1. On Friday Sept. 9 2016 Bruce reported that Iraq monetary reforms had been announced, an administrative hold on funds had been let go, the Iraq Dinar was international, world accounts were now moving, SKRs and Prosperity Packages had gone out and some had received their funds.

2. On Saturday Sept. 10 2016 it was reported that Iraqi cards were loaded but not yet funded, the Iraqi Parliment had been in a closed session where monetary reform was supposedly passed, but was yet to be reported in the Sunday Gazette making it official and thousands were in the streets demanding that Iraq complete the reforms.


3. On that Sept. 10 2016 Philip Tilton reported that a revolt was brewing in the FBI as a result of the Clinton problems:

A. Former FBI heads were said to be leaking information to the main stream media.

B. Reportedly Assauge would also be leaking more about the Clinton scandal between Sept. 22 to 29.

C. Over 1,000 agents were threatening to quit if Hillary Clinton was elected.

D. The Clinton Foundation was accused of money laundering in cahoots with billionaire George Soros (who owned most of the main stream media) in order to create World War III and a war on Christians.

E. In a reported connection to the Clinton Foundation trillions were missing from the US Treasury. Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton Back and Reporting, But Not for an RV Report

4. On Sept. 10 Open Mic a person reported he had five different confirmations from bankers saying that the Zim was showing at $.42.

5. Gary Larrabee reported that: Gary Larrabee - Monday, Tuesday from Another Contact 9/10/16

A. On Sat. Sept. 10 2016 the International Court of Justice at the Hague issued a proclaimation that the Global Currency Reset will be released and finalized ASAP. Any nation which holds it up would face sanctions.
B. The order overides Obama's redemption codes that stopped the RV in the past.

C. Exchanges were said to begin Sat. Sept. 10.

D. For trying to stop the RV Obama was reported to have been found guilty six times in the Supreme Court and 14 times in District Courts.

E. "The RV will never happen" Obama was said to tell G20 leaders last weekend. After those remarks and for three hours, he was said to have been "taken apart" by global leaders.


6. On the Sept. 10 2016 Real Truth Chatter Call Canes stated, "The International Court in the Hague issued an order that overrides (Obama). Redemption codes were entered this morning (Sat.) and exchanges began this Sept. 10. There can be no more delays. Most people have heard this so many times that they are numb, but it cannot be stopped."

7. On that Sept. 10 Fisher said, "The International Court of Justice at the Hague received a similar writ weeks ago, before the Accord Agreements were signed, and did nothing at that time. Let me be blunt, everyone is at an "OH CRAP" moment right now. Sanctions are very tough in this one.

8. On Sept. 10 2016 stock investors got an unwelcome wake-up call after a Friday Stock Market sell off:, while TNT's Four2atous reported, "The fate of the global economy was decided decades ago as deficits, debts and derivatives started their exponential growth and reached the time bomb phase that we are now in. This final chapter of this 100-year era will end in 'a final and total catastrophe of the currency system' as von Mises succinctly articulated.

9. In the Sept. 11 2016 Awake in 3D Call Awake-in-3D CC Transcript by PinkRoses and Replay for 9-11-16 Awake-in-3D RECORDING LINK it was reported that:

A. Private exchanges had been going on for some time.

B. There was a possibility of release on Monday Sept. 12 for major private groups and that those groups were in route to exchange.

C. The Humanitarian side was ready for liquidation within the next 24 to 48 hours.

D. The Humanitarians side included private projects for Indian reservations, territories, Church groups, private release funds, Korean refuges, etc (there are thousands of them). Each had their SKRs all in place.

E. Once the Humanitarian started there would likely be 24 hours before others including the Internet Group, would be notified.

F. The Humanitarian funding included Zim exchanges.

G. Humanitarian funding did not go through the banking system, but was directly from the new US Treasury where funds had already been allocated and put in place.

H. On the 100 trillion and 50 trillion ZIM notes: Private groups were advised to only buy those for easy transactions and clarity on the amounts.

I. Liquidation meant funds were available and they did not want those funds available unlimited because they could not control the double dipping.


10. On Sept. 11 2016 ZAP reported that all regulatory and compliance issues were completed, the RV had already started, many of the big boys were completing transactions and this coming week would see the start of funds trickling out according to a preset formula as governed by the regulatory process. That process had been necessarily delayed by cleanup operations.

11. On Sept. 11 2016 Gary Larabee reported that the Internet Group could expect to be in the bank exchanging by Mon. or Tues: Gary Larrabee - Monday, Tuesday from Another Contact 9/10/16

12. On Sept. 11 Dr. Clarke reported that "The world is within a major Economic Collapse, that is picking up speed over the next few months - especially the Banking industry, as evidenced by bank problems like Deutsche, Swiss and many other top tier banks, due to tremendous, over Derivative exposure, amongst other things. This is all Public information, you can research. We're not against banks, but CAUTION, is evident, with how & where funds are located. We DIVERSIFY OUR MONEY, all over the place: Some Banks, some Investment houses for example, Fidelity, Schwab, Merrill Lynch etc., mostly in Money Market instruments, very little if any stocks, bonds for a while, some Annuities, some Credit Unions, CASH in hand, Silver coins, Gold coins, some Real Estate, Small Business investment or partnership, some Currencies etc. Spread it out, as broad & wide, in as many places as you can. Hire the BEST Independent, Licensed Tax & Finance Professionals, with at least over 10 years experience, as you can find. Diversification is and always has been, the best odds, to protecting more of your assets, in a changing and unstable world economic environment - which is what we're seeing Big Time. There is no such thing as, 100% Guaranteed Protection against anything. Spread it out, and hope for the Best, over the next 5 years."

13. Evidently by Sept. 12 2016 an overnight carnage of the stock market had begun:

A. "Overnight Market Carnage Begins..." - Anonymous Guest Post

B. Asia Pac stocks plunged the most in 8 months as China money market turmoil accelerated:

C. Hong Kong interbank borrowing rates spiked to 6-month highs as a combination of central-planning-inspired liquidity restriction and global 'risk-off' strikes: 3M HIBOR spiked 95bps to 4.21% - its highest in 6 months; and Chinese stocks are feeling the pain, tumbling most in 3 months.

D. Having reached historical lows in volatility, it appears 'pent-up' anxiety was coming back with fury. The broad-based MSCI Asia APEX 50 index was down 3.5% - the most in 8 months...This could be a problem...


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