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Part 197 Father God Addresses Our Final Choices

Photo: AA Michael ~ We Are Doing Everything We Can To Get Your Attention ~ 25 January, 2013 Synchronicities, feathers, coins, and signs of all kinds abound at this time. We are doing everything we can to get your attention. We are here and we are working with you in every way we are able. If you are open to the possibility, ask and you will receive all the signs you need that we are indeed with you.There is much, much more to reality than you know or even imagine. You have spent over a hundred years searching for the ‘missing link’. Did they but know it, it is at last beginning to be acknowledged by your scientists. Consciousness is that link. Consciousness is everywhere. Energy is everything. At its core, matter is no more solid than thought is. All is love.How much is understood now that was totally foreign to the thinking of mankind so recently. Of course in many places only the very few think of these things at all. But that is changing, as well. In your quiet inner moments, dwell on these things, dearest ones. More than things to pass through your mind, what do they mean? Could it be that nothing separates you from any other thing? Could it be that nothing really separates you from me? Could you possibly know what I want you to know before you read these pages? Is there a level at which we are indeed all One?What would that mean in the context of daily life? All are equal? Indeed, dear ones. All are worthy? All are loved? All are precious? No one and nothing is less than? Most of all you, in your being, are precious, worthy, and loved beyond measure.You are exactly as you need to be at this moment. It may take some time for you to allow this become your true belief and feeling, but we assure you that it must be and will be your truth at some point. Claim it now, it has never been untrue, even when you have felt so.All of the pain, all of the suffering, exist because you have allowed the belief of your being less than, of being undeserving, of being unloved and unworthy to live in your hearts. It is time now for you to awaken from that nightmare.Ask! Allow! Listen! Learn to love yourself as the son or daughter of the One. There are those of you who will feel these words deeply. We tell you that from the moment you realize this, we will walk with you and hold your hand as you find your way out of the dream. Your Creator has no interest whatsoever in seeing you suffer and never has had. You are deeply loved.Good day, beloveds. We will speak again shortly.

Part 197

Father God
Addresses Our Final Choices

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD
January 29 2014

Dearest Ones, I have some further information for you.

Concerning your participation in the coming revaluation of currencies, I encourage you to establish a relationship with a bank you trust - especially smaller local banks and credit unions.

Lady Portia, you are thinking about your home bank.  That would be a very good place to start. You have a personal relationship.  That will allow you to communicate with the banker in such a way that you will know the policies before you exchange, because he is an honest person.  This will be a very good approach for others as well.

Talk with him and with your credit union.  You will be able to establish close relationships with them, and the exchanges will benefit the local banks and economy.  This is the purpose, of course.  The large banks have proven themselves to be dishonest at many levels.  We prefer for you to avoid them if possible, or abandon them immediately after your exchange.

Now, about your Adamos (St. Germain).  You have not heard from him much because he is "leading the troops" in this very crucial time.  They are working round the clock to make the RV happen, but to do it in such a way that all who can be caught in the net will be.  It is a very large number now, those who have betrayed their fellows by taking the path of greed rather than love. 

Yes, we are sorry to see so many disqualifying themselves, just as we were sorry to see our children of the Reptilian race making the same decision.  This group are now separating themselves into 2 or 3 groups - those who have committed heinous crimes against humanity by carrying their greed to such extremes that they knowingly caused large numbers of people to be placed in situations of great hardship, poverty, and even starvation, and those who have stood by or played minor roles in the greed game.

Some of them - those who have no remorse - will have to be...what you might term...dissolved, as the Reptilians of equal Darkness were.  Others who show even a glimmer of remorse and the wish to continue their lessons, will be taken to the alternate planet, where they will be treated to the experience of living exclusively with their own kind.

The planet where they will be taken is one without the guiding essence of the soul.  It is, in effect, a dead planet, so there will be no suffering on the part of the planet.  We could not subject a living planet to the kind of abuse they have inflicted on Mother Earth again.  Their destructive practices will be felt immediately because there will be no healing presence to counteract it.  This will be a great shock to those who took for granted that the planet would always recover, although they did not acknowledge the reason for that recovery - the presence of a nurturing and loving Mother soul who was dedicated to providing abundantly for all within her care.

They will learn quickly when they see they must live with their own destruction. And so, justice is done, without punishment or special privileges for anyone.  All must make their own choices about where they will end up. 

Those who remain on the New Earth will live under very different circumstances.  After the Ascension of all who are now on the path toward Light, Mother Earth will renew herself, restoring her pristine beauty.  It will truly be a Paradise on Earth.  All of you reading this who aspire to ascend will be able to return to Earth, either within the Hollow Earth or on the surface, to enjoy the fruits of your many lifetimes of work.  It will be a truly glorious time.  

Now, let me tell you something about the healing process and how it will come about.  All Earth's inhabitants will have to be taken elsewhere for a time - or I should say, will be given the opportunity to explore and experience other planets for a brief time, while Mother Earth completes her restoration.  At that time, she will be free to absorb all the remnants of earlier civilizations, to wipe herself clean, you might say.  All existing cities, roads, skyscrapers, wooden structures, the residue of mining and fossil fuel exploration, all automobiles and other transportation devices and so on, will disappear deep into the crust to be dissolved.

Do not mourn for the planet you have known, Dear Ones.  It is the end of the era of smokestacks, corporations and banks.  None will be needed in the new higher dimensional Earth existence.  Abundance will replace want, cooperation and goodwill as it is lived in the 5th dimension will be the only experience in the lives of those who come to Earth in the coming age.  You may choose to remain, to revel in the beauty of the planet you have loved and have helped to save, or you may wish to move on to other adventures.  All the Universe will be at your fingertips, and there are many challenging or thrilling or captivating opportunities available to you.

Once you have completed your Ascension, you will see what we see, understand all of what has transpired over the eons you have worked to bring Earth back to peace and beauty.  You will elevate yourselves, and you will have much to celebrate and experience.  You will revel in the Love you share, the uplifting feelings of triumph you will feel together.  This is the destiny of those who follow the path of Light.  There is always a multi-rainbow at the end of the project, no matter how much effort it has taken to reach the final goal.

You see, we are already celebrating.  Prime Creator has stepped in to take over the final few steps as you approach your Ascension.  We, Mother God and I, are fulfilled in our great Love for our children who have succeeded in this great event.  We see the result, feel it in our Hearts, and we rejoice.  We too will elevate ourselves, along with the entire Universe of souls who are responding to the rising vibrations.  All beings will come together in a great uplifting which cannot be described to you in advance, but can only be experienced to know the great Joy that will fill our hearts as we rise together.  

It is our destiny, Beloved Ones.  We are on the threshold now.  Accept your blessings with joy and gratitude.  Step into your New Golden Age with Joy and Hope in your hearts.  It is truly a new day.

We love you beyond measure.

I am your Father God, with all the Company of Heaven, wishing you Peace, Harmony, Joy and Love.

Via Kathryn E. May, January 29, 2014, 12 AM.  New York City

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Comment by Meta on February 4, 2014 at 10:30am

Beautifulmessage.Just beautiful.Thank you.

Comment by Sebanyoth on February 1, 2014 at 11:00am

Dear rev.joshua, thanks for your kind explanation on the monad. If two women claimed as in right, respectively, then they should be "co-souls" from one monad. LOL. Anyway, actually she is coworking with the HEN site that channels with Zora, many messages from him have been misfired. Mrs. Anne from HEN claimed she was Mary Magdalene. Zora was upgraded as Prime Creator recently. Anyway, they seems to be OK, but as in my private opinion, the reliablity of those messages would be somewhat degraded when I was confused with those things. 


Please refer to the followings.

"These channelings come through the channel Kathryn E. May (who is Lady Portia twin flame of Saint Germaine). they are specifically channeled through Kathryn from Sananda/Jesus."

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 1, 2014 at 7:43am

Oh, by the way,I don't think she was portraying herself as Lady Portia, but was channeling her, she was the one coming through at that moment. The next one that came throw was st.Germain, as I understand it and then the Creator comes in, but she forgot to say it was him but he says it himself in the end. I think she was overwhelmed Adonai.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 1, 2014 at 7:17am

Oh, I didn't know that, I only knew her as kathyrn. Any way there is a explanation for that. We are multidimensional beings. So the person  who claims to be Lady Portia could have been her as well as Kathyrn has been her. Its quite complicated for we are multidimensional beings in the past,present and future as well as there are alternate worlds and parallel worlds but that complicates things, so lets just stick to our "other selves" .It is said that we come from from what is called a monad or group soul. We split ourselves up into at least say 10 persons and those 10 can split up again but we will stick with the 10. We then take on human form and can have different bodies and different names or they can all be the same. If we take on different bodies ,then those 10 can take on another 10. Actually the number is limitless.

       So now we have 10 selves working to awaken and who ever awakens 1st, in turn awakens the others. This speeds up our chances of being awakened ASAP. Now those other 10 with different names and bodies can do the same. But lets say that you kept the same name and bodies. Then when you die the body and come back again, you will have the memory of that singular person that you were then, one of the 10. Now one of the other of  you, can do the same and you both will have the memories of that person that you were but your memories may not be the same as you experienced things a little differently. It really gets complicated when you add more lives to it. I learned this all through Lucid Dreaming. For in that state you can visit all your other selves, past present and future. Hoped this helped, OK. Adonai 

Comment by Sebanyoth on January 31, 2014 at 4:39pm

Dear rev.joshua, everytime I see this channeler's messages, I am curious on her claiming as Lady Portia. As I know, another channeler also claims she was Lady Portia. So, I usually did not read the messages from Kathryn carefully. How do you think about this? Usually, why many channelers claims they were some well-known beings in the past? Is that some "carrots" given by the message sender?


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