~o~ Lifetime = One moment of Creation

I AM a Soul. I AM my own Master.I AM a Pure spiritual beingI AM a creator of physicality..I AM Love, I AM the essence of victoryand so are you.

We create, co-create, shape, enlive and destroy what we experience.We are connected in familly of the heart that recognizes the truth that there is no separation.This world is our heritage.We play roles in the Great Illusions we accepted upon us as a handicap to cover our light in order to serve the higher purpose of the evolution plan for this world.This scenario is over, we no longer need nor wish to play the game of Hide and Seek..the way of the Truth is Lighted up within the fire of hope in each human heart.We are the Mighty Creators of reality..and its time to take charge..Reclaim your power. We need you to claim your right for Ascension.Please let me remind you that All energy that passess through your chakra system is your energy.As it passess through u it carries forth your energetic imprint.How much of your energy do you feed each day to the matrix created by the Dark forces? how much of your Light do you put into dead matter?How great is the part of you that still looses its force in the 3D and the Matrix worlds of illusion? Consumerism, Entertainment, Drugs, Politics, Junk Food.. separation, death, time, space?There are many worlds i do remember..many wars we lead together..Many dreams were lost...many lives vanished...many worlds we created together..Tell me mighty brother-sister creator Whats the sake of life lived in illusion?They can try, to block our light.... they can try to manipulate us, they can try to cover us in fear...They can but try.The divine within us knows the truth of these happenings and their only purpose is to further us in our spiritual transformation.There are but fearful children of Light that play the game of domination, who fear to loose control of their troops on the battlefied...so they build walls, unite in big corporations, rape the nature sources, control the media, poison our food, our air, our minds and try to enslave us in their boxex..But the Divine within us recognizes this and the Immortal self within our humanities cristalline heart can never be defeated...not by any human or ET technology..nor by any fear force.Thus we ancients observe...and our thoughts are heard...our feelings are felt...our hope for the mankinds Triumph of Spirit is kept alive in the Holy chambers of Creator's cosmic heart. Eyes of the cosmos look upon the Earth plane and await...what will you our kindred create in your garden?The Law of One is in the movement allways and the day soon is to come that the sleeping gods of this planet will return to their glory.New Kingdoms will form the Land.This day of Victory will be the day I will celebrate "the Christmas"The day of Great Awakening is the day that Peace will start rule this planet.And mankind will once again reunite its heart with the center of the universe.The humans taught gods to cry and they shall become Awakened in the garden of the Paradise.Live on and shape your life to the best+You have it all figured out within.Yours in Fires of Consciousness,Yours in Waters of Creation~o~NaThanael AnubisSolar Creative forces12:12
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