My day with Ashtar

Although i culdn't quite see him so clear, i could tell he was there, his loving prescence, his funny antics & how he just kept laughin when ever we got into an odd situation.
I walked around in such an amazing trance, upon waking up i noticed something wasn't quite right.
I could feel something was different in my body, i had some sort of implants in my body, the words psychatropic implant springs to mind & it seems as tho i may hav had them for quite a while. I kept zapping at the nano probes that were also in my body at the time, little bot type thingys that surge power into certain cells & parts. One can always get rid of nano probes simply by opening the crown chakra & releasing them out thru the earth star portal, where they go?, that depends on where they came from & where also they'll reside once a person "beams them out" :P
aaaanywho, i kept gettin ashtars voice, seems like quite an english type accent of a voice but al;so had my angels around me.
As we walked around various train stations he directed me to walk towards certain people & smile, he said he would only stay in my body if i needed him to be, he' quite a funny happy guy aswell, at one point he went into a bird & was tweeting funnily & eating seeds in a funny fashion. As we walked around "changing grids" we projected a bunch of GFOL stuff around & also onto people's faces & clothing, where abouts we won't say, onto whom, we also won't say just yet, perhaps they'll be on a television sometime soon.
had so many perceptions of ashtar aswell, i kept asking if some ships would land & he said yes, go over there, go over there, we'll land there soon, if you go over there we'll land :D
i kept goin to different places to get them to land, but perhaps they were gathering information of some sort, i kept seeing holograms & also rounded space ships landing :D
where ever we went something funny happened

we noticed a fair few different algorithms to the "grids" also
there are prgrams that say that if u don't wear certain clothing you are in some sort of violation of code of practice & then hav someone of "part of the so called heirarchy" sent out to monitor something about you or make one feel uncomfortable.

whilst onbaord the train there were also some lizards & also two little alien looking guys whom were asian-like, they were from other planets, i culd hear their telepathy aswell & they seemed quite friendly, yet were in a giggley mood sort of thing, they "said" something about how they enjoyed travelling the trains & found it quite safe also

People also attempted tricking me into thinkin that ashtar was some sort of gov operation/or that he was just another hologram. Where he is quite real indeed, & has volunteered himself into a less dense form of existance from "time to time" to go thru our grids & make repairs & amendments to certain systems so that we can live more harmoniously


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  • ashtar is a loving christed being of light  is also very easily transported& knows how to compress himself into many forms, quite a loud voice once one has connected with him, some may see him as bound by his terran body yet he can also project from very vast distances, spy is a terran word for one whom goes undercover to send info or to retrieve data.
  • I had not thought of it that way, and it never occured to me that I might be of Ashtars star family.

    Nor had I noticed this connection, however thankyou for pointing this out, I will be looking into it.

    Yes all is one In the prime creator. xx

  • Yes Ashtar is very funny, also can be very serious when needs must.

    I have also had people say that Ashtar is a spy and not to be trusted. I however trust him. I need not explain the incredible love this being has for us and this planet, nor the undue stress and hard work he puts into protecting this planet.

    Needless to say, The dark ones time is drawing close , they are hoping to go out through the stargate, but they will not succeed, they will be made to stay and bear judgment as the new age comes into play.

    We need to assist in helping to protect all the stargates. xx

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