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I don't say much..

I am just One that never took this away from anyone.

It's inbred in Me somehow.

I have blessed Them for giving was a choice.

But i never abused that much as i could have.

I know love, inside and out.

Or so my ego thinks lol.


to get to the point, never consent with fictions!

which are our banks, governments, courts,

it is important You read this book to understand... and I am not a laywer.or a cop.

Understand means...are able to assmilate the information, and not be cohersed into a decision. or intimidated into a decision.

because the cops read us our rights means. to stand under...(their jurisdiction)

Are we not Sovereign??

To whom are You willing to give that power....which was always Yours to begin with?

Fictions...Our so called courts...the illusion we are forced to live in ...have to be given our consent to operate.

As Our contries are nothing but corporations, not lookin' after the best interest of Mother earth, but solely after all cost, I urge You all to wake up!!

Truth always stares us right in the face..we've so known, Our governments weren't looking after Our best interests, but after the bankers profits.

It's kinda funny how many Beautiful channeled messages I read urge us to do something.

Guess what ...I have...

I love them (bankers and our so called governments)for the way they showed themselves to us in so many ways .

Through movies, our so called media..and on and on.

Yet ...noone moved...the middle east is getting it..maybe!

ya...they'll get it!

We really all are  One, everyone.

We(precious souls) all make our mark in our own time.

If You feel like takin a couple days off,

Read this!


I love You all!

Be seein' You all shortly,

               Love and much light!








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Comment by alf on February 28, 2011 at 12:50pm

The power i have right now is the power  of the written word....

It is a power tool ...i ken send my mind and my words over oceans ....

This it is a Freedom they ken not take from us...remember this...

Mind are  though ,and though are word, word are sound ,and sound are vibrating energy ....

There are all connected....All are energy and light...all are Star Dust....remember this...

Our mind are dangerous for them....It is a power tool...

Think then...and you will cross anything else ....



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