attaches sensations (feelings) to the world of form. The desire nature gives us the desire for interrelationship with the world of form: the desire to experience events and situations, and self expression. The soul creates through the connection to the heart, the life-stream. It governs the circulatory system, the blood system, and also fulfillment of the desire for purpose.

The soul operates through a learning curve of challenges, and gives us the desire to meet those challenges in order to fulfill the soul's learning agenda for this particular fragment of our soul's evolution at our particular level of development.
Each level of the soul's development has a specific purpose appropriate to the soul's nature and evolution and spiritual experience in physical form, leading to its emancipation from that form through the ultimate experience or process called death.

The process of death is one of the things you are the most practiced at, because you have had many, many lifetimes - thousands, if not millions, depending upon the stage of development - and so you have learned to die as a regular process of living.

All that death is, is a shift of consciousness from one plane of awareness to another: from the awareness of the physical plane to the awareness of the astral plane. Ultimately, you make a bridge so that the form does not experience being abruptly left behind; it is how you gradually let go of the need and the desire for life in the physical form, so that the soul can then, as the astral body disintegrates, be freed into the causal plane where it can size things up, look at and review everything in relation to its learning curve or its challenges.

This process allows the soul to determine where it is in the process of that learning, of gradually awakening in the physical form to its ideal state, that of being a spiritual god-being in full awareness. At this time you are beginning to prepare for this process: the physical body, the physical brain, the emotional body, and the perceptive awareness of the thought processes of the conscious mind, are all being prepared for this awareness. At this time, in order for you to awaken in soul awareness you have to awaken consciously to the death experience; that's what we begin to introduce this evening.

We've done lectures in the past about awakening in the dream state as an introduction to awakening in the astral world, so that you can begin to experience a continuity from your waking state in the physical form to your sleeping state in the astral plane. When you begin to awaken in the astral body, you will begin to have an awareness of the soul's purpose and its workings and how it operates, because it does operate in the astral plane when you sleep at night; it is working all the time.

But the way in which you will gain an introduction to the soul without being shocked by it coming in all of a sudden, radiating out and taking over, is by learning how to awaken to the death process that takes place at night when you go to sleep. You must develop first of all a conscious awareness in your mental body when you go to sleep at night, focusing your concentration on that throne of conscious awareness that lies between the eyebrows: the third eye.

That is the eye that you see through, through the soul, in the astral state at night when you are asleep. Normally you experience this process of death unconsciously, and you awaken in another plane of consciousness, the astral plane.
In this process you will never go beyond the sleep state and awaken in the causal plane. But you will begin to develop the awareness of the soul's consciousness "bleeding through" the astral body and its desire nature.

And so you will begin to become consciously aware of your soul before it awakens in your physical form and scares you with its instantaneous perception, its constant awakened knowing, its intuitive answers to everything in every moment, and its response to every moment of creative force as a movement of life that is brand new, bringing you the awareness of your immortality, and the infinity of your capacity as a physical soul-being.

So by awakening in your sleep state within the astral plane, you can begin to bridge the body's mind-brain consciousness with the direct awareness of the subconscious mind of the soul that has the perception and awareness of everything that is, simultaneously. If you, as a conscious mind/brain/perception, were to awaken to its radiant force all of a sudden, and awaken the subconscious mind that governs the soul, you would quite literally lose your mind, because your conscious mind would be completely overwhelmed by all of the multi-dimensional perceptions that are taking place simultaneously, the awareness of everything in the same moment, the ability to perceive each and every individual moment and expression and experience in that multi-dimensional awareness of the subconscious mind.

Only a tiny fragment of the subconscious mind's full awareness is transmuted into the awareness of your conscious mind functioning through your physical brain. A full and complete awareness would literally warp your physical brain. At the moment you only use about two percent of your physical brain; the remainder is there for the soul's awakening and for the subconscious mind's penetrating the physical brain, activating it, so that you can know yourself as that infinite, multi-dimensional being that you are, know yourself as the God force, know that you are not separate from anything, that you are connected to everything.

Because indeed, you are not separate from God the creator; you are an individuated expression of that God-creator.
Everything is of God - the whole universal mind, the whole universal force - and one day it is planned, as we have said, that you will awaken all twelve archetypes of the divine mind; that perception, that knowing, that awareness will take place with your physical brain and with your so-called conscious mind.

So by learning how to consciously bridge the gap in that first stage of death, the sleep state, you can awaken in the astral plane; you can experience your soul going about its business; you can experience your astral body at the same time protecting your physical body from the full radiant awareness of that multi-dimensional being that you are, the soul. At the point of life, the two threads of the soul connect to the physical form: one in the pineal, one in the heart.

The third connection is the astral cord that connects to the solar plexus, which creates an etheric web of density that separates your awareness of the conscious mind from the subconscious, to protect you. This separation of awareness also allows you to evolve - to a degree unconsciously - so that every single moment of life can be an evolution of learned experience, allowing you to learn through trial and error, accumulating memory.

You hold memory in the physical brain, and then the soul takes the memory as it takes all of those experiences and puts them in line with its perceptions of its lifeline, related to its learning curve for that particular lifetime, and it sorts through everything and aligns it according to purpose, meaning, and value, because that is the purpose of the causal plane of the soul: to align life with an experience of purpose, meaning, and value.

That is what allows the creative force of love to fulfill its obligation to know all parts of itself - its evolutionary process of infinite being - as God. It is all very carefully and perfectly planned; it is all brilliantly put together: each and every evolutionary process of each soul.

So to ever be concerned that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, that you should be somewhere other than where you are, that you should know more than you know, or that you should be "further along" - these are all fears and mistrust of the physical form, arising from the ego's judgments and its limited identification with life.


The soul knows no such thing; the soul knows that every single evolutionary moment of the creative force is a part of the fabric that unites you with the process, the expression, the experience, and the artistry of the god-mind, and the fulfillment of your expression/experience of that God-mind.

So when you go to sleep at night, instead of drifting off to sleep, consciously lie in your body and focus on your breath, breathing in and breathing out for the same number of counts. As you focus on your breath, allow this to still the conscious mind so that the thought processes don't keep you awake, so that your thoughts become silent, silent enough for you to have a perception of aware awakeness as you drift into the next plane of consciousness.

As you go to sleep you experience death; that's what you do every night when you go to sleep: you die, and you awaken in another plane of consciousness.
The purpose of this process is for you to be introduced to the soul gently and gradually, so that you may see how it functions, see the awareness that it has without being bombarded by it all at once, and so you may also become aware that death is a constant process of the evolution of consciousness. Death is not the end of anything; it is always the beginning of something new.

Every moment that you are living, you are dying, so that you may live. Every moment that has gone before must end, so that the new moment can be resurrected from that old moment and be revealed. Everything that was, reveals what is, which reveals what will be. And so every moment of creation is dependent upon embracing death.

This is why we have worked so diligently with you for years and years to encourage you, first of all, to get used to the experience of life, through the experience of death, through the experience of life, by feeling and experiencing and accepting all of your feelings.

Because doing this introduces you to what death really is, which is a revelation of the next moment of the creative force of life. Every moment that was must die to reveal the moment that is being created.
There is no single moment in the creative process of life that is like any other - ever. But what you do as a physical form is to try to identify everything and put it into categories and "freeze-frame" it so that you can develop a predictable sameness to rely upon, because change is something that frightens you.

Change is something that is essential to life; life in its infinite expression and experience, its immortality, is the very process of change. Life is in constant movement, it is in constant change, it is in a constant process of dying in order to reveal itself as life.

As you learn to accept your feelings you are learning to embrace life and death in the moment of revelation of life, which reveals death, which reveals life. You are beginning to understand the purpose of death and indeed to understand the immortal, infinite process of the expression and the experience of the creative force of life.

The physical body, the physical brain, the emotional body, and the mental body that operates through the physical brain, must all be prepared for the introduction of the awareness of the soul, and of becoming its host. To sustain and maintain the essences of peacefulness, joyfulness, and all of the other essences that the soul contains, the body must first develop the stillness that those essences require. In order to develop that stillness, you must be able to experience death in a conscious, awakened state, so that you may experience life in a conscious, awakened state.


Sleep has been given to you for two purposes: first, for the astral body to be able to lift out of the physical body at night and gather the astral matter, the bioplasmic matter, to feed through the solar cord into the physical body to restore its neuric energy, the nervous system's energy (it gets converted to neuric energy in the solar plexus); and second, so that you may have a way of being introduced to the soul when you reach the state of evolution where that becomes purposeful.

It is a necessary part of the bridging process to prepare the physical form, to awaken the physical form, to raise its vibration, to refine the mental body of the conscious mind, and to refine the emotional body through the acceptance of all feelings; and to still the emotional body, so that you can begin to become aware of the voice of the soul.

The five physical senses are basically recorders for the desire nature of the astral form, to keep you attached to the physical world of form and maintain your desire to be here in form, in the physical world, alive. But once the soul begins to awaken in form, something other than desire takes over, and that is the awakening of the passion for living.

The passion for living arises with the conscious awareness of the guidance and the purpose and the meaning and value of the soul's journey; the awareness that every moment of its evolutionary, creative process in the experiential nature of its creative evolution, exists so that you as an individual being - all of you - can know yourself as the infinite awareness of God/Goddess/All-That-Is; so that you can awaken to that awareness and no longer be separate, but be united in form with all that is; so that you can know in your experience, expression, and creative fulfillment the truth of your being, with purpose, meaning and value: that you are God and God is you, and that you contain everything that is, everything that exists, dear ones, in all of creation, all form and all the other dimensions of life.

Everything that is and ever has been and ever will be, is all recorded in that cell called the DNA, in the molecular structure of the DNA, so that the cellular awareness of infinite immortal God-being can be transformed and transmuted into the expression and experience of your physical form. Therefore it is all recorded in the DNA molecule in those 44 on-sites that have not yet been awakened. This relates to the statement in your Christian bible about the 144,000 that will enter the kingdom of heaven.

So as you go to sleep at night, breathe, focus your awareness between the eyes, and begin to make this a daily practice. You will begin to develop an awareness that is single-minded, that is focused through the third eye, through the eye of the soul, and you will begin to then perceive more easily and readily, and activate more much more frequently the soul awareness of intuition and knowing. It is through the third eye that the soul connects to the pineal gland via the magnetic filament, which then bends to focus on the pituitary and creates a reflection, like a projection, onto the frontal lobes of the brain, and awakens the third eye to your initiation into becoming the illumined seer.

You are going through an initiation process as a planet, becoming more consciously aware, and some of you who are in more-evolved levels of soul development are becoming conscious initiates. The purpose of initiation is so you may become illumined seers, and have the awakened conscious awareness in the death process. And you will do as Christ did: you will dis-illusion the concept that death is the end of life, and you will see death in conscious awareness as the ongoing process of life that is simply moving from one plane to another, to another, to another; and you will do that through awakened awareness.

So start doing it by awakening in the sleep state: focusing through the third eye, focusing on your breathing, allowing the thoughts to subside as you just witness them - you don't pay much attention to them, you don't let them grab you, you just let them be whatever they are and let them drift through - and whatever feelings are there that are attached to those thoughts, just feel them and accept them and allow them, so the emotional body develops a stillness.

And as you practice this process you will begin to see Gabriel's purpose all these years in having you focus on your feelings, allowing them, to still the emotional body, focusing on your thoughts as all just memories of the past, descriptions of past events that have nothing to do with any moment of reality whatsoever; they are simply recordings that the personality, through the desire body, is rather fond of, and attaches to in order to create everything as an identity, in order to formulate it as something that you can put like a butterfly on a pin, and pin it to the wall so that you can always see it every day; but it has no life.

It is through this process, through your dedication to the world of form, that you create finiteness, and your fear of death, your belief in death as the end of life, rather than the ongoing revelation of all of life's multi-dimensional planes of expression, experience, and creative awareness of being.

So as you begin to fall into sleep, don't fall into sleep - don't drift into sleep - but awaken into sleep, so that your conscious mind is alert and aware as you go into the sleep state. You will then awaken into the astral realm and you will have experienced conscious dying.

The only difference between that death and the death of the physical form is that in sleep the magnetic threads do not all disconnect from the physical form. The silver cord stays intact as the astral body lifts out of the physical body with the soul body enclosed within it, and the filament in the heart also stays connected; but the thread connected to the pineal gland disconnects, which is what makes you forget your dream state, or be unaware in your astral state.

It has been so thus far in your evolutionary process because it would not have served you to be awakened in the astral plane before you are awake in the physical plane. Thus far in this evolutionary process of the first three chakras, it has been your function to get used to the physical plane. And now that that has taken place and you are well-practiced in your relationship with the physical world, firmly grounded in your desire to be in the physical world and experience it - now, the soul can now begin to take over in the next stage of your development.

You are now prepared to experience an awakened, conscious death, the moving of awareness from the physical into the astral plane, so that you can be introduced to the soul, and to the subconscious mind, to a degree. But the etheric webs of the seven layers of the astral body and their different levels of refinement will still keep you from awakening to the full awareness of the soul and the subconscious mind all at once; so you get to do it gradually.

And as you awaken in the astral, you move beyond entrapment in the idea that the world of physical form is the source and substance of life, beyond the illusion that when you are not in the body, life ends; that illusion will be dis-illusioned, and you will become illumined seers in the astral plane. Imagine that when you awaken in the astral plane, the first thing you will see in front of you is your hands; that will give you focus, and connection to your physical form, and connect your astral body to your physical form, and your physical form and your conscious mind to the astral realm.


As you awaken in the astral realm, in the awakened death process, you will have the privilege first of all of seeing all of the illusions of your thought forms, and the thought forms of the collective consciousness that sustain and maintain the density of the third dimension as the only reality.

You will begin to see the ethereal nature of physical form, to see that it is not solid. You will begin to actually see how the astral world maintains and sustains the blueprint of every single thing in the physical world through astral matter that is transparent; you can move through it, and it is no more solid than the thought forms that hold it in place through repetition, and through the emotional attachments to those thought forms that sustain and maintain the desire for that reality.

Moving into that dimension of the astral will allow you to begin to develop an awareness of how to consciously create and build thought forms that are purposeful, fulfilling, and are for the good of the whole of your reality in the third dimension. You will begin to be able to do this through your connection to the soul's awareness, its purpose, value and meaning, because it is governed by the love force, which means that everything that it chooses is for the good of the whole, for every self, not only for the personality-self.

This will begin to introduce you to letting go of the separation of the personality-self that exists only for the purpose of self-fulfillment, self-gratification, and self-satisfaction through the desire nature. You will begin to dissolve the lower three levels of the astral body and the astral attachments, and as you do so, you will move into the heart space of the love force and be introduced - in conscious awareness - to the truth of your being that is called your soul.

You will be introduced to the purpose, meaning, and value of You as the source, and all that you have come to fulfill through your service to every other soul, and alternately to the service of yourself as a part of that collective consciousness of the God-mind.

This will begin to release you from the fear of death, so that when the soul has awakened in the physical form and you have completed your learning curve for a particular lifetime, you will then be able to die fully consciously: to choose the time and place, and to celebrate death as a revelation of life. Just imagine that you will help your friends, relatives, and loved ones prepare for their death with happiness and joy, with no fear of loss, with no attachment, able to celebrate their movement to another plane of awareness consciously, because you have done it consciously yourself.

And so then you can become the initiator as the illumined seer. So begin to practice awakening, awakening in your sleep state, to experience the freedom from death, and the awakening into the infinite expression and creative form of your being as an immortal soul, as the god-force that you are.


- Gabriel


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Comment by Bevely Ann Fox on August 13, 2012 at 12:10am
A SUFI taught me this 30 years ago. I like to comprehend these teachings. Often times said when we go to sleep we die. Some JUDAISM teach when you leave your business for the day, burn it in your mind and go to it the next day with a new outlook...Coptic Christianity and the VEDAS and Buddhism and Hinduism and Bahai to name some love the MASTERS teachings.
Comment by Ricardo on July 18, 2012 at 3:24am

Awesome teaching of love...I will follow their words and see what it happens with my dreams...thanks Gabriel for your light & love !

Comment by lilium flower on July 17, 2012 at 7:26am

...My dear Meindert,be blessed.

Comment by STAR* on July 13, 2012 at 11:46am

Angel Gabe, teaches real good ;) yes it is said by other wise people that when we sleep we die....

and that is true.... we get to explore other space, time realities ;)



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