Our Ability to Spread Awareness

Written by Wes Annac


What do you think the Masters, prophets, Light givers and truth-spreaders of our history would have done with the power of the internet? What do you think inspirational people with a true and pure message to spread like Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bob Marley would do with the power to reach an interconnected, global audience?


The methods of spreading the truths and messages of the higher realms have differed with every time period, but the remaining factor has always been the awakening that takes place in individual souls (some of whom incarnated here to find such awakenings and spread their Light) who then choose to help enlighten the souls around them.


The various truth-spreaders of our history could not have gained the momentum they did without the support of an awakening public and in this day and age, we are given a tool that helps us come together and stand up to the pervading interests who can no longer run our world.


We are now able to get together, unite with a common purpose and spread the Light we can all feel and access within as it makes way for truth and an understanding of how a collectively-run world is supposed to function. The prophets of the past were not granted a secret access that only they could tap into and rather, they were a few souls out of all of us who were able to realize their connection to the Divine. As that connection is bred, a naturally-enlightened and understanding perspective is brought forth.


We are collectively uniting now and using the internet to solidify our movement with websites, groups and collective discussions that are all related to establishing our new paradigm in every form required to do so.


We recognize that there is a lot to be done; authorities to topple who are losing influence and power in every moment; collectively-instated and fed separation to be mended as we realize that we are one sentient humanity who cannot function if divided; methods of running this world we will have to collectively establish that truly work for all of us; so much more that could be listed and with the motivation and inspiration we have already been given, our momentum can only go forward.


I envision a positive future ahead for humanity, because the awareness that’s been garnered in a plethora of time periods can only build and build until every soul possesses the understanding of our oneness and our infinity as individuals and as a collective. Perhaps some would be cynical about the very idea of establishing a new paradigm and coming together, and I would say that we are Creating our experiences in every moment and if we continue to employ beliefs that we cannot come together or that the situation on Earth is somehow hopeless, we will Create our reality to those extents and aid the physical and astral oppressors.


At this moment, I’m feeling a couple of different desires for the collective of humanity. One of them is for everybody to realize the tyranny and injustice that has been done so that we can collectively work toward putting a stop to it, which could result from the momentum already brought forth by so many of us for the rest of the world to awaken to what’s been happening.


Another is for all of humanity to find the wholeness and fulfillment that an inner-connection to one’s heart offers.


Obviously, I do not wish for us all to possess the exact same perspective and understanding, but my hope and that of many others is for the awareness already being garnered and spread to continue to spread all throughout the world, and allow for true awareness to be found in every soul who has remained blind to the condition this world is in and the need to move toward something better.


This is why I’ve brought up the power of the internet and our ability to use it to further the collective awakening that so many of us are working with all of ourselves to bring forth. If you are reading this, it is likely that you’re one who realizes the need to collectively come together and begin building the new paradigm that will see every person Living an abundant, enriching Life, and the good news is that you can be just as instrumental in bringing the higher realms forth as Master Jesus was.


Jesus and all of the rest of them are simply conduits. You are a conduit of truth, peace and spirituality as well, and you can get just as active in expressing your personal Light and truth to anybody who cares to hear about it. Truly, you can!


Don’t get me wrong; it’s more than likely that you will meet resistance along the way. I have, and I think it’s safe to say that almost every other person attempting to aide this movement has as well. The resistance you receive will help you to further strengthen your role, as well as to become more assured of the truth and Light you would be bringing through yourself.


Now that we have this wonderful internet which helps us connect with each other in ways that were previously unattainable, there should be absolutely nothing stopping a momentum that has already been strong for centuries. History has shown that tyranny cannot go unpunished, and the will of the people always topples over the will of the few with influence and power.


Of course, I do not wish to promote an “us vs. them” mindset but at the same time, neither I nor you should remain idle in the face of an attempt to control our existence in any way. The wonderful thing about finding that aforementioned awakening to one’s inner-realms is that you’ll see that despite any attempts on the part of the cabals or any other fading influence to control us or keep us in a state of imposed limitation; we are free and sovereign beings.


We always have been and we always will be, and as long as we can know this on a collective level and utilize the tools that have clearly been given to us for us to spread awareness and understanding in preparation for the complete rebuilding of our world and the establishment of our new paradigm, we will have fulfilled the agendas of every soul who has ever been on this world to help humanity see the Light.


I’m Wes Annac, and I’m ready to work with you to rebuild this world in the interests of the sovereign humanity. Won’t you contribute to the already-strong collective awareness?




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  • It's wonderful to see you here, Ambereyes! :)


    Many thanks :)


    Wes :)

  • First comment in months

    <3 love this posting Wes


  • It's clear you have made great strides along your personal process, Lori. We've all had that inner darkness within which is only there for us realize and transmute, and it comes in various different forms; feeling argumentive, frustrated, unhappy, stressed out, upset, controlling and a plethora of other emotions which all share common bonds in the chambers of darkness. Just as you've said here, our realization of that darkness and our ability to transmute it breeds a greater and more understood Love within us, that we can then express to all those around us.


    Thank you so much for being here Lori, you are a delightful soul to chat with! :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

  • Many thanks for the videos, Eddie! Lightworkers indeed. :) :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

  • I could not have said it better Lori, thank you so much! And thank you for  your heartfelt poems as well. :) :)

    That perfect blend of awareness of contemporary matters and an understanding  of spirituality and the Oneness of humanity will breed a Lighted army of  awakened souls as we all unite for our One common purpose. It has been so  wonderful to read the comments here from everybody, including you, who is just  as excited about coming together and building our new paradigm as I am. It is  encouraging indeed! :)

    Much Love,

    Wes :)


  • You dont even have to understand the words-- the tone of the music and the yogis beaming smiles are proof enough that they are lightworkers. They dont need a certificaye of authenticity--- they exude light.

  • Heres a great video of the opening processional in this years-- 2013 Kumbha Mela

    Watch these great lightworkers giving the real blessings..

    These sages really get what its all about.

    Don't you just want to jump inside the video picture and give them a great big HUG

  • Hi Wes-- heres a couple of nice videos I  hope

    you  like them

    I love these guys called Average Soul -- they're great




  • We absolutely will clean it up, dear friend! And we will do it with the natural beauty and knowledge we possess within, maginfied with the awesome power of the collective. :)


    We are starting even now!


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

  • Awareness comes from within,

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