Our Transition Into Currency Free Society

As we go into the shift of the monetary systems, we are offered a replacement system that revalues currencies but does not address the underlying problem of the currency system it's self.  The problem of a system of currency, whether or not it is asset backed is still a leash on the people of the world.  The currencies would still be used for bribes, stolen, killed for;  you get my point.  People would still be made to toil in jobs they are not called to do.  There would still be the sense of lack.  Currency is the only thing that gives people who would do anything for it the power to do anything for it. The only way to  eliminate that power of the few is to eliminate currency.

How?  By forming networks of people who want to share their skills and talents freely to other members of the network.  Envision a pot luck picnic where everyone brought their favorite dish (skill or talent) and shared it freely; no one would have to buy anything.  And you would have saved a lot; you could afford whatever it was that you couldn't find within the network. The network would continue to grow and more and more goods an services would become available.   I see a very easy transition once the reset is done and everyone has space to breath.  I would ask that everyone who "feels" this message, share it, talk about it and try to think of a reason you wouldn't want to go there.  ~A~ 

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