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Love is the part that belongs to God, he is the best;

open your heart to his kindly light,he will do the rest.

Love brings all together who seeks its source;

no-one is ever lost who follows its cource.

Loves finds only those who choose to give and care;

it never takes away from you, it only wants to share.

Love is never mean nor is it even unkind;

it only seeks those who are of like mind.

Love cannot be captured or put into a box;

it cannot be fooled, cause its like a sly fox.

Love surely is like a beautiful rainbow in the sky;

Love just is, they say,there is no asking why.

Love has no personality of its own, so they say;

but it can be found in all life each and everyday.

Love penitrates all living things, removing the strife;

its shared by all in the one-ness law,it brings life.

Love does have a source of its holy being-ness;

He is called''God''by all creation, his love is boundless.

Love is the light that removes all of our mistakes;

it reaches the darkened thoughts,he never forsakes.

Love is never alone nor is it ever afraid to play;

its like a lovely flower blooming on a winters day.

Love has no upside downs, its always the same;

it just keeps going around,while gaining its fame.

Love shines forth as the early morning sun;

joyous to see light,in all the work it has done.

Love can be found in the many distant stars;

from the hollow earth to the moon and mars.

Love is a tool they say, that anyone can use;

it will always work well, if you never abuse.

Love, I am told,is born from a great desire within;

to be more than what we are, if we would but begin.

Love never judges nor will it ever condemn you;

it allows all things to be, each given there own due.

Love flows ever on,like the roaring river wild;

catching all in her open arms,as her own child.

Love,for sure,binds us all together as ''one'';

Love reminds us daily, we are his Holy son !

By rev.joshua skirvin 4/19/12

Pt. 3 and final coming soon. 

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