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Offering to everyone's Soul to Join a Powerful Global Meditation

Hello to everyone!!! ☺☺☺

I have got an offering to everyone's Soul ♥♥♥ let's WE make The Powerful Global Meditation for Our Earth!We will send LOVE,LIGHT....WE will light it up and purify from the darkness.

STEP 1 - Before starting this meditation, WE encourage to participate in meditation, OUR Higher Self, our Mentor and Teacher,Divine Power and High flows of Cosmic Energies, WE ask them for Blessings and Supporting in the Purity of Our Intention and Aspirations.Everyone can find his own words and his way of expression.

STEP 2- Then
WE Unite with all LIGHTWORKERS on the Earth- mentally, visually and then WE say out loud INTENSION - for the World Work in a Unity and for the
Meditation to Help Our Earth-Mother.
This Meditation is very
strong, but WE may imagine what a power of our general INTENSION in the Unity will be looking like!!! WE will invest and Light OUR Egregor of LIGHT with SO MUCH POWER that Meditation WILL be COMING TRUE immediately! All the World will shine in OUR Energies and LOVE!!!

STEP 3 - Then WE pronounce the following affirmations to purify OUR Earth-Mother.
Here its what they will be looking like.


With the power of cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Whole energy of Evil, Hate, All Aggression, All suppression
Violence, wars, armed forces and weapons
All Aggressive People should feel
Love in their Hearts and GO on the way of LIGHT

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Mindless consumption, competitive thinking
Wasting of the resources and energy
All people of Our Earth should be free
From all sorts of economic slavery
All People of Our Earth must have Enough Food
And the Houses for living

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All the negative secret alliance, all the negative politics
All the negative aliens, all the Illuminati, and greedy people
All the hurtful things they have
created are Burning
out (in THE LIGHT!)

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT with LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Abuse with the animals, Animal Prisons and Industrial Mafia
Fruits and vegetables contain with the high energy
People of OUR Earth must learn how to respect nature and be with her in a Harmony
Only then WE will get an abundance of nature

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All poisons and diseases,
Air, water, land, people and animals are FREE from all the Poisons

With the power of Cosmic Light
WE HEAL the Chakras of all People
DNA of all people are cured and functioning correctly

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All religions, sects, bigotry and superstition
People of Our Earth Will find true
connection with a Existence
- Is a Source of Everything

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Ignorance of any kind , any way of madness, any kind of arrogance
WE should be able to treat all of OUR blocks and karmic problems
Everyone must have a high consciousness
Everyone should have the Universal Knowledge
Everyone should be spiritual
Everyone should be able to see the (spiritual) LIGHT
Each must activate LOVE in his Heart
Anyone who has ever experienced the Real Cosmic LOVE
He has Changed forever

With the energy of love WE're prepared for the high energies of the transformation process
LOVE - is a solution for EVERYTHING!

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Comment by Nataliya Maznitsina Igorevna on November 30, 2010 at 12:09am
After that WE Use the following Affirmation:


WE are the one united family on the globe
All colors, all races are the one common World.
We are moving towards to Peace and Healing of Our Mother-Earth.
Peace for all nations.
Peace to all communities.
Peace is within ourselves.
Let's unite our hearts, from heart to heart.
Through our diversity we experience our Unity.
Through our compassion we perceive the World.
Our love - is the force that transforms the World.
So let's extend our love to the Whole World ...


Let's make Our Meditation on the 3th December at 9 pm (Of Moscow TIME)

3 is a date , 12 is a month,2010 is a year,9 is an hour.

So we have got four triples!Or two nines!

The number 3 means an ACCEPTANCE of everything,and a number 9 - means a COMPASSION

So it speaks itself ,no comments...

We just will be able before time comes to notify the Great amount of PEOPLE!!♥♥♥ to ALL OF US, I LOVE YOU AND SENDING LIGHT TO ALL OF YOU!!! ☺☺☺

We are living right now on Our Planet WE are responsible for IT

I also want to beg all of you to help me with the notifying PEOPLE about This Meditation by sending this information♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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