New Civilization. By; Mike J Hughes

Good Day my dear friends.*

As the Arab revolution spreads through out our world we can see that many millions are beginning to awaken from their mental lethargy and are now for the first time becoming aware of the fact that we must change or destroy all life on this planet.
All of the old ways have crystallized to the point where it is preventing new life from entering the centre where the race of man lives, moves, and has it`s being. The new energies now entering within our world are breaking down the limitations to the human spirit ,and the curtain is rising to show us once again how to live as souls and to move and evolve as one people.
The rampaging of confusion amongst the Sons of Men is a sign that the great World Teacher Maitreya is soon to appear on the stage of world events, and is a sign that man is ready to change and to receive new life in abundance . There are many today who are aware of this fact and realize the need of humanity to change their ways and to allow the Christ Principle to blaze forth and to be the beacons of Light in this so very dark times in which we are now living in.

It is now darkest before dawn and our old  civilization is now in it`s death throes as confusion and destruction are on all sides breaking down the old order of human civilization in order for us to begin anew on a higher turn of the spiral so to say as the evolution of the human spirit is lifted by it`s own inert aspiration towards divine greatness which it will achieve in this coming time as all men prepare to change for the better.
Those of us who are making headway and preparing the way for Maitreya`s return have always known that the Arab revolution was inevitable and is all part of the plan to cleanse that world from the evil dictators who are fomenting their ill will upon the human spirit and to prepare the way for the new beginnings of renewed effort to construct a new civilization that will be based on right human relations and the sharing of the worlds resources which belong to all.
Maitreya has said that we must change and allow that Christ principle shine it`s way through the darkness and ignorance that has for so long made our world a living hell and an abode of suffering and agony of mind...

For the first time in the history of this fifth root race we are witnessing the human race coming together like no other time . Through the growth of social net working and Internet we are learning so much about each other ,and the explosion of knowledge and global awareness people are waking up and are seeing the reality and gravity of of our situation as it really is as we begin to really ``see`` the glamour and illusions that we have been living through for so many thousands of years upon this man bearing globe.
With the world the way it is we are in need of a World Teacher who can help us to solve our problems and bring humanity back onto the path God has intended for us to tread.
All through out our history we have seen that when humanity was in it`s darkest hour a Teacher has come forth to lead man on the wings of ease and has many times inspired humanity to reach for the beckoning stars and to release our inner divinity stage by stage through out our long evolutionary journey.

In the midst of crumble and decay a new civilization and race will emerge and humanity will have reached a milestone in it`s progress as the nightmares of our unholy past begin to fade in the dawning of a new age that is now in the making.

``Take your brothers need as the measure of your action and solve the problems of the world``
                                                                                                                                    - Maitreya-*.

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