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Poems ,prayers & Promises for 2012; I Am That I AM In 5D.- A Message For All Those In 3D,Ready To Ascend To 4D & More

Photo: And when the Master had spoken to his apostles, he received all of the children, laying his hands on them, while he spoke words of courage and hope to their mothers. Jesus often talked to his apostles about the celestial mansions and taught that the advancing children of God must there grow up spiritually as children grow up physically on this world. And so does the sacred oftentimes appear to be the common, as on this day these children and their mothers little realized that the onlooking intelligences of Nebadon beheld the children of Jericho playing with the Creator of a universe. When it is not possible to worship God in the tabernacles of nature, men should do their best to provide houses of beauty, sanctuaries of appealing simplicity and artistic embellishment, so that the highest of human emotions may be aroused in association with the intellectual approach to spiritual communion with God. Truth, beauty, and holiness are powerful and effective aids to true worship. But spirit communion is not promoted by mere massive ornateness and overmuch embellishment with man’s elaborate and ostentatious art. Beauty is most religious when it is most simple and naturelike. How unfortunate that little children should have their first introduction to concepts of public worship in cold and barren rooms so devoid of the beauty appeal and so empty of all suggestion of good cheer and inspiring holiness! The child should be introduced to worship in nature’s outdoors and later accompany his parents to public houses of religious assembly which are at least as materially attractive and artistically beautiful as the home in which he is daily domiciled.

A Message for all those In 3D and Ready to Ascend to 4D and more.

I Am That I Am In 5D

You cannot find peace in the world around you,

Until you find it in your own heart that’s true.

Don't look for it, in 3D places you havn’t been,

You'll find what you lost when looking within.

Seek the 5D and for sure you will always find,

That the wholeKingdom of God is in your mind.

Search not outside yourself, open the door,

his Son resides in the Kingdom of God,adore

The trinity of the Father, Son and Spirit ,

give the truth to all that you may merit.

Please Open up your heart and let him in,

this is the starting point where we all begin.

Theres no tomorrow,in this holy instant now,

Ascension is nigh,wake yourself up,somehow.

Don't look behind as you leave this 3D place,

4D is better and even 5D is in the noble race.

Don't always believe what people say or do,

believe only that the son of God is insde you.

Carry your spinning wheel, learn your trade,

remake then the 3D world that you have made.

start all over again, the 3D world that you spun,

theres no turning back, now that you have begun.

Learn anew how to use this Creator son's skills,

based on what you wont, till your heart fills.

Theres no turning back now,were near the end,

everything 4D starts flowing by what you send.

Its the next 5D step that we havn't taken before,

not knowing whats ahead, some say its a folk lore.

You can't get there from here, so weve been told,

only the brave can make it, those who are so bold.

Never mind what all the 3D people may say,

There not coming now,waiting for us to lead the way.

You go first, I'll follow you, just in case you fall,

No ones been there from here but its ment for all.

That is if you have done your homework today,

Theres no cheating on the test, your here to stay.

So whats its like there in 4D on the other side,

what is it that you do in 5D where do you reside.

Whats it like where no 3D person has gone before,

what is it we will see and feel on the other shore.

Can you describe what color is to a blind man,

or a musical note to a deaf person, no one can.

or life after death to one who hasn't been there ,

take a"leap of faith"forward ,Ascension is here !.


By Rev.Joshua Skirvin 11/30/12

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