I am Plashdar. Thank you for your question.

At one time we all gathered together. We each answered a call to serve
the unprotected planets and help them in their ascension process, that
each planet could be free and uninhibited, that they could have their
own culture, their own government, their own religious beliefs and
their own way of life.

Some of us answered this call, and chose to remain above these
threatened planets, guarding them with technologies, sending
telepathic messages to the inhabitants of the planets, and we were
assigned to individuals on the planets as guides, and to protect those
individuals we were assigned to.

Others chose the hardest task, to enter into an alien body and have a
life on one of the planets, such as Earth. Those who chose this
difficult task are termed Starseeds.

If you are a Starseed, as you read the words I am speaking, something
occurs inside of you. A shift begins to take place inside of you, a
knowing that is beyond physical words. You are a Starseed because you
resonate with places outside of this planet. You are a Starseed
because underneath all ordinary, mundane experiences, there is an urge
to break free. There is a feeling that you have forgotten something,
that there is a sleeping part of you that must fully wake up.

It is this inner feeling that lets you know whether or not you are a Starseed.

If you are a Starseed, you were given specific instructions before
coming here. You spent months and months preparing for your entry into
your alien body. You learned how to keep this body pure, how to help
it to operate in it’s fullest capacity. You spent months learning
about your specific planet you were assigned to, and you went to many
council meetings on various planets studying and learning so that you
would be fully capable of your task, because whether or not you
remember what you learned before you came here, it is still in your

There is something you are here for, some task you are meant to
achieve. You are here for a purpose. You were sent.

If you are a Starseed, something is awakening within you as you read
these words. Something inside of you is beginning to dawn on your
conscious mind. It is the beginning of a memory, the memory will fully
surface as you work to still your mind and go within, connecting to
the deepest places within you, the subconscious parts of you that
haven’t forgotten this knowledge.

You are awakening right now. You are coming to consciousness. Begin to
repeat this to yourself over and over. Feel yourself begin to stir and
awaken. Feel your chakras moving, feel them activating, feel them
waking up and turning on. See your head lighting up with a white
light. See the light flowing through you, all through your meridians,
and see every chakra aligning perfectly, activated, turned on,
spinning, releasing negativity, creating positivity.

Every part of you will awaken as you go within. It is very simple. If
you are a Starseed these words resonate with you.

As this light moves through your meridians each chakra lights up and
brings you into a higher vibration. You are now operating in a higher
dimension. You are no longer in the 3rd dimension. As you continue to
feel this vibration you will feel an area of your body. Focus on this
area and the sensation will increase. This area that you are focusing
on has a recently activated chakra inside of it, no matter the
location. As we have said many times, there are more than seven
chakras. Focus on the vibration allowing all old energies to release
from this area, until you will see a crystal pure light filling the
chakra that has activated. This chakra sends the light into your
brain. Your brain is registering the activated chakra. As more chakras
activate your brain is sent signals telling it to increase it’s

You find yourself as you continue this simple exercise on a regular
basis more awakened in an area. You may be more cooperative, or more
intelligent, physically stronger; you may react to those around you in
ways you have never reacted before, or you may find yourself wanting
to do something or experience something you never have before. This is
the newly activated chakra sending it’s signal to your brain.

Starseeds come in already using 5 percent more of the usual amount of
chakras, and when a Starseed becomes activated a shift occurs in their
DNA which causes not only the activation of their chakras, the
realignment of their chakras, but also for their psychic abilities to
increase, their level of empathy to increase, as well as a feeling of
being different. Many Starseeds become very alone during this
transition, but they are simply becoming aware that they are not
human, and that they are in a system which is corrupted.

Many people list traits of Starseeds, but there are so many different
types of beings coming in at this time and their traits are often the
same or very similar, so you must go with what you resonate with. What
do you feel that you are?

You may also be a mixture of more than one thing. You may be a
Starseed, but perhaps you are faery from a dimension on another planet
and resonate with Starseed and Faerykin, or perhaps you are an angel
who has incarnated into many extraterrestrial bodies and resonate with
the angelic and extraterrestrial frequencies. There are also animals
with human intelligence operating on other planets, and entering Earth
in human bodies. You must go with whatever you resonate with. It is
resonation that determines whether or not a person is a Starseed.



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