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Stargate of the Heart

Dear Ones,

Within the empowered presence of the Divine, new portals are opening in conjunction with celestial events. One such event occurs on June 21 as the portal of the Solstice opens the Stargate of the Heart. This 2014 Solstice Stargate is connecting the academy of Ascended Masters in company with the Archangels to bring forth a new level of Grace and teachings to the Earth.

Within the ancient seeds are awakening codes that have been fired through the power of the activity of Light in April. These were anchored into the heart of the Mother of the Earth throughout May, and on this Solstice, a new depth and awareness will be awakened. This activation is within the vertical alignment that connects the human being with the Ascended Masters and Archangels guiding the awakening of all humanity with the Earth. The power available represents a connection to Source energy which is unprecedented.

This means that now, through the power of the heart, your Soul’s voice will be heard in a new way. Your personal connection to your I AM Presence will be more available to you than ever before.

Throughout May, Nature’s depth has allowed access to supportive consciousness from the realms of the Earth. You will be anchoring the Solstice Light into the Earth to activate your connection to this support. When you step through this portal you are anchoring Divine Light into the Heart of the Mother through your very being. Your cellular structure will be vibrating on a new bandwidth that is in harmony with the Earth. These ancient awakening codes are being fired by the light of the Solstice, no matter in what hemisphere you live.

A prayer is offered for your Solstice ceremony honoring this opening of the Stargate of the Heart:

Divine Presence,

As we stand as one at the threshold of New Life Awakening within us and step into the power of Divine Light, make us strong and courageous so we may anchor this light for the world’s awakening.

Grant that we may be able to access our Heart’s Intelligence to bless our lives with more Truth and Awareness.

As we step through the Portal that opens the Stargate of our hearts, allow our minds to gain neutrality and the Light-filled awareness that illuminates the truth of our lives.

Bless us that all humanity may become conscious of their own I AM Presence so we may all live from Love.

And so it is.

May’s Initiation into the Realms of the Earth Awakening

Throughout May an ascent within the earth sparked an ascension within you as well. There was an unprecedented initiation available for all humanity into the magic of new life awakening into the earth realms available during this precious time.

A new connection opened inside you providing greater receptivity to the depth and presence of Earth teachings. The Divine Feminine nurturing presence began offering herself to all beings in a new way. Awareness of this Divine essence is all it takes to begin the attunement you require to awaken you to the gifts you have been given.

Throughout May you may have noticed a calling from the elemental realms. This is because a newly acquired ability for communication has been offered to the humans. Those who live in the awareness of the beauty and nourishment the Earth holds are now being sparked with greater ability for communication and a skill for listening. In the new levels of receptivity this listening comes through a pure and loving heart. The love that you feel for the Earth and especially the love you feel for yourselves as a visitor to the Earthly realms, holds a special key.

These realms require a deeper grounding of a root system that grows and expands in response to your awareness. You will notice a keen sense of alignment within as you anchor the Light of Heaven through your very core of being. The more expansive your consciousness and the higher into the spiritual realms you grow, the deeper and wider your root system needs to be.

Beautiful garden of spring flowers

Excited, happy, inclusive, illuminated and magical — all are descriptions of the Earth realms that have opened recently. There is a new sense of cooperation and co-creation. Many who planted their spring gardens are aware of this process and rejoice. Within every plant there is an angelic being who oversees its development into fruition. These devas are very available to a receptive heart and mind. They will even coach you on what the plant needs to thrive. Many people are aware of this process and talk to their houseplants and gardens. There is so much beauty in this magical interaction that all are nurtured by the process.

Communication with the realms of life that exist in the same place at different frequencies has come into a new power. You may feel the call yourself; to connect to a special tree, to enjoy planting flowers or a food crop, to deeply admire the beauty of a flower. All these are ways that the Earth is calling humanity into awareness of Present Time. When you respond to these calls, you are stepping into the magical realms opening up in this new time. These realms of Awakened Light include the consciousness of the Earth in all myriad forms as the elementals and fairy realms become more available. Wondrous co-creation is possible, new respect and attunement to the power of Beauty to transform life, and deep appreciation and love are available to you now in a new way.

You are responding to the call to bring Heaven to Earth and allow the passionate force of new life to flow through you. Wherever you are, there are beings of Light responding to you. There are angels offering a helping hand and surrounding you in Wings of Guiding Light. And Nature in her majesty is alert to your attention and is willing to offer support for your awakening.

Throughout this special energetic time bring flowers into your house, into your office and share them with others. When you do this you will be tapping into the magic of the Angels whose essence lives within each blossom. This magic offers the blessing of creativity and the opportunity to ground your highest dreams into a new reality. Accept the invitation and join in the realms of awakened life on the planet shining in a new and very promising radiance within All That Is.

Let the flowers speak to you and know you are loved.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
with Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: June 4, 2014


Will you join us for a Celebration of Light?

Bridging Heaven on Earth Retreat - Mt. Shasta June 2014Honoring Summer Solstice in Mt. Shasta

When you join the Heaven and Earth Retreat in beautiful Mt. Shasta, you will take part in a Celebration of Light designed to give you a true experience of Divine energy. Shanta Gabriel and her long-time friend Dharma Cohen, will be offering a mystical and transformational retreat that will truly Bridge Heaven and Earth, from 4:00 pm June 20 to 11:00 am June 23.

Dharma is an author, artist and crystal healer who, like Shanta, has been working with the Angelic Dimensions, the Ascended Masters, Crystalline Beings of Light and the spirits of Nature for over 30 years. Shanta and Dharma are both mystic visionary elders and considered Light Bearers and Starseeds. Their combined talents and gifts create an exponentially magnified field of high frequency. Both Shanta and Dharma lived in Hawaii, a Lemurian connection to Mt. Shasta, where they met and each lived for 20 years. This brings a depth of Aloha into the gathering that is very spacious and allows for an atmosphere of Joy and Wisdom. Together they tap into the fifth dimension and beyond and are able to give you a personal experience of living in these refined energies.

Because the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be a connection energetically with groups all over the world. You will receive Divine Light through your body and also anchor Light onto the Earth to assist the evolution of consciousness on the planet during the ceremony dedicated to Divine Light.

Shanta and Dharma have come together to present a special residential retreat at the foot of Mt. Shasta in a very pristine area. It will include connection to the Angelic Dimensions, the crystalline realms, nature spirits, and to your own inner guidance. There will be an exploration of 5D reality and how to anchor those frequencies within for a more vibrant life and deeper knowing. You will find yourself immersed in Divine Wisdom and Love.

Mt. Shasta is considered one of the seven most sacred mountains of the world. It has been called the base chakra of the Earth and is said to help anchor 5D reality into the new crystalline grids. In an atmosphere of quiet beauty, you will open new avenues of receptivity, create a personal experience with the Archangels and spirits of Nature, and learn to be attuned with your inner guidance.

There will be daily excursions to sacred places on Mt. Shasta to commune with the presence of Nature that is deeply available on this special mountain. You will join in a Celebration of Light ceremony for Summer Solstice, have a beautiful organic meal served 3 times a day, and grow in the experience of living in the new light energy that is 5D on the planet now. Special guests will bring their gifts of Shamanic Astrology, music and sacred sounds to complete the day’s activities.

Consider this your personal invitation to come experience a more natural connection to yourself and the Earth in one of the most beautiful and sacred places in the world.

What participants said about the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat last year

  • Take a small group of spiritual seekers of diverse race, gender, and background
  • Bring them in late Autumn to Mt. Shasta by car and by plane
  • Provide a gathering space where spirit is present, using smudging, crystals, candles, colorful flowers, sacred sound;
  • Awaken connections with one another and with the Divine through light activation of the Chakras, opening to Angelic presence, movement, breath work, sensory stimulation, meditation, journaling, communication with nature, remembering;
  • Travel to the mountain for at least a few hours every day for hiking, quiet listening, and full immersion in the four elements of nature;
  • After three days, disperse the group;
  • Sit back and marvel at the love and light now elevating the energy of the planet and truly bridging heaven and earth.

Bowing, in deep gratitude to you, Shanta, for guidance, wisdom, strength, and inner knowing – all shared in a spirit of humility and love. This was truly a transformational weekend.”

For more information and to register

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