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Paranormal stuff Drunvalo: 4th Dimension is Upon Uswritten by Drunvalo MelchizedekHe represents the most prominent initiator of the Merkaba teachings which titled"Flower Of Life". Since then he is promoting spiritual tools further andregularly contributes articles on the net which we enclose here as we receivethem. Definitely one of the outstanding individuals promoting spiritualconsciousness on Earth.4th Dimension Is Upon Us! -Explorer In Consciousness Drunvalo Melchizedek - Interviewed By PublishersDiana and Kenneth Burke Drunvalo is a big-hearted, gentle man who "walkedinto" his adult physical body in 1972 and who retains full memory throughdifferent lifetimes and varying dimensions of consciousness. He is anaccomplished scientist, physicist, inventor, healer and teacher. His mainpurpose in coming to our 3-D world at this time is to help Earth's people tomake a smooth transition through the upcoming Shift of the Ages. He feels themost important work "is to remind us about our MerKaBa, the powerful ethericfields that exist around each of our bodies, which have been in a dormant statesince the fall of Atlantis," which occurred approximately 13,000 years ago.Drunvalo and his facilitators teach the acceleration of perfect health,well-being and spiritual transformation through the activation of the MerKaBa,resulting in deeper contact with the Higher Self and giving "unparalleledprotection" as Earth goes through its changes, as well as strengthening allaspects of one's life. The MerKaBa is activated through an ancient way ofbreathing and meditation originally taught in the Egyptian Mystery School.Drunvalo's long-awaited first book, "The Flower of Life," is soon to bereleased in Spring of 1997. For information about Drunvalo's Flower of Lifeworkshop or to view his information-filled video series, readers may contactChristan Hummel at: (619) 726-1027 or email at [EMAIL PROTECTED] LE: Do youfeel that our society is going to crumble fast ... or can the coming 4thdimensional shift be smooth? Drunvalo: I feel everything is a dream. It's alllight. And it is what we think it is, whether we're conscious of it orunconscious of it. If we come together in our hearts enough, we can change thatdream and lessen the violence and pain that could happen during the transition.Ifwe were completely together as a planet in love, this transition would be oneof great beauty. It would be the most beautiful thing one could ever imagine.We're about to implement a cleansing program for the world ... if the secretgovernment will allow us, and they're saying they will. LE: They are? Are youin communication with them? Drunvalo: They're doing pretty good, but they'regoing through a lot of changes. LE: Tell us about your cleansing program.Drunvalo: Well, the program is remarkable. We have figured out how to erase allthe pollution off the heal the planet back to the way it was 1,000years ago, and we can do it in less than a year. LE: That's fantastic!Drunvalo: Hopefully, people, when they watch their planet go back intocleanliness, will respond by not wishing to continue doing what they've beendoing to recreate it all over again. We can keep it clean. We have learned how.In a little while I'll discuss this more. LE: Okay.Can you share some details about the upcoming 4th dimensional shift we'reheaded for? Drunvalo: What's happening now is souls are moving all around theuniverse into the geographical area most attuned to where they're atvibrationally. So, when they make the transition it will be more comfortablefor them, and it will be more understandable. LE: When the shift happens,will there still be a third-dimensional world for those people who still wantto live in 3-D? What is your perception of this? Drunvalo: My angels(Drunvalo's Higher Self) are saying that this planet, if it continues the wayit's going, if it doesn't change, is not going to be habitable. There'ssomething happening in the third dimension that's forcing light to move up (indimension). The Earth has many dimensional levels. There are many worlds here.There is not just one. LE: So, you're perceiving that when the shift happensthe third dimension, as we know it, will be no more. Drunvalo: Well, itreally doesn't make a lot of difference if it is or isn't. What's going tohappen is that consciousness is going to be forced into moving into higherlevels. Who is doing this? It's God. God is forcing us to make a change forwhatever the reason. The shift is coming from outside the (solar) system, andthat's God, from our point of view. LE: Will everybody wind up in the sameplace in the fourth dimension initially? Drunvalo: You may end up indifferent overtones of the fourth dimension, but only for a while. Eventually,everybody will move into the twelfth overtone, and from there we will makeanother huge leap of consciousness. From that point, according to the AscendedMasters, we will move very fast, and we'll never be the same again. LE: Pastthe fifth dimension? Drunvalo: We'll move into the fifth, which isformlessness. There is no form in the fifth dimension. Although the fourth hasform, it's almost nonexistent there also. LE: Do you have any time framewhen this will occur? Drunvalo: Anybody who really wants to know can goinside themselves and find out. I don't think it's a good idea to give a timeframe...although I believe it's coming very soon. It's dangerous to give atime, especially for some people. It would be similar to telling someone theexact day they were going to die. Your whole life from them on would not belived the same way. So, if you know the day you're going to make thedimensional transition it puts your mind into the future rather than the hereand now, which is the only place you can change. So, I don't like to givepredictions of when things will happen. LE: How can a couple...a man and wifeor friends...stay together during these dimensional transitions? Drunvalo:Remember that your partner has within him/her, literally, Christ consciousness.Look into the other person's eyes and look past the personality until you findthat special place in the person...where you see the Christconsciousness. If you both see the Christ consciousness in each other, thenthat bond is so strong that it overcomes everything. I think it is one of themost powerful things that there is. You're not looking at the other person asonly a human, but you're understanding and seeing their divine side. That wasdone in Lemuria. They got to the place in their meditations where they saw theChrist within each other. When they made love and had a baby, they saw that thebaby was God. In the actual...really doing that...really making it alive, theybecame immortal. That form of Tantra leads to immortality. You don't have tohave a baby. It's only knowing that God lives with the other person...that Godactually lives in everyone. Live that belief and you can go through anything.I'd like to continue something I started talking about earlier. LE: Pleasedo. Drunvalo: My angels asked me to look at what was going on in Sirius B.That's where the dolphin and whale planetexists. The dolphins and the whales were into external technology untilrecently. That's documented by what happened with the Dogon tribe, where theycame from space and landed in spaceships and where they created water and gotinto it. If you are unaware of this, read Robert Temple's book, "The SiriusMystery." LE: Okay. Drunvalo: It is written in a cave in Africa that thedolphins and whales had spaceships until at least 700 years ago. My angels toldme that about 200 years ago the dolphins and whales began a process where theywere letting go of external technology, and they managed to completely getthemselves out of it and internalize everything. So, they don't need anythingany more. Everything is completely internalized. On their planet, around SiriusB, there are humanoid types who are still connected to technology like we are.And they have created a right-brain psychotronic technology. It has no movingparts. It looks like sculpture. they can do anything withit. It's a technology that, once it's used, it transforms the user so that theuser realizes they can do whatever they just learned within themselves. Veryrapidly the humanoids are becoming Cetacean. The technology itself is actuallygetting them out of technology. LE: That's wonderful! Drunvalo: As Istarted to talk about earlier, we are about to implement something like thishere on Earth. We've gotten permission now, and we did a lot to make certainthat we have permission from every level (of spirit). I'm referring to ourbeginning to clean up the planet. We have a simple technology. It runs on only20 milliwatts of power, which is almost nothing. It needs only a tiny 12-voltbattery, but with this little device we recently finished cleaning up theentire city of Denver. Denver was the most polluted city in the United States.It's now one of the cleanest. You can go there and see a bug on's so clean! Two years ago a group of scientists from acorporation called Key Research, Inc. set up a tiny machine that created atube-torus 35 miles in diameter. All they did was play the wave-form of a raincloud into the air. What is does is it cleans out all the pollutants in thesky. It brings rain. It raises the water table. It also dropped the crime rateby 31%. It's very complex and I can't get into all of it now. there's much moreto it. It has to do with the geopathic lines that run through Denver. There aresix of them. They had to be mapped. LE: Are your plans to send people todifferent cities with this technology? Drunvalo: We're going to train peopleto do this and clean up different areas. We're talking with Egypt aboutcleaning up Giza and Cairo, both of which are very dirty. We believe that, ifit as implemented in the right area, almost overnight (it actually takes lessthan 90 days to do the major part of it), all the skies of the world would beclean. Then, we can go to the oceans and clean all theoceans. Next, we can go into the ozone and heal the ozone. Then we can go intothe Earth and actually transmute the poison toxins and the uranium andeverything into helpful Earthly elements and restore the Earth to the way itwas before. We know how to do this. LE: Did your angels give you theinformation to build this device? Drunvalo: No. This was one of the people Iused to work with who built it. He took the information of sacred geometry andput it into little tiny coils. LE: We understand that you have spent quite abit of time in the fourth dimension. Can you please describe this more?Drunvalo: It isn't anything at all like the third dimension. Every dimensionallevel is completely different. Every time we take a step it's different...LE: water and land? Drunvalo: It's even more different thanthat. Everything...the whole way that spirit relates is different. In 4-D youdo have bodies, but you can fly. You don't need food. There aremany differences. The colors are completely different. The way that youinteract is not as an individual but as a unit, like a cell within a body. So,everything that you're doing is being done in synchronicity with other life.Although, some of the lower realms of the fourth dimension are not healthy.They are rather distorted, like this one is, where you've got a lot of weirdthoughtforms. But the higher realms are very evolved. The seventh, eighth andninth overtones are where your angelic realms are. The tenth, eleventh andtwelfth, right next to them, is where the higher levels of human consciousnessare. Other levels of consciousness move through there also, not just humans.(Check out Astral Planes) LE: You've stated before that we can change ourbody forms in 4-D. Sounds like we won't get bored. Drunvalo: It's a thousandtimes more interesting than here. Every breath is like an eternity; it's sospecial. We have lost our connection to God here and we don'tremember what it's like to have God in and around us, moving through us, andto be intimately connected with God, so that, whatever you're thinking andwhatever you're feeling is directly created. You could go into the fourthdimension and actually recreate the third dimension. That is a child-like thingfrom their (the beings in 4-D) point of view. We are considered babies there.So, as a baby we will create a more-or-less third-dimensional world, but itwon't last long because you quickly realize that whatever you're thinkingstarts happening, and the whole idea that we are separate becomes meaninglessvery quickly. LE: What is our next step in evolution? Drunvalo: I can'treally say except that we will move into formlessness. We won't have bodies,and we won't have too much of a localized _expression. We will be much moreexpanded, but the understanding of "expanded" will keep growing. Every time wego into another dimension, the understanding gets higher andhigher. It keeps growing. LE: Once we get into 4-D, how long will it take ofEarth time before we get to the twelfth overtone and take off beyond that? Canyou estimate this? Drunvalo: It's all potential. It's all light. It's athought in the mind of God. What happens will be that our memory of ourprevious Earth 3-D will be like it happened a long time ago. You could go intothe fourth dimension for hundreds of thousands of years and come back to Earthand only a few seconds have gone by,. It's very different in 4-D. We are nowslowly beginning to interface with the fourth dimension. A lot of people thinkwe're already there. We're not. But 4-D's effects are beginning to effect time.Time is speeding up. Things are beginning to go really fast. LE: In yourperception, is this dimensional movement beyond our solar system, the galaxy ordoes it include the whole universe? Drunvalo: We now believe it affects alllife everywhere. LE: There's a concern right now by alot of people about our economy. Can you comment on this in the context ofwhat we're discussing? Drunvalo: We're heading into a time when everythingcan fall apart. This could happen. The Mormons are told to prepare for whatcould be as long as two years without going to a store. I think that if thingsstart crashing that we're going to have very little time left before thetransition. It could be only a few months. And it may be that we'll get throughthis (transition) without any warning at all. We're (Drunvalo's group) doingthings right now to help make the transition even easier. The longer we canstay in 3-D on Earth right now, the better it will be; it gives us more time tomake things easier. So far the secret government is not stopping us. LE: Canyou talk about that? How aware is the secret government of your activities?Drunvalo: They are absolutely aware. Some of them are assisting us in any waythey can. However, the biggest problem now is the military.There are certain people in the military who are out of control. They're in somuch fear. What's happening is that this understanding (of the upcomingdimensional shift) now has filtered down into lower levels of government. For along time it was only held in the secret government, and the privilegedgovernmental heads were allowed to know. Now, many of the governmental headsknow. LE: So, some of the secret government people are working in harmony andcooperation with you instead of against you? Drunvalo: Well, it's complex. In1985 or 1986 the secret government realized there was no sense in going back toMars (editor's note: see book, "Alternative Three" for information pertainingto Earth bases built on the moon and Mars by the secret government some yearsago). They allowed the Berlin Wall to fall and then Russia, and they allowedinformation to begin to come out at a lot of levels because they began tounderstand that everything was all One. They didn't likethis realization. It wasn't their nature, and they had done everything theycould all of their lives to stop it, and now they realized they were part ofsomething they never wanted to be a part of...which is what happened inAtlantis when they were there. They didn't want to be a part of the femininepathway. So, a portion of them broke off and really tested the system. (InSeptember of 1995) they were going to blow up eight atomic bombs at MururoaAtoll in the South Pacific. (Editor's research: AP news article dated 9/5/95from Papeete, Tahiti, stated: "The blast took place at 12:30 p.m. - 5:30 a.m.EDT - in a tunnel bored 1800 feet below Mururoa...The blast equally less than20,000 tons of TNT...the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was equal toabout 15,000 tons of TNT...Chirac announced the planned tests in June, sayingthey were necessary so that France could create computer simulations that wouldmake further tests unnecessary. 'These programs are indispensableso that we can be in a position to guarantee the viability and the certaintyof our nuclear arms in the long term,' said a statement by the DefenseMinistry.") Were you aware of this? LE: No. Drunvalo: They blew up six ofthem. It was through the French, but it wasn't the French doing it. There wereseveral governments involved. The secret government wanted to blow up the axisof the Christ consciousness grid, which passes right through the center of theEarth. At the same time -- the day before the bomb blew up and the day after --all traffic was blocked into the Great Pyramid. They were setting theirinstruments there at the Solar Cross in Egypt to see what damage they had done.They wanted to see how strong the consciousness of the Earth's people was. Onthe fifth bomb, actually, the Earth began to awaken. She had been unconsciousand asleep. On the sixth bomb, in January of this year, the Earth awoke. She isnow conscious. Now that she is awake, although shehasn't yet, she will begin to make changes that no one can stop. LE: Didthey damage the Christ grid? Drunvalo: No. On the sixth bomb they had theirintelligence people inside the pyramids watching to see what would happen. Atthat moment a man appeared out of nowhere in the middle of them. He was one ofthe Ascended Masters. He didn't say a word. He opened up an etheric book andlet them read from it. After that they changed their minds and have canceledthe other two bombings, although this has never been announced to the world.But, they still have one thing going on, and that is HAARP (Editor: Littleknown, Pentagon-sponsored radio-physics project, called the High-FrequencyActive Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, designed, according to "PopularScience" magazine, "to transform areas of the upper atmosphere into theequivalent of huge lenses, mirrors and antennas.") LE: Yes. In Alaska. Is itas bad as is reported in "Popular Science" magazine? Drunvalo: It'sworse. It's a weapon thousands of times stronger than an atomic bomb. It makesthe atomic bomb look like a firecracker. They can go into a country, likeEngland, and destroy the entire country in a matter of seconds, once it isperfected. LE: They produce different types of radio waves. Drunvalo:Through the HAARP antennas they can transmit billions of watts of energy intothe atmosphere. They actually boil the ionosphere and turn it into an antenna,like a mirror, from where they can reflect down. They send up ELF waves but itcomes down in long waves, and they can send huge amounts of energy whereverthey want. They can do huge destruction. They can change weather patterns, andcan control human moods, mental thoughts and feelings through this. And this isgoing on-line in the spring of 1997. The first atomic bomb was blown up (andthey never talked about this at the time) without knowing if the whole worldwould blow up when the bomb was detonated. And they blew itup anyway. This is documented in history. The government wanted to win the warso badly they were willing to take the chance. In the spring of 1997b whenHAARP goes full tilt nobody knows what's going to happen! They could actuallydestroy the whole ionosphere! they don't know, but they're willing to take thechance. LE: You're saying that some of the levels of the secret governmentwant you to be successful, not the groups that have broken away from the maingroup. Drunvalo: Yes, they realize that we're the only ones (that they knowof) who hold an answer for them that they can see, and they want us to besuccessful. It's the higher levels of the military who are scared to death. Thereason they are afraid is that they are there with their time machines standingat the edge of the Great Void. They can go into the past and the future throughthe understandings of the Montauk experiments and through their remote viewing(two different systems). And now, as they'relooking into the Great Void they're being told they have to go in there. Thisis very real for them. They have located the Great Void and have sent people inthere and they have never come back out. They're scared to death. LE: Theyknow that, somehow, you've got the answers to the Great Void? Drunvalo: Yes.Some of the higher levels of the secret government know. It's the lower levelswe're having problems with right now. So, if it's necessary, we will walk intotheir machines and go into the Great Void (editor's note; protected by aMerKaBa) and come out, so they can see that it's okay...that life just doesn'tdisappear, and so they can have hope because we want everybody to be unharmedby this, even the military. We'll prove to them that it's okay. Whatever ittakes. LE: Do groups work together with their MerKaBas? Drunvalo: Yes. Ifyou know the advanced work, two or more people can link their (energy) fields.A tri-phase MerKaBa, which is what we call it, isnot a little thing. It is 1.6 million miles across. It entirely encloses theplanet. If their love is great enough two people in a tri-phase MerKaBa couldcompletely change the world. It depends on how much you can accept and how muchthey believe God is present!---------------------------------For information about the pollution cleansing coils, or about attending aFlower of Life--Merkaba workshop, contact: Christan Hummel atEarthTransitions.Com. Drunvalo is giving a second level, three-day workshopcalled "Earth-Sky" in England in March, and in Holland in April. Theprerequisite for the workshop is taking the Flower of Life training. Drunvalowill discuss advanced uses of the Merkaba, and how to link directly with theMerkaba of the Planet. For more information contact Sally Young in England at:Check more articles from Drunvalo
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