Greatings, my dear sisters & brothers of humanity, my divine siblings :)


This is my first blog here on Ashtar Command Crew, even though I 'observe' this site almost for a year now. I appreciate 'the work' you're all doing here and I really enjoy reading all the blogs. The evolutionary information you're all sharing daily, is really interesting and enlightening. I believe we all understand the basics of the 2012 shift of the ages, so I wont go into that.. I do not 'blog' here because my 'work' is more focused on the 'realms' of facebook. You can all find me there under the name: Angelic Starchild (LionHeart).

I am 25 years old within this incarnation but beyond this physical appearence, I am much much older. My memory is still pretty blured but it is all slowly coming back to me. I am a starseeded souls, a traveller so I'm not originally born from Gaia even though I conssider her as my mother aswell. I believe my reincarnation cycles within this 3 dimensional realm began somewhere in the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. I came to Earth probably as a 'cosmic' explorer, a part of extraterrestrial expeditions of fleet commanders, scientists, 'seeders of the worlds' and ect. I'm still not 100% sure why I fell from grace of 'the source of all that is' but I believe that I was tempered by the dark brotherhood back then in the ancient ages. There were a lot of genetic experiments going on and I believe I was pretty much involved. I must have done something very 'wrong' back then, because I've earned a lot of karma debt within the timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis and so my reincarnation cycles of healing, learning processes and experiencing 3 dimensional physicality began. Originally I feel really deep connection to Angelic realms(I posess the aspects of AA Michael), to star systems of Lyra and sirius. As I percieve myself beyond this physical vessle, I know that my 'fall from grace' was more or less intentional from manny reasons but most of all, to learn and experience compassion, unconditional love and of cource to go through my individual Ascension process, wich I believe will reach completion within this lifetime. In this lifetime, my lessons were really hard and more or less 'horribile'. I was incarnated in disfunctional family, been exposed to an abusive environment for almost 15 years of my 25. When I was a child, I was deeply intuned with oneness, had manny dreams of the 'future', visions and ect. but later I've shut down myself, most probably because of all the (reptilian) programming. The majority of my recent lifetime, I was lost, wondering through the darkness of my soul, trying to find the light and love again. In the summer of 2010, my lessons of suffering completed and my heart opened up to the unconditional love again and so, my awakening process began. I've started to feel this infinite freedom.. The truth of who we truly are, why are we here, where are we going, was starting to burst within me. It happened like a flash and my world turned upside-down. I felt like I was brought from the death, back to the life; I was in a way re-born. I kind of always knew deep inside all of this, even from my childhood. This deep knowing of something absolutely magical, beyond 3 dimensional world was always there, even though I did not know what it was before, because of the deep amnesia. I am awake now more than a year of linear time and I believe I've succesfully completed the process of 'dark night of the soul', wich lasted a really short time, because as I've said, I always had this deep knowing inside and because of it I had more or less no problems with accepting the truth and re-focusing my consciousnes back to the source of all that is and the oneness of all life.

Today, I can say that I'm profoundly grateful for every single experience ('good' and 'bad' ones) and lesson I've been through. I've learned sooooo much throughout my incarnations within this realm. I know I most probably made a lot of 'wrongs', but now, when I can percieve all my experiences from the non-pollarised perspective, I know that in fact, it was all for the purpose of learning. Throughout the all kinds of experiences, you should know that YOU are your ONLY judge. We were all sometimes in some other lifetimes dancing with the darkness, because you learn within the darkness just aswell within the light and if you ask me - If you want to learn it all, you have to learn from the both pollarities, to succed. We all did some 'wrongs' and and because of that, we should not judge each other, because in fact, it was all a part of our learning process within 3D matrix. Right and wrong does not exist, there are only experiences and lessons. I am realy grateful, because life itself showed me and taught me to become a non-judgemental, non-egoistic and rightful 'being', who operates only from the spheres of unconditional love - From all that is and will alway be... Everything I did and I'm still doing, was always for the greater good of all, a part of a higher (divine) plan, wich I am starting to understand and comprehend deeply, with every day passing by :) My love for all of you, dear divine siblings is unconditional, big and infinite, just as we are and I could never love you less, no matter in what state of consciousness you are, no matter what you do. I will never stop believing in you :) We may not agree in absolutely everything, we all have our own perspectives and wiev points but in fact it is all a part of the whole. We are one and the same, the source of all that is, experiencing ourselves from all possibile 'angles', perspectives and wiev points. It is time, masters, to come together as ONE again :) :) :)

NOW, we get down to buisness :D :D :D

In my awakening process so far, I've 'studied' a lot of different spiritual and scientific 'new age' theories, teachings, channelings, meditation techniques... As we know, the reptilian controllers are pretty real and as far as I see, they won't give up their billions of years long experiments and surrender so easily, without a 'fight'... From the day I've woke up, I got this strange 'feeling' about all the 'new age stuff''.. From the momment I've got into this 'new age reality', I started to feel that there is something terribly wrong with the most the material (different meditation and 'activation' techniques, channelings from all kinds of beings from beyond and ect.) availible 'out there'... Something just don't feels right with all of this stuff.. Another thing is this famous date '21.12.2012', wich I believe aswell as manny others, is a 'hoax date', to get us unprepared - For the purpose of deception! The real date will 'come' much much sooner...

The rabbit hole is a looooooooooooooot more deeper than we tought and there are a lot of people who spoke of 'The last grand deception' before.. One of them is G. Kavassilas, who was instantly lebeled as a missleader and deciever, wich I find it really strange and I do not buy into. He is most probably one of the most genuine 'messengers' and 'truth tellers' of all, besides others...

I would like to share a really recent video presentation with all of you. It is not for the purpose of spreading fear but only to open your eyes. It is a seminar: THE TRUTH YOU'RE NOT BEING TOLD in two parts by Aley Retrov & Krystal Alexander-Hille. I will share the seminar of G. Kavassilas aswell, for the ones who have not seen it already.

Please, take the time and watch it in full, because the facts are really interesting and mind-blowing!

The only thing you need to do, while watching this is to use your own discernment and take what resonates with your heart and simply leave out all the rest. I resonate with 'the material' presented a loooot more, that with all of the other 'new age stuff' and it feels really genuine and true - more than anything else 'out there'!

This is all from me, for now and I expect your comments on this ;) EnJoy <3 <3 <3 A.S. LionHeart (theone1111) signing out :) :) :)


The truth you're not being told part 1


The truth you're not being told part 2


Our journey and the grand deception, G. Kavassilas

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  • Awesome post,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
  • We are each other's teachers and students at the same time and I thank you all for the lessons you are giving me - I've learnd a lot :) We all have our truths and belifs and we are learning to co-exist. I respect you all and love you deeply and I'm happy that I can see a part of me in everyone of you and others 'out there' <3 <3 <3 LOVE from me to YOU all <3 <3 <3
  • Great introduction :)  Nice to meet you!  I feel it is not the dates we are looking at in 2012 but the galactic alignment which allows us to receive the impulse from Source. 
  • awesome post i thank you!! and agree the dna activation frequencys are one of my beefs since i am a music producer i know this stuff so a heads up on that and much love to all!
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