One Afternoon Through the Galaxy

People of the World, One day we all shall seeYou and I are like the Mammals, the Oceans, the Mountains, and even the Bees.All are made up of Atoms and Molecules for the Energy that we be.Yes we are all different in certain makeup that we can seeNot divided by much, maybe 1 to 3 different GenesIt is not ironic or rolls of the dice that we all exist within you seeFor it is the Truth that we seek, and the Truth will set us freeWe are tested in ways that not everyone or everything can seeBut within our selves we feel the sense of One with InfinityThe model exists go ahead and Study it for your self entirelyFor we all have a different road map to the land of EternityAs you can see I enjoy using the words that end with the sound “E”But forsaken I am not, for I have pulled my cart like the Ox I can beSome of these words will not be understood by everyone that I can seeFor it is not your job to be concerned with my grammar or my thoughts that beJust find your way through the Milky Way to find your true Galaxy
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Just how many of them are there spread across the Omniverse?
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At least in this photo anyway.
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A natural progression in my humble opinion.
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In my humble opinion it does.
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This is a guided meditation and energy channeling where we tap into the unique frequency of the rainbow. You will receive a healing and activation of each color, aligning your chakras, and gifting you the exact vibration of all you need right now.…
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"So in other words make the most of everyday an enjoyable one"
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Yesterday is a history Tomorrow is a mystery But today is a gift that is why it’s called the present
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