Newer Version: My Voice - A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a newer version of a song written by me, called My Voice.

As might go without saying, I'm not singing about myself in this song and rather, attempting to help raise awareness of the plight of those who can't speak up.



Where is my voice

Why can't I speak

Where is my voice

Why can't I speak


I've been accused of poverty

And my rights, they do nothing for me

For all I've known is prejudice

Societal cleansing

And my future is about as bleak

As the block on which I'm standing


Where is my hope

For something real and fair for all, this I

This I don't know

When I see

All the hate around, passed down, passed down

It hurts

It burns deep


And I know the hate is fabricated

Separation instated, premeditated

But it seems so real

Being right, right in the middle

I can say when there is war

Where there should always be peace

The cause of it can stay behind the scenes


I see we've been fooled

But how can I motivate you

I've been labeled the fool

But you and I we carry the jewel

And I can show you the way

But you must trust in my intentions

You must trust in my intentions



You can give me a voice

Become aware

Before you make the choice

Of who to trust

They feed on ignorance

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