Dear friends,

In the UK, many of us feel strongly that we don't want to be just another star on someone else's flag..

Things will have to change, as we feel like a prisoner locked in the boot of a car, going the wrong way...WE DEMAND OUR NATION BACK....Time for a change, with regards to the British "star" in Europe...Time for rebellion against the evil empire of the European Union.

The European Union is remote, in terms of caring about our national interests, yet highly intrusive and controlling, in so many areas of the national life...It can override our sovereign Parliament, in London....In terms of legislation created by the unelected Commission and in terms of the European Court rulings...Laws cannot be changed, legitimately....We cannot trade freely with the world, as we once did. We need INDEPENDENCE from the European Union, as so many countries have historically achieved, with regards to our former British Empire...Now it is our turn to fight for sovereignty and independence, the turn of Britons....We, as a nation represented on the European flag,  are becoming a restless REBEL STAR, which is not comfortable within the Euro-constellation....Now we must fall off that flag and rise in renewed sovereign independence, as a free United Kingdom, outside of Brussels diktats and rulings, that largely stunt our nation, rather than enhance it... 

We must vote to leave the EU on June 23rd and make that date, an historical date for UK independence...Our version of July 4th.....We need a new constellation to shine in. One we can shine brightly within and not suffer a lowered luminance, as forced upon us by Brussels...A one size fits all, in which we are simply another "small" European, among other little European nations....That can never be acceptable to us...We have a long and proud history. We must rebel against Brussels and regain the sovereignty of our United Kingdom...

That independence of the UK, will brighten our national sovereign star, taking us from one defunct Euro-constellation of stars, to a new and worldly constellation of stars, alongside Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth lands, under a British Trade Federation, free of tariffs and uniting all our peoples of these lands of common law, language and values...After independence, we could also join up again with EFTA and co-operate to the full with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland....We will be free to choose our national destiny.....

That can only be good and fair for our people and all those who respect national and individual sovereignty.

Vote to LEAVE the EU in June and make this dream of sovereignty and prosperity, manifest...

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

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  • UK Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, is scaring Eurocrats, with her intention to move forward with modifying the NI Protocol and trade deal, so that it serves the interests of the people of Northern Ireland, as well as Great Britain...Ulster Parliamentarians in Westminster, nodded approval....

    Legislation to be introduced within the coming weeks to alter the Protocol...👏😎
    The Loyalists (Unionists) will then expedite the establishment of a power sharing administration, in Belfast. That is Unionists and Irish Republicans, working together for their respective communities...without EU mischief making, causing community tensions...
  • Ulster needs to remain, fully, within the UK and at present the six northern Irish counties are being subject to unfair European Union membership of the "EU Single Market," restricting trade between Northern Ireland (Ulster) and the island of Great Britain....The absurd EU are not prepared to budge an inch, allowing Ulster to trade freely within the UK...This is totally unacceptable and demands action from the government to invoke article 16 of the NI Protocol....

    Under the terms of the Protocol, Northern Ireland remains bound by EU single market rules for:

    Product requirements and safety, including chemical and medicinal safety
    Animal and plant health welfare
    Food safety and standards for animal products
    Farming standards

    TOTALLY STUPID...and we can blame former PM, Theresa May..the appeaser...who conceded too much to Europe, early on in her trade negotiations...Now Johnson needs urgently to address this, as Northern Island must give consent to the arrangement and don't....Only the Irish republicans do, not the Loyalists.....You know, the same Irish Republicans, supported by the imbecilic Joe Biden, in America...??

    One thing about the EU, is that we can always rely on them to be pig-headed idealists, in negotiations, rather than clear headed pragmatists...They are undermining the Good Friday agreement, deliberately...And of course, projecting their guilt onto Great Britain...

    I support Ulster (Northern Island) being fully within the UK single market and outside of the EU single market, like Great Britain is...The UK has it's own single market and should fully include and involve our friends in Ulster....They are part of our Union, not the European Union, which we reject....

    "The protocol drives a border down the Irish Sea, it separates NI from the rest of the UK | Donaldson."
  • 👏😎The UK's Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, is at last, seriously on the verge of invoking article 16 of the NI Protocol arrangements, between UK/EU.......This is very good news if she now replaces words with actions....Tear this stupid protocol up......We won't tolerate this absurd EU-engineered customs border, between Britain and Northern Ireland, through the Irish sea...The UK is one Union...It is not a plaything for Eurocrats to arse about with....

    Does France allow border checks in goods travelling from Paris to Marseille...?? Of course not....So why did that previous PM, Treason May, agree to such an arrangement, when she initiated the protocol talks...Border checks between Belfast and London, or Glasgow, are completely mad....UK IS ONE UNION....Our internal market. We will not put up with this Euro B/S for much longer...

    "🚨 EU Meltdown As Liz Truss Is FINALLY Suspending Brexit Deal's NI Protocol"
  • UK/US trade deals sign-offs, commencing next month, state by state, 20-states, all in spite of the Biden regime trying to block it from happening...👏😎
  • Looks like the UK is now the third greatest tech sector in the world, only behind China and America, surging to $1 trillion, especially during the pandemic...And the UK's digital industry is worth more than double Germany's equivalent...👏😎
  • Historian, David Starkey, discusses the Anglosphere and why it offers the western world a better the reality sets in, that continental Europe cannot be trusted to lead anyone....Moreover, an "Anglospheric Union" is the inevitable and logical, historical outcome of current events. Especially following Brexit..........👏😎

    "The Anglosphere: The West’s last hope."
  • A punch to Merkel and VDL as German Central Bank praises UK economy after leaving EU..

    Of course, this blog precedes Brexit, but I'll keep it with that title, for posterity's sake. That, as promised, the UK star left the block and grew brighter, as predicted back in 2016....
  • ✨ GB's star gets brighter still, as we are on the verge of consolidating yet another bi-lateral trade deal with a country outside the EU. This time it's New Zealand, at £2.3 billion value.
    Moreover, our Minister for Trade, Ms Truss, has launched negotiations to join the £9 trillion trade block; CPTPP...The initial agenda will be:

    1) Negotiating objectives.

    2) Strategic case for joining.

    3) Consultation response.

    4) Scoping assessment.

    Much progress has been made by the UK since leaving the EU....A brighter star, ✨ indeed we are...
  • I suggest to Boris Johnson that he ditch his NHS "PingDemic" and focus his efforts on real policy, such as: C.A.N.Z.U.K. & C.P.T.P.P.

This reply was deleted.

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