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Temper, Temper my star-seeds of the holy little one's;

Have you forgotten you are the daughters and son's.

Of the Divine Creator of Love our Father,

remember your mission and your Brother

For we are all one in the mind of God as source,

he is in our mind and we are in his,of course.

We are not separate from him,we are family.

we have a mission to complete, our Destine.

Don't let the Dark ones hold you back,my brother,

They play the game of pitching one against the other.

they use your energy against you in there mind control,

a house divided against itself cannot stand, don't you know.

The light will always win, if you don't play there game,

bickering and conflict holds you back, oh what a shame.

Communication is the Key,for light-workers to be in union,

without this, all there is,is great confusion and no reunion.

We all went to the same school together before we came here,

we are indeed powerful, as one mind, now its all so very clear.

We cannot assist the 2nd and 3rd Wave if we are in conflict,

we cannot Ascend ourselves as the first Wave,if we forget.

The dark ones wont's to keep us here, they feed off of our Fear,

They know they have lost the War as the Divine light draws near.

They are fighting to the bitter end as they know they will Descend,

our power lies in unison, we are all one and we will all Ascend.

But first we must learn to communicate and release our past,

we have a mission to finish, a relationship forming at last.

Awakening means to remember what we learned way, before,

apply it now,so we can ascend into the 4th & 5th Dimensional door.

BY Rev.Joshua Skirvin, international copyright 10/14/2015


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