Naysayers and Yaysayers!!!

Greetings all,

I am troubled by all this, deeply in fact.  Its not that ships didn't swoop down and pickup some individuals that I have never meet, but that this is still being discussed.  Think it over carefully I am confident that you will find my feelings in this correct(at least partially).  What part of LIVE IN THE NOW are we having a problem with.  I came to this site to meet like minded individuals and share my thoughts and spread my love and light unhindered by social norms and stigmas.  But here we are up to our eyeballs in the same lower vibrations of doubt and ego found everywhere.  Take my hand and I will help you out of these dark thoughts of who said what and when just move on, chuckle to yourself, find the lesson but do it within and move on to the next adventure.  Cast no stones, extend your hands in friendship to help those around you, these words hurt, these souls are your family in the truest sense of the word.  I can imagine our star family looking down on our petty differences, baffled at how much we put into these supposes differences.  I wrap my arms around you and offer comfort to those wounded in this and share freely all the love I can give to you my Earth family whom I have traveled through this time with.  We can do this I know, because we already have countless times before.  I love you I truly do.  I hope this slander and negative energy dissipates quickly for I will not subject myself to any more of this, not anymore, not this time.   I am not angry or upset and i wish no ill will to anyone i just want us to focus on the here and now, what needs to be said and done, not what was said and/or done.  Thank you all for listening and reading my little rant and I hope I didn't hurt any feelings or egos.  Go forth and share the good news the time is quickly approaching. 

Be well and Be aware

Nathan J. Lawcynell

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  • I think these are dark days, with people who are just lashing out on other's - purely from their own torment and insanity.  I tell myself 'they're the ones in Hell!' 

    It does feel as if they are dark creatures around us (humans and immature souls).  They do need love and teachings to help raise them up.  It's a shame they drag you down in any way they can!

  • I applaud that en devour with the utmost respect.  I guess I was just a bit naive coming into this, I just don't feel pointing fingers and casting blame is necessary.  I understand there are liars, I am sure we all guilty of it at some point in our lives but I am more concerned at the moment with my own personal growth and what others say has no impact on my growth I just take their thoughts and considerations under advisement.  Again I meant no disrespect I suppose I can be a bit idealistic.  I wish you luck on your hunt for the truth Peekay it is a noble calling and one worth pursuing, my mission however is forgiveness and compassion for all lies will wash out in the end, they have to for they are unsustainable.  

    may your journey show you light

  • Thank you for your words Marianinia I just want us to lead by example, it can be hard but it is the best for all in the long run.  Continue walking in the light.

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"SAN- Hospitals are literally murdering people for money

This is not an overstatement

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