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I dare to add this blog because I feel I have to help and contribute to the advancement of people and earth. I respect very much the high beings like Sananda, Saint Germain, etc and most of all, God the Supreme Creator of everything. I am thirsty and hungry to read their messages. So many so called “channels” they post so many messages, claiming they channel God, Sananda, etc., yet reading them I realize they say just nothing. Are those really messages from above?

Should I be ashamed that I don't have any high capabilities, like telepathy, etc., etc., I don't even follow a program of meditation, because my intuition tells me that these techniques are not quite right.

I believe in God the Supreme Creator and in His servants, so, few minutes before to go to sleep I pray to them, and thank them for everything. I don't understand the term of “light”, but I understand very well the term of love, brotherly love, and I am trying to put a little of love in everything I think and do. But that's about all. From what I see around me, I believe that 99% of people, are just simply good people like me. The ascension of earth, I suppose will provide a lot of help for many people; some already very advanced probably will ascend at this time; many others will ascend in time when they are ready. I think that “light” might be a combination of love and truth. So much lies and crimes against these 99% of people; so, I will do everything to fight for truth, and removing of the dark ones by all peacefully means.

On 90% of channeled messages it said to “hear your inner voice”, to “come to heart”, to “increase your vibrations”, to “live on NOW”, and many, many other things like that. Sorry, those wonderful advices have no any value for me.

I was born in Romania, which is mostly a christian religion country. When I was child, and I red the bible, on first page of it was written: “Believe and don't search”. For me that meant to have a full faith in everything bible says. Sorry, I couldn't do that. My intuition told me that this is not right. I was, and I am a very curios individual, and against that dictum from bible, I searched and I keep searching for truth.

Later, when I contacted some meditation groups, I have seen them in a lotus position and for hours meditating. I dare to ask them: You are meditating at what? Some of them answered that they meditate at nothing, just trying to clear their minds. I used, and still I am using some mantras and relaxation procedures, but not meditating at nothing for hours. I think that incarnating on earth we have to learn so many good lessons that nowhere can be learned. For me there are so many fascinating things to learn in this so called 3d. Nobody from these channels explains what means 4d, 5d, etc. How can be explained the movement and vibrations without time?

I observed something; many blogs claiming messages from angels, etc., doesn't have any comment. That means to me, that many others like me didn't understand a iota, and it will be a non sense to spend time on them.

I dare to think, that many such channels are doing in fact the work of the dark ones. Some individuals post several messages a day, all, saying nothing or even very negative and full of hate. That means to me they spend a lot of time and energy to do that, and time is money; I think that the dark ones pay them good to do such things. People, I think that a hard lesson can be learned from that. I think that dark ones are almost desperate trying to detour, and control people, because they are loosing power.

I am fascinated about free energy. Free energy for people will improve drastically their freedom, prosperity, and give them a lot of time to progress spirituality. I think that the dark ones are scare to death by free energy to people, because they will loose all the power and eliminated.

How many blogs talk and help people in this direction? Almost none. Can any enlightened channel contact the high beings, and give us some explanation, why not free energy NOW.

I work, and I keep working on free energy. In not to far past, the inventors of free energy were killed or bought to silence by dark ones. Well, I am not afraid of them, because soon or later free energy will come to light, and the dark ones can't kill all the people. I will be happy to receive more information about free energy and positive PRESENT news; not past, not future. Feel free to communicate with me. Cornelius Constantine,

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  • Dear Vagelis,

    I studied the Keshe Foundation in all details, but unfortunately they don't give us for the moment anything. The patent doesn't give any practical information. The details about their devices are "secret", and they are asking huge amounts of money to get something. Right now they offer just words and promises, nothing else. Sorry but I don't like the secrets and business type approach to the new technology. Again I will say, information should be free. That is real love and light.

  • free energy...the solution  it won't happen over night but it will happen.

    on other issues..i believe people need HOPE right now and sometimes get caught up with lies and get disappointed...i see alot of disappointed people here...i meditate to stay in a presence of peace and man can give that to me..thank you for sharing...much joy and love to you

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  • ...check out the Keshe Foundation.. it is the future... ;)

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