Dolores Cannon says that we are all on our own journey to raise our vibrations and we are not allowed to change others' minds, except for those who are unsure of what they want.

So for those who are unsure of what they want, here is my view on how to reach a higher vibration. This information is available but not made public knowledge and I believe that if it was we wouldn't be here anymore. I believe that it has been hidden from us on purpose. Now that I've written this book I am told that I cannot release it, so I'm giving you a summary because I wrote it for humanity and I'm not going to not share it now.

1. Realise that our emotions are based only on fear, or love. All negative emotions are fear-based. All positive ones are love-based. When we face and release our fear-based emotions, we realise that all that is left is love. Do it for yourself (if you haven't already) and you will see, when we face our fears (will get to that below) we are only left with strength and confidence. It really is only one or the other. This came as a surprise to me. Reading the words that there are only two emotions means little, until we actually experience it, by doing the exercises.

2. Realise that fear is like hopelessness, and fear preaches doom and gloom to our minds, which isn't the truth. Fear stops us from listening to the whole truth because it is too busy being gloomy and is too busy stressing us out to keep listening. The world really is 99% good, but fear will tell us that it is 99% bad. This is despite the threatening behaviour of the dark forces. There is so much good that the bad is literally swamped in goodness, yet the bad speaks louder to us, also through media etc and we don't get a balanced, honest view. Fear is like sensationalist, tabloid journalism.

3. When we are young, in an effort to understand why we are feeling nervous, scared, upset, we find a way to explain it, and from fear we develop anger or guilt. Anger is when we feel that it is unfair, and someone else's fault that we feel bad, and guilt when we feel that it must somehow be our fault. These emotions both form an angry ego and a guilty ego in each one of us. Both emotions have their own survivor-like personalities. You can see them emerge when we feel threatened and we go down that negative path of thinking, playing the Blame/Shame Game, none of which is necessary or true when we look at the big picture. When we are angry or guilty we are not thinking straight and we are prone to assuming the worst and acting accordingly, when we have got the whole story wrong in the first place.

Basically these egos serve a purpose when we are young in the big wide world and we have to survive and we are unsure of what we are dealing with, but as we get older people tend to lose the need for these survival skills and find their soul and sense of humour again. I wanted to be old and lighthearted, and wise, like old people, which is why I kept looking into these things. Some people are so traumatised by life however, that they can't see through these egos clearly and can become bitter, or neurotic. 

We cannot get totally rid of these egos, fo rnow, but we can certainly lessen their control over us. When we do we are so much happier, because our gentle, quieter soul gets a look in, finally, and our confidence comes back.

4. Both egos are liars, control freaks, manipulative, destructive, rigid, and based on victim-mentality. Soul is non-judgemental, kind, confident, and detached from life's dramas.

The following exercises help us to lose the ego and find the soul.

1. FACE YOUR FEARS - write a list of every single one and start from the top and work your way down the list. WHAT IF ... yes, what if? What if it's our destiny that that happens? What's the plan? Face the fear and see fear for what it is, it is just a sensation, nothing more. It makes us feel heat or electrical burning sensation in our heart or solar plexus and that's it! Fear is nothing more than that. It's an illusion. Once you have faced the fear you should be able to see the picture more clearly. Plan B should that fear be realised normally appears. Once we have plan B the fear has lost all of its power forever. That's it. It's actually a fun thing to do! We realise how brave we have been all our lives too. Fear is replaced with strength! and power! and a desire for adventure! now that we have a plan

2. RELEASE ALL ANGER - write a list of everyone who has angered you, including your parents even if you are friends, and yourself, even if you are friends with yourself, and every person, business, politician or government, teacher boss friend ex etc who has annoyed you, and go through that list, one by one, making a declaration to release this anger for once and for all! This is a real purge and it is healthy to get it all out. After you've let it all out, go have a shower and put on clean clothes and make a cup of tea. Now think of the person you used to be angry at. There should be indifference, a healthy detachment now and possibly even compassion for that person's own sufferings. In order to stop getting angry in future, make fun of things, or don't think about them anymore. They are not worth it. Don't let tyrants rent space in your head for free anymore. That's what they want. Forgive them all! and think about what YOU want to think about.This is YOUR life, not theirs! and it's too short!

3 RELEASE ALL GUILT - do you need to apologise to somebody? Do it. It is always the right time to do the right thing. If it's really bad however, seek professional advice if they are likely to be further upset by your reappearance in their life. In that case write a letter, a heartfelt letter of apology and either keep it for a potentially appropriate time, or burn it and release it. False guilt is rampant in Churches etc so it is rampant in our society. False guilt is from being told we are sinners going to hell, or from abusers, saying it's our fault etc... It's mostly false guilt that we suffer from. And it has been used to control us. Guilt also makes us sabotage ourselves when we approach success..

Saying affirmations whilst tapping on our Chinese meridian energy points (EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique) or placing hands on our chakras (SAHAJA YOGA) (both are on youtube) works really quickly, starting immediately. For example, say every morning to yourself I AM INNOCENT! I AM INNOCENT! I AM INNOCENT! or as in EFT, whilst tapping on hands, face, head, torso, anywhere you want if not the points described in youtube: ALTHOUGH I HAVE ANXIETY ABOUT.... I DEEPLY LOVE AND RESPECT MYSELF, or as in Sahaja Yoga, face to the right and place right hand on left shoulder against neck and say loudly and clearly, several times, "I'M NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING AT ALL!" After a week of this your life will become brilliant and you will be laughing as you realise that you don't have to buy into other peoples' guilt trips, nor do their work for them, and you can say No in a nice, respectful way without having to explain why. Guilt is replaced with joy.Sahaja Yoga also raises the kundalini and is always free so check out the whole chakra balancing.

4- REALISE HOW TO DEAL WITH EGOS IN OTHER PEOPLE: imagine we all have 2 defensive emotions ready to attack , therefore so do others. Anger is a victim, not evil, so anger often does not know that it is being a bully and upsetting others. Meanwhile our guilt takes everything personally. Be very gentle and tactful when dealing with others, giving honest compliments, making observations, not judgements, playing things down and having no attachment to the outcome. This helps us to realise that life is about learning to communicate, not controlling others' behaviour. We can't. We can only ever control ourselves. But by setting the example of kindness we are more likely to be effective in our comminications.

When we are laughing, we are coming from the right place! That is soul. Soul is good, confident, honest, tactful, kind, light hearted, wise, compassionate and creative. We are all unique personalities with our egos and our souls, but we are constantly evolving.

Now the pressure is on for us to choose happiness (soul) only. This isn't easy. So I hope that this makes it easier for those who wish to do that, and to put an end to our suffering, as well as focus on all of the beauty that we can manifest, and that we deserve.

Here is one example of EFT.




This is Sahaja Yoga Self -realisation technique by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi RIP <3

Love to all of us!

Our souls are good. Our egos are our false selves.

We can end this cycle now if we choose.











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  • Thank you devi. :) The fact that this information is kept secret made me realise how innocent we all are, so I'm hoping that our  Creator God/Goddess give us all an exemption from the ascension criteria,  and lets this game end. When I was working at the boarding school I wanted to  share this with the teenagers, but something inside me didn't want to take  anything away from their emotional journeys, because as hideous as it is at  the time, we find something good out of it, which is forgiveness, and comedy,  and memories of crazy life experiences that keep us humble, and teach us what  not to do. Being humbly soulful, calm and positive is far less  exciting... but it's fantastic in other ways. Being detached is a gift  in itself. Finding gratitude puts us on the same wavelength as our spirit  guides, who are also grateful, as well as animals and nature, who  sing with praise for our Creator.

    Love and light to you too, my friend :)


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