Our planet rose frequency


Our planet rose frequency.
Gaya cut all the anchoring energy of humans who used this anchor to cause damage to it is the purpose of light.
Humans earth reincarnate millennia on this planet and all the life they lived here anchored energies in the heart of Gaya, this was a means by which to make that somehow they could be better protected against anomalous energy even received by other human beings as human beings subject to space-time can not enjoy the ability to anchor your psychic legacy in itself because the space-time (Cronus) constantly devour their anchoring, anchoring this is a kind of psychic memory intertwined in Gaya body. In ancient magic was much promoted among the people, it caused many humans had their energies consciously ancordas in the heart of Gaya granting them powers of manipulation of physicality in low or high level, this is no longer possible except for cases human beings who first incarnation on earth, which means that beings incarnated on earth who are not established in the peace and respect of Gaya lost this anchor, it released the body of Gaya making it closer to its healthiest state, psychic energies that were formerly anchored in Gaya intertwine in their personal demonstration protocols and they take responsibility for this, so those who like spiders sought to hold others to take advantages are languishing in their own webs, this process occurs quickly.
You can see now that the frequency of Gaya rose, it is remarkable for all, the reason for this is what I reported in the above paragraphs.

 Welcome Light age.

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