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  • dear sister Sarah,very true,i read an article quite sometime back where they took diana to a place a night or 2 before the wedding to charles,partially drugged,and they shape-shifted in front of her,of course, being partially drugged,she was shocked to see this happen,in the Arizona david Icke vid i have, there is discussion about the head leader of the reptillians called PINDAR,and he is the one who rules over the others,i found the web link by accident,as mostly everything happens for a reason with me for my mission,and will add here,many out there have not the funds to venture on the spiritual seeking of truths,and anyway we can help each other with that, the better,there are many links,topics to click on to read,and vids to view,depending on the individuals seeking, so it is as follows(mind you, i am only a humble light-bearer myself)  and all free to view, love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
  • Yes, finnally  they will tried. ebe02, yes, its there for everyone to see isnt it? thought i desagree with China being in it..despite their comunist pasts and human rights issue(thought the coalition of "will", the controlled gov.(US,Britain, France , Germany, etc..are not behaving any diferent but worst) i am led to believe by their actions that they are trying actually overtrow the cabal.they want their money back wich was supposed to be paid back on 07/12/2001 and u know what the elite did just after that..and the Pope is the real ruler of the money now(even the Queen is below him in that sense)

    Yes, Sarah, there are interview from a lady on the David Icke program, we she tells him of not the Queen shapeshifting in Masonic rictuals, bbut also the Bushs, clintons, and other public figures(Pope needs no intruductions..his face says it all!- how can you have that look and be consired benevolent? i have seen not so nice looking people with an awesome heart, but not evil looking being can just feel  the vibes..)

    Yes, Pope child molesters protectors only need the Sword now to be in Star Wars ha ha! awesome:-0


    I support then to be removed but in peace..they can hold the vibrationn much longer here as its getting too much for the and the truth is coming out..


    Peace :-0

  • There is a story that the royal family shapeshifted into reptillans in front of Princess Diana one time. 

    As for the Pope, dont you think he looks like the evil Emperor from Star Wars?  
  • i agree with u indigo, thats why i am exposing this coz it has gone too far.. and from a long time..and was a catholic for a while but havent been in a church for more than 25 years..didnt know then why but now know..this are all people form the same crew; Pope, Queen, Bush clinton, Obama, runsfeld, Cheney, Hillary...lists goes on..they are part of the same evil that must be exposed(thought many people know now) so we can be free and the children and public in general who suffer at their hands.and this people who say they are represeting God here are the true nasty ones..but neverthless, we are wining and walking everyday toward more light and peace and nothing or no one can stop it now.

    Love to you



  • yes, its all  there Ed. just dont see who doesnt wan to.  hte Dalai Lama is also funded by the CIA.. his people were leaving Tibet coz their were being abused and China had  better living conditions..also a can check his buddies..thought Budhism is an awesome philosophy..i will post the video o "his hollines very soon ...
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