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New Q & Strolling Down the Rabbit Holes [videos] must read blog which explains video at bottom.

Check and mate. TKO. Trump is going to hit the ball out of the park. Wait until you hear the back story on HCQ.

QAnon has said, "The world is about to change."

They even went so far as to say that you may not believe in God now, but you will. That's quite a prediction.

Early on we were told the US Military is the savior of mankind.

Anonymous 5 Nov 2017 - 9:56:55 PM
US Military = savior of mankind.
We will never forget.
Fantasy land.
God save us all.

What could possibly validate those grandiose statements?

The "Great Awakening" has been embraced by patriots world wide, but what does it really mean?

Four thousand bread crumbs later, some Q drops may sound reckless but based on the following, I believe we have finally reached the climax of the story of Humanity and our escape from captivity. The political circus acts take a back seat to this, folks. The only other really important aspect is the Human trafficking. These two bookends are unparalleled in importance in our (r)evolution.��
But @teamcavuto said it will kill you…
Why are 'select' journalists so invested w/ instilling fear re: HCQ [40 years on the market]?
Is this about the health and well-being of people OR SOMETHING ELSE?
Is this about the virus OR SOMETHING ELSE?

NEWS FLASH!!! It's about "something else". If you listened to Scott Mowry's Miracles Intel Call last night you know what this is about. As I said yesterday, this is YUGE---and once again, the cabal's despicable plans to destroy our civilization backfired royally.

I'll add this again for background in case you missed it yesterday.

Ummm are there any doctors that can confirm this?
The last paragraph, makes a ton of sense to me.#ThePlan#TheGreatAwakening

— TRUreporting (@TRUreporting) May 19, 2020

We might be exploring the statement that we're prisoners of our own mind---and for some of the crew this is review but a lot of new people are now seeking the truth and we need to keep them in mind in our posts.

Scott is an investigative journalist and a deft dot connector. He went into background on the pineal gland, which we mentioned yesterday with respect to the inset above, revealing that when we are born, our pineal gland, a pinecone shaped structure, is grape-sized. It is our visual centre in the brain, and I never heard this before but Scott revealed that it contains the same rods and cones as in our two optical eyes. Wow.

Over time, and particularly due to fluoride in the water which we have discussed numerous times in the past eight years, as well as toxic food, calcium deposits form around the pineal and cause it to shrink, and I suppose... atrophy, like a muscle that isn't used.

The pineal gland, Scott says, is actually a stargate. Now before you click away and tut-tut in disgust because you think this is pure bunkum, stay with me.

We have been lied to about every single aspect of our reality. Nothing works the way we're taught. Physics is wrong. We remain under the control of the satanic El-ites because they keep the truth about everything hidden and teach us junk science. They tell us we have "junk DNA"; that we evolved from apes.

We don't even know our true history because they wrote the history books and corrupted the bible. We don't know where we came from---and I can assure you our origin isn't apes. We never understood how the Human body works and they have genetically modified our DNA. Yes, we are GMOs---and you probably know our opinion of those bad boys.

So---long story short, our electric Human body, full of salts, electrolytes, electric impulses and vibrations that give us each a unique energetic signature, are the mystery of the ages because doctors have been trained otherwise. The "medical industrial complex" is killing us.

Our pineal glands or "third eye" have largely been shut down, and most of us are unaware of our spiritual mobility; our ability to leave these meat suits and travel the realms we believe are myth and fantasy.

I believe this is partially why the movie, "Avatar" was such a monster hit. At some level, the concept of implanting a soul in a physical body, and removing it at will, resonated with us. Many things in the movie captured the imagination and perhaps the cellular memories of Humanity.

Bottom line, to take Trump's recent announcement full throttle, if the Earth Alliance employs the US military to distribute hydroxychloroquine to the population, our pineal glands will be de-calcified and will begin to function as they were intended. We will no longer be prisoners of our own minds. We will discover our direct connection to God/Source.

Coupled with all the other phenomenal technologies that have been kept from us, it will change our world, and QAnon's prediction that "the world is about to change" is a drastic understatement of what is coming.

Transformation is coming. I've been telling you that miraculous things are about to happen. I don't know how I knew that; I couldn't prove it and could never be very specific, but I just knew.

I knew there was something about Q and President Trump and what is happening that is "super-natural". I couldn't come up with a better term. It's un-real.

This is a game changer, my friends. It quite literally moves our evolution forward at warp speed---which is what President Trump alluded to this week.

So when you get mired down in the mud and the muck of the political battle, and see the horrific casualties of the medical industrial complex and the predation on Human Beings at the hands of the satanists, know that this evil is ending, and we are about to embark on our Golden Age.

We will be the "new Humans"; the Phoenix rising from the ashes of a doomed race cultured in a Petri dish, and groomed and traded as slaves by satanic psychopaths.

Game over. They will not be able to prey on us any longer. We will resume our rightful place in Creation as full-fledged Humans with our powers of thought, imagination, and manifestation intact.

We need to stand up and BE that new Human now. Show them what we're made of. Trump and the Q team have given us full permission to do what is necessary. This is the last chapter in the book and we will never have this opportunity again.

I also find this story very interesting. Thanks, R.

Titanic salvage firm gets approval for controversial plan to cut in...

Why would they go to the trouble after 108 years to revisit the wreck yet again? Is it about the telegraph, or something else?

This raised a question: Was it an iceberg that took out the Titanic? If we subscribe to the notion that the globalists purposely sank the Olympic (it wasn't the Titanic but her sister-ship---but that's another story) to eliminate certain members of the financial world, would they take a chance on an iceberg and pure happenstance to take care of their "bulk 187"?

They had skillfully maneuvered select targets onto that ship, changed the name of the vessel, and planned to take them out. There had to be more to it. Why did the unsinkable ship sink? Just because it wasn't the Titanic? This bit of research suggests the Olympic was also unsinkable.

Olympic was a very famous ship in her day, arguably the most famous in the world, and she was much beloved. Unlike her sister, Olympic apparently was unsinkable, as she survived collisions with a warship, a submarine, and a lightship without suffering fatal damage.

This is just one more tall tale that must be put to rest, along with 9/11 and other conspiracies so we eagerly await more news.

Here's another odd angle that emerged today as I was putting this post together. It was on the sidebar for the Titanic article and you don't need to read it.

After 17 years underground, vast army of cicadas set to emerge

What got my attention was the reference to "17" and the cicadas. Coincidence?

It got my synapses firing as I recalled that just prior to the advent of the QAnon Phenomenon, we had news of a group of brilliant people who created puzzles and riddles with ciphers and left clues for a few very intelligent sleuths who loved to research. They were called "Cicada3301" and made intriguing but vague predictions like, "Emergence is coming." I found it fascinating but didn't get into the game.

I did wonder, however, if the "emergence" they spoke of might be about Humanity's awakening, because cicadas do go on extended journeys underground in their life cycle and then magically are born again en masse, such as they are expecting in the article above.

Post-Q, I'm wondering if, after all the talk of sig-int and secretive military figures coming forth to inform and inspire those brilliant Anons who love to research and the massive effort to date to guide us through the liberation process, if that wasn't an early "test" to determine if a few patriots were interested in going down the rabbit holes military intelligence would provide; to see if there were sufficient numbers of Humans up to the task. A teaser, if you will.

Is it a coincidence that the group used the cicada with a 17-year life-cycle when Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet?

If AI is involved in the prophecies with exact one and two-year deltas, they would have to be sure how to calibrate the "clues" so the maximum number of researchers would be able to grasp the importance. At one point early on a Q drop stated they would have to pull back, that they went too far, too fast, or too deep.

Some suggested we weren't ready for that level yet, and it certainly got my attention. It was like the "system" had to be recalibrated because they had overestimated our ability to assimilate the information. If they dropped too much, too fast, we might reject it; shut down, and they could lose us.

I wish I could recall the context but I can't locate that crumb at the moment. It might have been a spiritual/religious subject. Not everyone is religious but we live by the Golden Rule.

I have said a couple of times that the QAnon Phenomenon is a psyop---and it is, in the true sense, and not in a negative way. It is a covert plan to grab the attention of Humans asleep under a hypnotic spell and get us to pay attention. They had to alert us that we were led like lambs to the slaughter. They had to educate us and get us to act. We had to elect Donald Trump to save ourselves---and we did. Remember, "Vote! Vote! Vote!"?

It took this level of an operation to break through to the masses. Many of us were awake long before, but the number of people paying attention to us wasn't significant and time was a factor. We could see that Humans were like lemmings about to jump off a cliff but to most people we were conspiracy theorists. The awakening process had to be expedited significantly to save Humanity.

There was one video that American Intelligence Media put on their channel that captured my attention because some of the messages were very clear in the imagery. I didn't need to decode anything. There were spiritual images, the divine feminine, the cosmos, fractals, sacred geometry, the suggestion that vibration would move solid objects, music of the spheres, portent of the horrendous fires in California and the fox licking his lips as he assured us he was guarding the hen house.

Watching it again just now brings attention to things I didn't understand then. The end brought us... the white rabbits. Adrenochrome. Cannibalism. Babies. Prey. Skeletons everywhere.

Q showed us the white rabbit, too.

Elite art: a symptom of the disease

In March of 2019 QAnon said, "Never, in our history, has a communications project such as this taken place." (#2987) They also said a flood is coming, (#576, 1434) and it certainly twigged my memory of this video where they said, "A fludd approches".

There was a concerted effort to discredit the anonymous entity "mimicking" the Cicada group, that would later be known as "Q". Interesting, yes?

I didn't believe in Q initially because of the Defango nonsense, and since then wonder if that hullabaloo wasn't Q's big PR campaign.

Fortunately, despite all the drama that unfolded around the emergence of the Q team, truth resonates very strongly with Humans and critical thinkers and we knew Q is the real deal. Their prophecies have certainly been proven again and again. If you favour President Trump, how can you discount Q? They are indivisible.

Q or Cicada... it matters not. Aside from the music, which was masterful in my opinion, the imagery in the video grabbed me and there was even an effort in the alt media to scare people into not watching it, if you can imagine. So many psyops.

That helped me to understand the level of fear that some people live with, that I don't; and perhaps the reticence to face the very real danger we were in. I couldn't find fear in facts; even those surrounding 9/11. Facts enable us to deal with the situation---if only someone would. Through Q we learned that they had. "You and your families are safe."

Was Cicada3301 a test by military intelligence to see if Q would fly, or was it an attempt by the dark to get ahead of the narrative and discredit the QAnon Phenomenon? I don't know, but there are a number of similarities and it certainly gave me a lot to think about.

To an awake person the comms spoke volumes, but not many were awake. Two and a half years and over 4,300 Q drops later, we can't say that any more!

We're (still) here now, and that's all that matters. It's been a phenomenal, fascinating journey to watch from a psychological standpoint. Here is that video that I still watch from time to time and I have to thank Tyla and Douglas Gabriel at AIM4Truth for it. I believe Tyla/Betsy said the music would heal us.

Q Leak Plugged


And if all that isn't enough, we have a spectacular quantum healing session from Allison Coe---the whole thing. What Allison is able to bring forth in these hypnotherapy sessions is breathtaking and we thank she and her client for sharing this.

It gives us a glimpse of the "miracles" involved in our spiritual makeup. It's a cup of reality to savour and ponder when frenetic politics is a little too much to take. You can close your eyes and just listen as Allison takes you to other worlds. Emergence is coming.

The next post is already writing itself in my mind. See you later.  ~ BP

A path to choose in 2020 - Audio Only - BQH client session


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