8108954876?profile=originalOut of body Experiences And How it helps A Person

By  Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)

Psychologists Define an Out Of Body Experience as:

  • “A vivid feeling of being detached from one’s body, usually involving observing it and its environment from nearby.”

This is something we all do every time we go to sleep, or when we are awake. Some are aware of this capability whilst others are not aware of it. It’s a form of astral travel.

There have been many reports of OBE’s and Near Death Experiences throughout the world and the numbers are rising. More and more people are becoming “tuned” into the fact our current reality is not the only version of existence.


University researchers have found evidence that near death experiences really do occur.This brings us to the next question; why do near death or out of body experiences occur to a person?

The reason for this is partly because the person has on a subliminal level asked for that experience so that they can experience the event and bring back to their physical body; so that they can share with the world, improve their own lives and drastically alter their course of life direction (should they choose too.)



These individual experiences, also helps Earth and humanity shift its own perspective and enter into an era of different ways of understanding so that they may develop and grow, both spiritually as well as mentally. These are positive signs for a humanity which seeks answer’s to many of life’s bigger questions!




The event causes an expansion to occur in our current reality allowing the individual access to insight into a reality they would never have experienced prior to the out of body experience.

Near Death and OBE studies also shows that after death the consciousness still continues…. Which is not at all surprising, because without the many experiences in the world today –this research- would not have came up with such findings. This alters all our perceptions of reality, in a positive way!


Thanks’ for reading!

Love, Star


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  • Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife www.today.com

    A Doctor and radiation oncologist, said that his NDE findings made him have faith.

    “[It] profoundly changed me as a physician,” he said. “I could fight cancer more courageously. I found patients who died, it wasn’t the end. It made me more compassionate and more confident.”


    “My research involved experiences of young children age 5 and under, and I found the content of their near-death experiences is absolutely identical to older children and adults,” he told Vieira. “It suggests that whether you know about near-death experiences, what your cultural upbringing is, what your awareness of death is, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the content of the near-death experience.”


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  • Hi Eve

    Many more people are accepting of these experiences, than in the past, mainly because people are able to speak freely without stigma attached to it. There is more than enough evidence which supports that these experiences are far more than ‘scientific’ explanations can fully clarify.

    As for the debunkers, there will always be these kinds of people, but those who have experienced any one or both of these are changed, the whole outlook and being is altered.

    There does seem to be links to other random phenomena and other odd occurrences for those people who have experienced NDE and OBE’s. People who have these experiences are profoundly affected usually positive though some have reported negative experiences.


  • Sometimes my OBE's are strange because I don't always move up and out. Sometimes I sink down and it's the weirdest feeling because I can feel myself fall through the padding in the bed and the springs and then through the dry wall and out. I pass right through it but not without feeling through it all. Know what I mean? I think this may be when I am a little weak and uncentered in my energies because it is a totally awsome feeling when I know I am about to take a trip. My body starts to feel electrified up my spine like a "zip zip" here and there and I feel a raise in vibration like a "buzzing" throughout my chakras. Then "pop" I am out and I start spinning and whirling. Sometimes through blue crystal like geometrical shapes and sometimes through the blackness of space and the stars hit my face like sand as I rush pass them at what feels like a million miles per hour. When I finally stop I am in another space in time of myself. As an observer through mine own eyes I see where I live who I live with what my purpose is etc. All along my self at that time has no idea I am there watching through her. Strange I know but doesn't it make you wonder if it may be happening to you right now, that another you that is you is observing your environment? Something to think about. Anyway I try to hold this energy as long as I can to stay observing but eventually it starts to fad and I almost like falling I begin whirling again but much slower almost as if I have less travel time returning and I sink back into myself. But I don't get that thump feeling unless I never really noticed it before. I could go on and on but I will just add one more thing. Sometimes when I vibrate out of body I go aboard a ship. There I am learning things but can't remember what. I see future events and symbols I don't understand. I have seen different beings and interact with them and they are very friendly. As much as I remember my OBE's it is very different when I am on the ships. As if I am not allowed to remember what it is I am preparing for or learning quite yet. But I do know I am memorizing triggers, triggers that at a later time will remind to remember somethings very important when the time is right. So thats some of my experiences. I love bedtime. Since 2012 my experiences are almost nightly anywhere from 2am-5am especially. So exciting to know I can escape for a while.

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  • hehe... if only we could film it (the whissssh and thump* lol ;) ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Hellen yes so true, It's good to self- protect before going floating ;) ♥ ♥ ♥

  • we are eternal, blessed be ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Eve, let the debunkers try to debunk, good luck to them, lol  scientists have already been proving that our consciousness lives on even after we appear to "exit" this physical vessel/ body,

    this simple fact has thost debunkers frustrated already ;)  much love ♥ ♥ ♥

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