This is everything in one place, for those who have heard nothing about anything it is all here so there is a LOT!!!


This below is the plan for the future. It is gold.

Don't be alarmed by the size of the document.. The most important bits are at the top. The rest is made up of exactly what each person said that brought them all to these wonderful, sustainable, clean, wise, balanced, informed and well thought out conclusions.

When reading it, remember that people have seen our future, via progression hypnosis, where we live in a state of abundance, bliss and joy, and souls help each other willingly. Check out what Dolores Cannon has to say, who has been collecting this sort of information for 45 years.


Love and light!


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  • This plan has turned the present system on its head, and stated, This is how it's done, with regard to government, banking, money, farming, health, eductaion, medicine, cleaning up the planet, free energy technology, spirituality, galactics, emotional healing, work, - it's a sustainable way for the future that works for everyone.

    It makes such a mockery of what's been happening.

    You sound like you have got self-sustainability worked out Rev

  • This is the longest blog I have ever seen. It took me a half hour just to skim through most of it. It seems all the info we have already heard before. I was disappointed in the ending. There was no new answer, as to what to do. I think its best to buy silver as it is the lowest as its been in a yr. And I have just recently started my own garden with natural seeds, growing in pots or barrel drums cut in half. Also I am next working on setting up another barrel system thats called Aqua-ponics, growing fish and food together. I guess I will keep my motor bike as a means of cheap transportation. And I am going to again update my solar system so I wont need to run my generator so much. Its all back down to basics, learning to free ourselves from the system that is falling apart. We have to do it ourselves for the ET's are not going to do it for us. I am suppressed that we have made it thus far, time for change ! Adonai
  • MarQus Boo C Ay, this is a plan that liberates people and respects our free will, fixes poverty and exhaustion from slavery, uses or finds the best possible technology to sustain and heal the planet and the people, allows for clean water and food, stops animal abuse, takes away all the corruption. In other words, this is a study of the best of the known knowledge that is in existence across the globe, put together by the people for the people, of an intelligent world that would work for everyone, not for just a corrupt few. It is fair for everyone, including the planet and the animals. How could this be improved upon? Please share your thoughts. 

    orb seeker, thank you, I haven't read them yet but have watched several long dvds - I know the information she is getting has not stopped and it is fascinating stuff. I was just happy to know that the world does end up happy, and in our life time.

    Kat that is Beautiful!

    What is happening for us all, by us all, is starting to look like a tribute to the soul!

  • This is Very interesting,,, but is this the ONLY plan we have,,, the People should be able to decide on a plan for themselves shouldnt they? This Plan sounds like a few have decided for many.,,

  • Very good information hope it all plays out like this. Deloras Cannon's book "Three Waves of Vounteers and the New Earth" has very good info about this. I read and reread it because it is not channelled, but info from the sub-conscience. Her hypnosis clients are now talking about volunteering to come here from other realities to assist in the shift that will take us to the 5th dimention. If you havn't read it it is well worth it.  

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