010.jpg?w=380&h=285(Part 2) The Hathors of Earth's Solar Astral Planes: Releasing Preconceptions, the March Intensification and the Collective Lightworker Consciousness


-Channeled through Wes Annac-


Concluded from Part 1


Darkness has, for the most part, been lifted and its only fading influence is the one that’s being fed by humanity which, as has been said, is feeding into a disintegrating illusory hologram. The original negative astral beings who have manipulated the minds and hearts of humanity and of the cabals who have themselves manipulated humanity, are no longer working from a position of negativity and are instead experiencing a self-instated pure form of containment that goes far beyond what many of the cabal heads are experiencing at present.


The containment we speak of is on a level so massive that these souls are becoming completely cleansed and purified and again, a hologram has been built for humanity to feed your negativity into before the initial happenings on your world (are brought forth).


The formerly-negative race that is the Annunaki experienced a similar form of containment, and are now working to diffuse the dark souls more than they have already been diffused. Upon exiting and successfully coming out of their own forms of containment, the aforementioned lower astral beings will also be working for the Light and with you all in a way that will let you know they are genuine and positive, rather than misleading.


This is because every motive, intent and thought is known in the higher realms and there can be no lies; only truth and honesty. If any soul has the idea to mislead, it is automatically known by every facet of the ascended souls existing in their specific octave of consciousness. So you see, positivity and harmony are all commonplace and no type of negativity can be fed.


Just as well, no soul who has grown into the higher realms wishes to find or feed negativity of any manner and if we find negativity sent to us, we act as the happy transmuters that we and you all are, and change the very structure such energies.


The energetic components of your reality will continue to be made known, as the very explanation of how energy is sent to Create your reality will be understood on a widespread level. We have only been able to help so much in regards to the Creation of your reality of course, and have used the vocabulary of our scribe in as strong of an attempt as we could to explain our roles in sending this energy down, as well as the functions of such energy.


As we have said before, you dear souls receive this energy through the planetary chakras of Gaia.


The energy gates stationed in the atmosphere of dearest Gaia, which many of you Lightworkers are knowingly and unknowingly stationed at for the entirety of your mission at this time, receive the energies Creating your reality from the soul of Gaia and from souls within the Sun. This energy is sent and beamed through from Gaia’s energy gates to you dear souls who are given it through your chakras and through distortions and limitations you have built around yourselves and your chakras, to Create and experience your reality based on such limitations and what you are able to Create through them.


We speak of the barriers of limitation that have been established around many because of the importance of transmuting them at this time.


The very barriers that are to be fully transmuted as you realize your spiritual nature have kept a great many souls from accessing a deeper or purer understanding of situations playing out in their Lives and in the reality around them, and we as well as a plethora of other souls in the higher realms have been working not just on delivering purer energy to your reality, but to help you all to transmute and dissolve those barriers.


The result has been an enormously-potent collective awakening and since your year 2013 began, multitudes of groups and Lightworkers have stepped up to the plate and began addressing some of the most difficult issues facing your world.


We would like for you to send your blessings to every soul on your world who has stood up in the name of truth and found their influence suppressed; at times brutally.


Bradley Manning is a prime example of this, as this soul has personally sacrificed much to bring forth truth that has been suppressed. This soul and so many others need your Light and your healing because of the situations and circumstances they find themselves in, and that very Lighted and blessing energy you can send them can be felt and benefitted from personally as well.


Each of you can tap into this Light and use it to help repair your world in a myriad of ways. This Light is potent indeed, and become moreso in every moment as we are also assisting in increasing the purity of reality-Creating energies descending down to you, with each descent of this energy upon you.


This increasingly-pure energy settles upon your consciousness and helps in the continual upgrading and coming-online of so many aspects of your DNA that have been looked toward as unimportant for so very long. Indeed, even in the avenue of your science much has been distorted and hidden away from you, and the bulk of mainstream science on your world is used to endorse pure physicality and laugh-away or criticize any scientific understanding of metaphysics.


It is important for science and spirituality to merge and in your current time, you are witnessing an ongoing merging of the two that so many influential souls are helping to bring forth, as the understanding of the spirituality of the reality you find yourselves in and of a plethora of other realities that lay beyond your conscious, physical understanding (is garnered). You would continue to be held back if continuing to subscribe to dogmatic religious and scientific beliefs, and the proof of metaphysical realms beyond the conscious understanding of humanity will be provided when one turns within.


Your inner-searches are so very important to how events manifest on the world stage, and the emotions and mindsets you find yourselves employing in any and every moment help so very strongly to determine events manifesting on your word. For this and many other reasons, we ask you to show encouragement for the condition your world is in and for the condition it is about to be in, and we ask you to radiate-out the positivity of your new paradigm so that everyone can latently pick up on it and experience a subconscious benefit that will be reflected in their outer realities.


The awakening of each soul is crucial to the manifestation of the events preceding your collective ascension, and there will indeed be “fireworks” when the initial disclosures and revelations come forth. Abundance will be delivered to every facet of your world, so that everyone can experience the personal wellbeing they rightly deserve to, and so many Lightworkers will be instrumental in helping to bring the energies through themselves that will support this future and the entrance of as many souls as possible into it.


Yes indeed, you Lightworkers are working on many fronts and your work has been inspiring to behold from the higher realms. This goes for each one of you and the roles you have taken on, even if you do not feel “in the thick of the action” or anything of the sort, are stronger than you could realize and with each bit of difficulty you experience, you garner a measure of positive and happy energies and vibrations for yourselves that will manifest in the form of small positive happenings in your Lives.


These positive happenings can be increasingly powerful if properly utilized, as can your positivity in every single moment. While the negativity and difficulty will continue to attempt to creep up and convince you that you are not Creating the sovereign future you have been working toward for so very long, we like many others will point out the fact that it is desperately doing so and that it’s fading influence is just that, and cannot affect you in the strong ways it once did unless you allow it to.


In the same vein, if you allow it to you may find its influence turned up, and this is because of the aforementioned desperation of such negativity to keep its grip upon you and as well, because everything on your Earth at present is heightened as your ascension is in an accelerated phase.


Dreamtime astral landscapes will begin to open up for so many of you who will realize you have been Creating upon them, and the lessons you will be given in these realms are related to your growth as a soul and your ongoing gaining of awareness pertaining to a number of ongoing happenings in your Lives.


Those of you who have begun to become open to our presence may receive communications from us or may even be able to meet with us personally, and your guides and aspects of your higher selves that are close to you may appear before you as well, when lucid or not, in your dreamtime. This is because they and we alike have so very much to teach you, and we wish for you to be able to learn all of the concepts driving your higher dimensional reality so that you can have a proper grasp upon such concepts and exist in such reality accordingly.


You have so very much power; so much knowledge and ability to anchor and bring forth states of consciousness that go far beyond the expectations of the physical humanity, and what seems to be a fixed and unchangeable reality will be known and seen as a loosely-vibrating and easily changeable reality that is being painted upon and Created by each of you experiencing it.


You are the Creator, experiencing lower realms that you Created just as an artist paints on a canvas. For those of you absorbing this who are artists – could you imagine painting your landscape and then jumping into it and experiencing it?


Could you imagine Creating an easily shapeable yet seemingly physical and concrete reality to experience lessons and grow within, and then literally incarnating unto such a reality to experience it? This is what you have done, dearest brothers and sisters of sorrow (1), and you have come to find yourselves able to pick up on the frequencies being emitted from the realms of consciousness you have Created your current Earth experience from.


You have pre-Created this experience and you are as well, Creating it now and in every moment.


You have Created the template of this reality for yourselves to experience and further Create within and now, you exist as a facet of your higher self who is experiencing what you have Created, and growing and learning away from your Creation so that you can realize grater aspects of yourself as the infinite being you all truly are.


We are helping you with this experience and when you reach the states of consciousness of the fifth dimension, so many of you who are natural healers and up-lifters of lower dimensional planets will continue your missions valiantly and will continue to help lower dimensional planets and star systems to evolve. Earth has by far been the most difficult planet for the vast majority of you to incarnate unto and bring into the Light but low and behold, you have done it with smiles on your faces.


As we make our final impressions for this communication and express delight for your increasing levels of consciousness, we say that your experiences will be turned upside down and the sheer joy and bliss you will find when this happens will uplift the entire Universe. We say this in a metaphorical and a very real sense, dear souls, because this is the true strength you carry within.


Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.





(1)-The term “brothers and sisters of sorrow” refers to we who have incarnated onto this world to help uplift it and its collective. I believe RA first mentioned it in the Law of One Series through Carla Rueckert, and it is intended to describe the sorrow of the unawakened Earth collective that we are here to help heal.


Here’s a quote about the term from Book 1, session 12 of the Law of One Series:


“Questioner: You spoke of wanderers. Who are wanderers? Where do they come from?


RA: I am RA. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the brothers and sisters of sorrow move toward this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.”

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