Dear Friends,


I have recently noticed that some comments were made, anent speculation as to why I have chosen the name you have come to know me by, on ACC...So I though it prudent to clarify exactly why this name is used and to distance it's meaning from the speculations and erroneous conclusions I have observed...One of which relates to the Dutch language word "drek," which means "excrement." So, naturally I would like to distance my name from that unintended Dutch meaning, of course.. :-) This misunderstanding amusingly reminds me of how Iranians view Princess Ann, who's name in Pharsee means something similar.


In truth and with intention, my first name has a German (I am half German) meaning and is derived from "drehend," or turning. The other is the Greek word for ending, but not the dire ending some have speculated over...

And as anybody who posts esoteric articles on the net will know, there is always a balance to be made between raising the global consciousness and exposing ourselves, or others, to unwelcome and sometimes dangerous publicity….So I do indeed use a pen name/pseudonym…Some magickal and occult societies use the expression; "second baptism name." I’m content to use the description of "pen name," as would a writer. The equivalent being a stage name, for an actor…


So being an Esotericist I have chosen a name for myself, which defines my incarnational purpose more accurately and with more resonance, and in accord with my own Soul…which is a third ray soul…

"Drex" means "turning" in German, as a derivative of "drehend," (as with the English surname; "Turner" derived from a laith turner,) and the same for German surnames; "Drexler and Drexel."

Shortening it and the letter "k" is added for reasons of Chaldean numerology, so that the name equals the geomantic total of 2. Which is the lunar number of my birth date.
So according to Babylonian magick, the full name equals 4+2+5+2+5 7+4+5+3+1 = 38, 3+8 = 11 (Master number,) 1+1 = 2 = lunar….and that resonates with my birth number of 29, 2+9=11 (Master number,) 1+1 = 2 = lunar


My "real" name is governed by Uranus and the number 4, which does not resonate with my birth number, nor my Soul, unknown to my parents, who chose it for me…

The Greek; Omega," is the end, or the last in a series…In my case the last in a series of planetary incarnations and an end of turning of the wheel of karma…Thus allowing for ascension to cosmic levels of initiations….which is my purpose in this life, among others…


You will find that all Sirians and Pleiadians choose energetically aligned names also…they do not use "family names" and instead choose their own names. Names in accord with their Soul purposes, or paths of discovery, for given incarnations.
For example, the Plejaren woman, Semjase, chose her name, in accord with her service and purpose, a name which means; "a women with half the knowledge of nature!"

I hope this clears any misunderstandings that may surround my name....sometimes factual details are required to end speculations.


Blessings, Drekx Omega


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  • As stated below, in my previous life on Earth I incarnated in Germany (I died there) and was named: Oberst Siegfried Kötz....Before WW2 I was a successful dairy business Manager, in Westen Preußen...West Prussia, as it was divided after WW1's defeat, by the "Polish corridor..." I was also a Bürgermeister (Mayor) in Neimark...

    After WW2, travelled as a refugee, from the east, to what later bacame west Germany, settled with surviving family in Minden...North Rhine-Westphalia...

    I died in the late 1950s of stomach cancer...I was a German, of course, but my childhood and upbringing was in a territory known then, as Prussia (Preußen)....When I mention this, most have no idea what I speak of....As Prussia can no longer be found on maps...History has erased Prussia, it seems...

    So I'll place this historical video, which fills in some gaps, for those who wonder what Prussia used to be...

    "What Happened to Prussia? (Short Animated Documentary)"

  • Drekx thank you for sharing your insight about the photo. Appreciate it so much. Im gonna check it again. Both has significance to me yeah, libra because im a libra, and Omega because at that time it was end of my karmic cycle as i already awakened my Soul. Those days were the time i wake up to who I am and Im ready to start a fresh new cycle in my Journey as MultiDimensional Soul. Grateful for your friendship...NAMASTE 💜💙🤍
  • You sent me an interesting photo, Layra444......And you are right to seek confirmation and from my observations of it I do see a Libra zodiac sign...

    It does have the underscore bar....I'll attach this image, to confirm...You must be a Libra and it is important for you....A very similar symbol to omega, but that horizontal bar under the main image, indicates it's veracity as libra....The scales of balance...Nice..
    The underscore is lighter, on your photo, just as the main image and there is a definite dark space between.....It's libra all right...

    And this is the blog I mentioned, earlier, which explains my name choice and also, it's numerological value and why I include a letter "k" in Drex.....

    Blessings of light to you....

    Libra Symbol Zodiac - Bing images
  • The name Semjase does refer to nature, but in the context of being a "half-queen of wisdom" or a "half-goddess." By definition, an Jschrjsch grade has command of nature and keeps it's order, within spiritual law..
    Moreover, the mere fact that you and I can appreciate her natural beauty, proves that the Plejarens are family, along with the Sirians, Lyrans, Andromedans, et al...

  • For the sake of truth and reason I would like to clarify an error that a person who produced a video on the subject of numerology and starseeds, has made....Basically and in a nutshell, there is no correlation between one's starseed origins and one's numerological values....None whatsoever..

    Starseeds may have incarnated here many times....It is utter nonsense to pretend that each incarnation follows a constant pattern of numerological numbers...Indeed, your birth number and name will invariably vary, from life to life, from incarnation, to incarnation...So how could your starseed origins be constantly expressed, over many lives, of evolutionary iterations of experience...??
    Starseeds need life experiences, as do ancient earth souls...I'm a Sirian starseed and my current birth number correlates with 11 and 2.....(geomantically reduced to the lunar number.) My name number, at birth is different to my chosen name, under the LAW OF NAMES....Drekx Omega is also 38=3+8=11, 1+1=2...A master number that reduces to 2, the lunar influence...

    My previous life on Earth was in Germany (I died there) and was named: (Oberst)
    Siegfried Kötz ......Numerologically equals 52=5+2=7

    I won't reveal my birth name here, for this life, but it is a different value....My birthday/birth number, is also different....So, why would a starseed, incarnating across many lives, only have values that pertain to a particular energy....?? In truth the permutations and variations would be considerable, from life, to life..


    Moreover, these Chaldean numerology values pertain to planetary astral influence, at birth and from a name, chosen, or given at birth and accepted...It has nothing to do with systems beyond this solar influence of sun, moon and planets...

    I was and am a Sirian starseed, across centuries of lives.....One does not change that, for each life, but one does change names and birthdays...
  • Some aspects to note anent numerological master number, 11:

    "Master Number 11 meaning.

    The number 11 is a seer, possessing a more powerful intuition than any other number. It is sensitive, spiritual, and works well with others. In Numerology, its meaning carries many of the same traits as the number 2 -- cooperation, influence, instinct -- but on a much higher, more spiritual plane.

    People with an 11 Life Path or 11s elsewhere in their Numerology have a deep sense of awareness about the things we cannot see. They are very sensitive to subtle energies and may even possess a psychic-like sense of knowing -- almost like they can physically hear other people's thoughts, fears, and feelings. They spend their lifetime learning to trust their intuition and will be presented with more difficult experiences than others in order to hone this unique skill. Carrying this incredible sense of awareness can truly be a blessing but it may also feel like a curse. Having such a clear vision of the infiniteness of humanity and the universe is so overwhelming that it may bring about deep fear or anxiety in people with 11s in their personal Numerology.

    Relationships and teamwork are the key for the Master Number 11 to fulfill its ultimate potential. Its motivation to bring things together combined with its ability to read others' feelings gives it an attentive, understanding, and supportive presence. Rather than relying on its logical brain or its emotional heart, the 11 must always follow the wisdom of its spiritual inner voice."

    The Master Numbers of Numerology
    The Master Numbers of Numerology have some of the most powerful energy of all! Learn the Master Number meanings of numbers 11, 22, and 33.
  • Another example of the numerological 8 name, is that of the great leader, Winston Churchill......His rays were a totally different matter to this assessment of numerology, yet interestingly complimentary.

    The Chaldean system of numerology measures his name as follows:
    6+1+5+3+4+7+5+3+5+6+2+3+5+1+3+3=62, 6+2=8

    This numerological astral energy of 8 would have been of great support in his political fights against rivals and also, dictators of the Axis powers...Combined with his first ray structures of soul and persona, it made him somewhat indomitable within many arenas of endeavor, as history testifies...

    Using Churchill as an example I have furnished similar prowess for Merrtro to utilize...
  • Note that Movella is 4+7+6+5+3+3+1=29=2+9=11 (master number) 1+1=2 the lunar astral body of high intuition...
  • As I did with my own name I have used Chaldean numerology to slightly alter his name to Merrtro....His birth number is highly fortuitous under the system of the ancients, which is the best system of numerology...

    But the name can be perfected as follows.

    Mertro: A number 6 is governed by the astral body of planet Venus and offers these qualities:

    "Positive: They are born healers and love to teach. They are also artistic by nature. They are responsible, compassionate, and good counselors and people look at them for advice, especially regarding relationships. They are always active and serve others. Moreover, they love harmony and stay away from conflicts. Such people are often very attractive and confident.

    Negative: Number six is sometimes too blunt and self-centered. They are very obsessive, especially regarding love."
    However, in accord with his plan, and linking to his birth number of 11, which is a master number, the influence of 8 is more useful and is ruled by Saturn....

    "Positive: Those having number 8 are born managers and love to supervise things. They are powerful and controlling, besides they are often financially strong beings. They are also generous and share ideas and money with others. They are motivated and focus on success to have the material world.

    Negative: They become extremists and give commands to be followed. They are also aggressive in some circumstances and get into disputes."

    So modified from Mertro to Merrtro, as in his case the masculine energies of leadership are more needed than the feminine qualities of nurturing and good counsel...

    MERRTRO is 4+5+2+2+4+2+7=26, 2+6=8

    The Chaldean Numerology
    Numerology is the art of numbers that numerologists use to interpret something. Like, it shows how things relate to each other, such as numbers, lett…
  • I see that many of Charlotte/Carlota's comments have been removed by herself....I did not censor them....Two were awaiting my authorisation and I will post them and make copies of the content, in case she deletes these two comments of her's, also....

    Charlotte/Carlota said:

    "i sorry i say harsh words to you the past, i sorry it may have put a burden to Et family. Mother universe did not mean to......  energy was unbalance , I have clean my act. Can you find in you heart, to believe me being sincere for the harm i done to you  in the past and you have say sorry for damage.  Can we talk in private , please. this is once in life time to work with a rare energy, I cant give other people new information, they not a ET contactee, what i deal with is real stuff. I love you as spiritual brother, remember this. i never lie to you how i feel, i feel it time for you have information. i hope you find in you heart, close past chapter, and move forward......  we live in world ET and alien communicate to us everyday. i try so hard convince you. because i follow what my heart feel right at the moment, there is a light end of tunnel, I guide you,( figure of speech- come and hold my hand, i will take you to the tunnel, the tunnel higher vibration not know to man and women. it what you can teach to man and women what is universe is, i cant teach it no more. you are voice that save all for future. many of you......... i show you the way, your choice to follow? why miss rare time, this is my last time line on mother earth, let make the best of it, throw past behind us. let get this private chat finish and not me begging for your response..... 

    it your choice and it is not mine..... you know answer, will u ignore universe and christ, ashtar, and other et on this...... you cant get response from them, you had to get from me.... answer with in me, i cant give telepathy. it must be directly. please respect me/// i wait till your ready.

    you are running out of time. clock is ticking.

    it what need to happen, you follow heart and love, what soul say. Forgive mother universe, listen to universe elder once more in harmony, why block universe out, they are part of you as family. same custom as your parent.

    i change my picture to  normal human, i cant post spiritual stuff, i have not got approve yet.........

    suck i am limited to say, i willing talk to people in private............ i am Charlotte=Carlota now.  no mood to smile, depressing, 

    tell the security level tone down, maybe someday i be my spiritual self."

This reply was deleted.

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