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Personality Traits:

Intellectuality, skepticism, detachment, aloofness, and an emotional, sensitive, spiritual nature. Best Day: Use Monday as the day when you are more likely to be in touch with your inner reality. Lucky Colours: Pastels, whites, aqua colours, sky blue.

Personality Profile:

You have an affinity with people born in the astrological sign of Pisces, no matter the year of birth. Whenever you meet people born in this sign you must consider the possibility of having met them before, somehow, somewhere, in some other time. You are sympathetic to the rights and needs of others but if you are not careful there is a tendency for you to become too involved in their lives and instead of helping them, you find yourself in the same boat. Matters of the spirit will dominate your thinking every so often. Asking questions about the meaning of life will occupy many of your days and nights. Being sensitive (maybe even hiding your sensitivity under a mask of stoicism) you will experience extremes of temperament. At times you will be cheerful and optimistic and when you express this side of your nature, together with a degree of empathy and understanding for others who are in trouble or in difficulty, you will create considerable popularity for yourself and make much progress.

On the other hand, you can give way to extreme sensitiveness and allow yourself to feel hurt at the careless speech or thoughtless actions of others, with you hiding behind an air of apparent indifference. You can be refined, gentle, vague and imaginative, a dreamer of dreams that often become a reality. In the eyes of others you possess glamour, charisma and magnetism. You may not see these qualities in yourself, which is just as well as this number is also inclined to be lazy, self-indulgent and fond of luxury. There is something refined about you that at times are difficult to put one's finger upon. You may even keep your hobbies such as poetry, music, art, writing, sculpture, etc. a secret from others. If that's the case, why do you wish to keep others out of your inner world? Although you possess a keen mind, you can become overly attached to the intellectual. Your number is about asking questions and seeking answers. Intuition, which is often more accurate than mere intellect, is at your disposal, so why not learn to trust in this faster form of logic? When balanced you are the excellent analyst, a seeker of truth. When not so balanced you are skeptical, critical and often suffer from an inferiority complex. During life there are likely to be many changes of residence in store for you with you mortgaging and re-mortgaging, or else being the victim of deceitful property owners.

Ask yourself what it is you are looking for in life, where you live and the kind of lifestyle you would like. In all matters to do with real estate you must endeavour to protect your own interests, more so if you inherit any property or legacy. In choosing a home or lifestyle for yourself try to live near water, or at least spend as much time in or near water so that you may benefit from the healing properties which water has over your number. According to your number there are a few puzzling indications about your declining years. The latter years could see an extraordinary amount of travel, sailing the seven seas, perhaps? There could be a time spent in hospitals, nursing homes or similar institutions. If the early years were spent alone, the latter years will be spent forming new and stimulating friendships. Be careful of licentious habits, depraved desires, erotic thoughts and unnatural acts. If this is not about you, then there will come a time when someone enters your life that fits into the above picture - our friends are often an externalisation of ourselves.


Your number indicates you will experience many fluctuations in connection with money matters, both from an income and expenditure point of view. However, there will be moments of luck and good fortune that will carry you through. The inclination to make money easily or quickly should always be resisted as this can bring you into contact with dubious people. Honesty should be your policy. There is, however, some indication that you will lose as a result of imposition, deception or false friendships. Although not everyone born with your number will be subject to fraud and deception, you will see it in the world around you. Look at the people in your life. Can you trust them? If the answer is yes, you should learn to be more open and relaxed with them. If the answer is no, then only you have the solution. You are advised to listen to your own intuition (in which you are gifted) when first meeting others and when receiving advice from well-intentioned acquaintances. Of all the numbers, you should avoid acting too literally upon the suggestions or advice given by other people. It's likely you'll have a few good ideas about business, if only you would carry them through to fruition, so learn to take a stand for what you believe in. Although your number is not known for financial judgement there are a few millionaires born with this number strong in their charts.

Your business or occupation may be different, even eccentric by accepted standards. It's likely; if we look at your secret hobbies and interests you may even earn something from them, (the sale of a painting or the publishing of a few poems, perhaps?) If you are into writing, then a few royalty cheques might wing their way to you every so often. At some period in life you are likely to gain through a friend or partner leaving you money in their will. Much to your surprise or disbelief, you may even benefit from someone who previously made your life unpleasant in some way. Take a look at your financial affairs and those of any partner and tidy up or secure any loose ends. Avoid too much credit buying and keep a tight rein over any partner's handling of your money. At times you can be the most impractical of all yet, if you were to keep your feet firmly on the ground instead of on some nether plane you have the potential to become very wealthy and secure.


He who travels farthest, travels alone could have been written for you. Number Seven indicates many journeys and whilst travelling you, more than most, manage to meet the most interesting of people. Funny thing is the people you meet often want to keep in touch with you, if only they could find you! You are restless, usually moving from place to place, job to job, relationship to relationship. Are you running away from something or someone? How happy are you with your everyday environment? Is life stimulating or do you find your life monotonous? Do you take your life and the people in your life for granted? Many of your travels will be by water or holidays by the sea. You need a holiday where you can be on your own, giving you time to think, maybe on a deserted beach somewhere or an exclusive resort. The mountains might appeal. Being such a good listener, your holiday could be spoiled if you find yourself being an 'agony aunt' to those complaining about their difficulties. Your number increases the prospect of travel overseas. As such, if you have not travelled already you can look forward to a few surprise journeys in the months and years ahead. If you have travelled you will know what I mean when I say: Be careful whom you travel with or befriend along the way. For your number often indicates being robbed, duped, conned, tricked, or being taken for a sucker.

Knowledge and Education:

You'll be interested in educational programs and social reforms, as advising others come naturally to you. Just be careful of preaching. Helping those who are underprivileged, unwanted and unloved is all indicated by your number. Be advised to keep your feet firmly on the ground because, at times, you are in danger of being carried away with your visions, dreams, etc. If interested, you should develop your psychic senses so that you are able to receive and ground the subtle spiritual influences we are all bathed in.


According to your number there are a few mysteries about your early years. Were you brought up in an orphanage? Were there any stepbrothers or stepsisters? Were you raised in a foreign land? When the time comes to share your life with someone it will be your early years that will cause you problems so don't keep secrets, for they'll be found out sooner or later. Do you have any brothers or sisters? How often do you see them? Were you close in the early years or were there some distance between you and your siblings? If you are an only child are you happy with being an only child? You are a person who would much rather ask others their innermost desires, preferring to keep yourself to yourself. Is this true? Let's take a look at the parent of the opposite sex to you. How good is your relationship with this parent? Was this parent or were your parent's people who moved around a great deal? Were you often parted from one parent? It's usually the early part of life that provides the answers, yet you'll often find these years difficult to talk about. Many people with this number strong in their chart were adopted or brought up with foster parents or nannies. Your parent of the opposite sex may have suffered more than most. Is this true? Look for any afflictions, illness, and sickness or family burdens. Children can be a sore point, especially if you had a difficult or lonely childhood.

In some cases your number makes many sacrifices for its offspring or has an unwanted pregnancy, putting a child up for adoption. You may even find children take advantage of you in some way. What was your childhood really like? 	One of your parents may be unusual or different in some way, even adoptive. Was one of your parents older than the other or of a different nationality? Did one of your parents die when you were young or was one of your parents handicapped in some way either through a disability or accident? I want you to ask yourself questions along these lines and find out if you have any hang-ups because of this parent. It is the parent of the same sex we all try to emulate or rival. What about you?


Your choice of partner is very important. You need a tender, sensitive relationship, whether you find this or not, is another matter. Often as not, you end up disillusioned because you have chosen a partner with some very undesirable habits such as drunkenness, sexual perversion, or even drug addiction. It's not all bad news; however, if you take your time in forming partnerships and are not influenced by others pushing you, then it is likely you will find someone who displays the finer qualities you seek. Your best partnerships are those with people who have an interest in the occult, people who are connected with the sea and people who have a sensitive nature. If you form friendships with those who have artistic or musical talents you will bring out the best in them. In fact, you have this ability to bring out the best (or worst) in anyone with whom you join in partnership. Think about this. Being sympathetic to the needs of others you may even form a friendship with someone who is handicapped in some way. You may even nurse someone who suffers from some kind of wasting disease. But keep in mind if you neglect your health it might be you who finds yourself being the one who is nursed. You may have an idealistic conception of what constitutes a relationship. You have the capacity to make many sacrifices for the one you love and if you come to realise you are making sacrifices and are not doing anything about rectifying the situation, then it's likely you are making yourself ill. You need someone who can blend the physical with the spiritual, the emotional with the intellectual and the domestic world with the business world.

Oh, how wonderful it would be if you could find someone like that for people born to Number Seven are often double-crossed either in a personal relationship or in a business partnership! Be advised to make sure everything which is yours remains yours. Please take these few words of warning and look after your own interests. Let's face it, if you don't, who will? I don't want to depress you for it is not all bad; many factors have to be taken into account when talking about relationships. No matter, each and every one of us attracts exactly what/who is necessary for our growth. Your love life is somewhat more complex than you might imagine. In fact, secret love affairs will bring moments of fantastic pleasure, yet also many moments of pain. Sadists and masochists (in varying degrees of appetite) are born with Number Seven strong in their chart! This might be just a fantasy, even so, be aware of your fantasies becoming a reality. Romance and adventure are strongly marked in your life and you can expect many peculiar happenings in your pursuit of pleasure, with affairs of the heart asking you to be careful in your choice of mate. You may even fall in love with someone who is not free. You will know people who die or are injured in war, suffer delusions or obsessions, people who have heart difficulties (even transplants), polio victims, paraplegics, quadriplegics, etc.

You may even find yourself at times, challenged by those who have an interest in black magic. There will be many people who have all sorts of sexual hang-ups (often as not, pillars of society!) who will confide in you their deepest, darkest, secrets. Even though you are a very private person, you still make friends easily having a natural understanding of others and are often more than willing to make personal sacrifices in order to lighten the burden of those in trouble. Those who have your number can be totally non-discriminating in their choice of friends, associating with all sorts of oddballs and weirdoes, or preferring a no-strings-attached relationship. You tend to find yourself on the receiving end of negative relationships. Why is this, you should ask?

If ever you were to become famous your number indicates the possibility of blackmail and usually from someone whom you have trusted and allowed into your confidence. You also are advised to be cautious (even avoid altogether) those who practice hypnotism, those who drink or are heavily into drugs, even those who pose as mediums or who say they are spiritually gifted. If you ever form a friendship or association with any of the above mentioned, please make sure you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. On a more positive note, some of the friendships you'll form will be with those who will stand by you through all sorts of stormy weather. You will learn much about the spiritual world from these associates and you will travel as a result of being involved with those who, having a lifestyle, an occupation, or an interest in travel, will take you along as their guest. Friendships are usually long lasting and if you believe in past lives and future loves, you are likely to meet those whom you love over and over again in many lifetimes.

Creative Pursuits:

Being something of a daydreamer you should learn to concentrate or focus your energies so that your daydreams stand a good chance of becoming a reality. Art or literature are excellent outlets for your talents, in fact this number often uses an alias or pseudonym if ever it becomes famous.


Number Seven indicates the feet, the pineal gland, skin problems and infections of all kinds. All fluids are governed by this number. You will have more than your fair share of health problems, if nothing serious, and may expect many annoying ailments. You will have many dealings with the medical profession, either for your own ailments or the ills of a loved one. Many visits to hospital are indicated, if not as a patient then as a visitor. Being born to a spiritual number you are advised to say a few prayers for those you love. Being linked to the spirit you may even find you have a healing gift. Why not explore this possibility? Put your feet up during the hours between 8am and 10am. This is also a good time for a swim or sauna. During the months of January, February, July and August expect difficulties or setbacks in health. The years that will prove significant to your health are: 7th, 16th, 25th, 34th, 43rd, 52nd, 61st, 70th, 79th, 88th and 97th. These years must be considered turning points, for better or worse, so plan for them. Your body needs iron. It is also advisable to drink as much water as possible, so that you effectively flush the impurities out of your system.

Many people who have this number in their chart enter the medical field as doctors or nurses. Being sensitive you are advised to be careful with all medicines and drugs. In fact, when prescribed drugs by your doctor always inquire as to what side effects can be expected. Even ask if the prescription is absolutely necessary, for you can be difficult to diagnose and are often diagnosed wrongly. Personal cleanliness and cleanliness in your surroundings are essential for maintaining your good health. Look after your diet, eating as much fresh produce as possible, avoid too much alcohol and don't allow others to burden you with their worries. Following this advice will help you to maintain some balance in your life. Sometimes, your actual work or workload can be the source of health problems. Look into this and see if it applies to you. In certain circumstances, Number Seven can indicate an early death if one abuses alcohol or drugs (even if you never touch a drop, it's likely you will know people who have).

On the other hand, if a healthy life is lived then a long life is assured. What you are about to read may not apply to you so please look at those around you and see if they suffer from the following: Liver disorders, fluid in the lungs, glandular disorders, alcohol or drug dependency, poisoning or drowning. If life is lived under ordinary circumstances then a peaceful kind of death can be expected, slipping away, as it were. Water has a very therapeutic effect on your psyche so whenever you are up-tight, tense, unsure, or just down in the dumps, take a long hot shower, visit the leisure centre, beach, or just go fishing, swimming, sailing, anything to bring you into contact with water and I promise you you'll feel like a new person.

Work and Career:

Since you present an unusual image to the world, the same can be said about your vocation. Try pursuits that are rare, unique, or unusual. To this end you may even find the acting profession appeals to you. Artistic pursuits, music, television and writing will all appeal. You may aspire higher than you can actually reach or are never given the credit for the work you have done. However, the more you follow your natural instincts the more successful you will be. It's when you follow the accepted path, sacrificing your dreams and your aspirations that your frustration will constantly bedevil you. Your number often shows up in the lives of those who become professional mediums, clairvoyants, astrologers, or tarot analysts. On the other hand, you'll find professional psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers also born to Number Seven. Even those who work in secret locations or work under strict security have your number strong in their charts. All in all, having this number can confer great honor, as a result of some personal sacrifice or achievement. But if you are afflicted (heredity, upbringing, education, etc.) or influenced by others, your number can bring about your downfall, due to scandal or some sort of dishonesty. If ever you found a partner who had the resources to build your castles you should enter into partnership, knowing that if you plan ahead and are given reasonable scope to develop your ideas, success will be yours. But while your successes will be fantastic, your failures will be disastrous.

Things Philosophical:

Let's look at your attitudes towards religion, philosophy and your belief system in general. What do you believe in? Your philosophies and beliefs should be quite varied with you having explored quite a few different systems of thought. You may not have taken them all on board but you will have thought about different religions, faiths, cultures, etc. No matter what belief system you subscribe to you need moments of contemplation as part of your studies. You may not agree at the moment, but according to your number you may, at one stage of your life, have thought about entering a religious order, entering an ashram or a monastery. What are your views on little green men from outer space? I know I am being flippant in asking this, yet your number often has strong opinions about this very subject. Is there a vague possibility that you may have met someone from outer space? I know you will be laughing through your teeth if I have gotten it wrong, or gritting your teeth because I have hit a soft spot. As a child did you read all those space comics? Or, were you surrounded by people who were so 'spaced out' they spoke as if they came from another planet? All in all, it might be another good reason why you should learn to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

The Future:

Take a long hard look at the people (or lack thereof) in your life now and re-think your future from this moment on. Number Seven, in the natural scheme of things, is a mystical number. I ask you to explore your inner self. Spend some time in meditation and in doing so ask yourself this question: Where do I hold myself back? Sometimes, when things get too difficult, we sweep under the carpet the problems that are too painful or too complicated to acknowledge. Sooner or later though we must all come to terms with our fears and anxieties and in delving into our inner self we often encounter our past and become aware of the unfolding of our fate, which is only the unfolding of character. If you feel you have, consciously or unconsciously, been limiting yourself in any way it is time to make changes.

When we face our fears, when we confront our insecurities, we often find they are not as scary as we held them to be. Please be careful of giving way to old habit patterns, old automatic response mechanisms, and old pleasure-seeking or pain-avoiding techniques. Remember, at all times any backlog of past emotional experiences can lead to self-pity and excuse making, rather than attending to the duty of living in the present and facing reality. If you are deceiving yourself ask yourself why? During your life there should have been, and will be in time to come, some contact with hospitals, institutions, jails, rest-homes, hospices and places of confinement, and places of retreat such as ashrams, monasteries and places where one can work out the meaning of one's life. We often attract into our lives those people who are necessary for our development.

Who have you attracted into your life? Do you recognise anyone with whom you have an unconscious link? Often as not, we encounter those same souls we have harmed in the past or those by whom we ourselves have been harmed. The purpose of exploring your inner self at this time is to make conscious the contents of the unconscious, so that you can draw upon the strengths and inspirations learned over many lifetimes, thereby learning to discriminate between those impulses that are constructive and those that are not. Your number asks that you let go of any past security dependencies and make a commitment to the future, even though there are no clear signs or promises as to what that future may bring, you must have faith.

Always keep in mind the future is not FIXED but PLIABLE, it already exists but in altering your thinking, in focusing correctly you can and will raise it to another level of experience, in this way you'll come to understand what the word SPIRITUAL is all about for in being SPIRITUAL you're accepting everything and everyone. Of all numbers this has to be the most challenging of all for it's never easy to put into words the kind of experiences you'll encounter or, how you'll react to them. As I've said before and will again, no one can walk in your shoes, no one can live your life and no one can experience your thought or feelings. Consider the difference between SYMPATHY and EMPATHY and if I'm correct you'll come to know the difference.

Report Compiled by Thomas Moldoon from his website Numerology for the 21st Century

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  • Thank you for posting this Sarah. I was born with the 16/7 Lifepath, and this is so very accurate in so many aspects. Numerologically speaking, I've been told that the 16/7 Lifepath is Spiritual testing, and this has certainly been what this incarnation has been about for me.
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