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Cleansing Process happens when you are receptive to Cosmic Energy. You have to open yourself as much as you can to absorb IT. Many people find it very difficult to open themselves just because of the blockages which have accumulated over so many lives in the past and the present one. Letting go of the Ego has been as if impossible for most people. They prefer to stay attached to it and accumulate sufferings rather than opening themselves and being receptive of Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy only can purify you, there is nothing else which can make you become pure. When Cosmic Energy flows in you, IT starts cleansing the negativity found in your seven bodies, that is, your physical body and your six subtle bodies. The Cleansing Process is painful but not that painful which you cannot bear. The pain will not be for long. As soon as the Cleansing Process ends, the pain ends too. In return, many illnesses will disappear. If you have been created and sustained by Cosmic Energy, then why not accepting IT? IT is the sustainer and savior of LIFE. Open yourself to absorb more and more Cosmic Energy. Here, I have described how you can be more and more receptive of Cosmic Energy and the more you are receptive, your sufferings go on decreasing. The Law Of Karma is a game of Energy. The more you absorb Cosmic Energy, your karma will decrease but if you do not accept the Cleansing Process, then your karma will go on increasing and thus, sufferings will be increasing as well. It is always your choice either to decrease your karma or increase it. If you wish to increase it, then it means that you love being in sufferings and you do not wish to come out of it.8108862086?profile=original. It is very important for you to take this very important step as from now on, from this present..

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