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Peace In Every Moment Channeler: Julie Miller

Peace In Every Moment
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ November 20 – 27, 2014
received by Julie Miller
November 20, 2014

Your thoughts have always been of great power. Can you imagine just how much more developed, satisfied, happy, peaceful and successful you would be if you never thought a negative thought towards anyone or anything?

When you are able to finally discover and come to the realization that peace and happiness does not come from anything external, but from a place deep within yourself, you then you begin releasing more and more of your authentic self; a self that can live not only with the peace found within themselves, but be able to live peacefully among and with others.

It is important Beautiful Bright Hearts to let go of the debilitating habit of comparing yourself to that of others. Every time you allow yourself to compare yourself to another dear soul, you are at that moment undermining your own self-worth and wisdom that you have gained all on your own by persevering your own set of challenges.

You are wiser than you sometimes give yourself credit for. We know you want to know what is next to come, we see this in the rush and push you apply each and every day, but what you uncover is just what you are meant to know for that very moment.

Whatever future you are able to see is just one of endless possibilities. God does have great plans for each of you, and you will come to know each step as you work through what you have in front of you.

Crying, and shedding tears of frustration will not bring you closer. Believe Beautiful Bright Hearts that you are meant to fulfill your dreams and make your ambitions a reality. The only person you really have to prove yourself to is yourself.

Because at the end of the day it is you that must come to terms with how you handled your day up that point.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, we also realize how easily you become entrapped by other people’s opinions of you. Do their opinions carry so much weight that you alter your own divine course and mission?

Don’t make yourself an enemy to your own journey. Other people cannot live your dreams, they cannot make your goals succeed, nor do they answer to the consequences of choices you make. It is you that is accountable for all that you do and say.

All the answers to where you are to go in life, you already hold within you. Some things do take time to manifest, but time does not have to be the bad guy.

When you are given time to make right actions through right choices you develop the right kind of passion and determination to make all your steps lead into new ones that will continue bringing you closer to the outcome you have been envisioning.

Think back to when you have achieved something you have worked hard at. You applied all your energy; you put your heart into every step until it was done.

The reward was not really the praise you may have received from family, friends or co-workers, but from the feeling of satisfaction one gets after completing something they had worked hard on.

Sometimes mistakes along the way will be made, but they only come to show you that there is another way.

Mistakes are not meant to hinder your progression, they are meant to show you and provide you with another chance and to make different choices that will provide different conclusions and outcomes.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, peace is all around you, and within you. All the joys, peace and happiness you seek is already within reach.

You don’t require a book to tell you how to be happy, for you already hold this knowledge. Every moment you are given is an opportunity to realize that peace is your companion.

If you have real peace that comes from within, then nothing that happens externally, will disrupt this peace.

Peace is realized when you recognize life is not about winning, losing, grasping or yearning…it’s about loving the person you are, just as you are naturally—by accepting your whole self with every imperfection and strength.

When you are able to accept your whole self, you are able to accept others just as they are as well, without the temptation of wanting to change them to how you wish they would be.

It is your uniqueness that makes you beautiful. Each and every dear soul that shares this bountiful and beautiful earth are equally important and necessary.

And each of you comes with a unique life story, not one more important or better than the other, just different with different challenges and obstacles to overcome.

The best part Beautiful Bright Hearts with all that there is similar, it is the differences that you grow from, that help to educate, to shed ignorance from; to build understanding, compassion and of course peace with.

Within each of you is an authentic version of your Self, it is this supreme and dynamic part of you that is always at peace, even if you sometimes forget this or bafflingly ignore it.

You are meant to spread love, peace and compassion…to share God’s Love in all the things you touch and with all the words you express.

You were born as a child of Light, Blessed by God to walk the journey that is before you, and this journey Beautiful Bright Hearts will guide you to the beauty to which you are from the inside that unites you with God’s Brilliant Light and Infinite Love.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…
…through Julie Miller

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