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Please Help Me Understand What This Means

It was early morning maybe 6am or 6:30am and I started 2 become aware and 2 wakeup. I notice i cant move and was paralized. Had it happen before and have studied it, but this was more then not being able to move. There was this sound in my head that was blinding! It was a very high pitch and it was hurting me but also putting me back to sleep. I was terrified and fought to stay awake. I started praying and fighting to keep my eyes open when I saw three shining gold balls of light(i couldnt see through them)and then they shot really fast from me to my bedroom door and turned into one pillar of gold light and went into the ground. The noise in my head stopped and I was fully awake. Please give me some thoughts and answers. I've studied dreams but this wasnt a dream, this was REAL. Thanku so much!

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Comment by Mystic Bridgette on May 4, 2011 at 5:59pm
Thankyou for the info! I have been thinking on this and thinking on this and didnt know what it meant for sure. I do want to develop my energy level. I will look you up on Facebook. Thankyou again for your help! Love,Light&Respect!
Comment by Jeevan Kalyan on May 4, 2011 at 5:44pm

Dear immortal Soul,

what you felt is not dream it is purely divine experience and when u was felt your body was heavy that is called "KARIMA" it is primarily experiences of the person who gets before enlightenment.  These days lot of energies flow on earth hence you got great experience with efforts ..... dont get panic and fear it is divine experience keep it up.

Do meditation to develop your energy level if ur interested on me check my profile in Facebook to get more information from my occult photos collections my Id.. jeevankalyan ... 


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