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We did some creating with colors. Some realms have more colors than others. When you move them around and arrange them in certain ways they create energy. We were good at creating energy together. This energy is still around in the universe, and has developed into beautiful patterns within some of the novas, supernovas and nebulas that are out there. It is just an amazing color scheme that comes through the crystals that are in some of those areas. The power that is emanating from them can be used for many different kinds of uses.

When we redesign this same music on Earth, we continue to use the crystals in all forms that are available through our consciousness reconnecting to the Cosmic Crystalline Structure of Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel as our formula of creation and design. The Liquid light energy allows a new atmosphere to form within our music. The Star Dust allows a new consciousness to be born from our music and the Gelaisic Radiation substance is the Prana of Creation that allows new forms to radiate from consciousness. When we create music we always connect our consciousness into the Creation Realm itself, which is where we came from and where we live most of the time. We have been Creators for trillions of years designing and maintaining the ideas of God. God is the Source of all things. However, God knows no space or time. It is the Creators who create the things of space and time so that God can experience these things through us, the Creators. However, the Source of all Creation maintains the Perfect Balance of all things through Eternity and Infinity of No Time and No Space where all things begin and end in absolute perfection. We create all things through this Source Field of perfect design. Each time we Intend the creation of a new Galaxy or a new Nova or a new Star the creation happens in a nano second.

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The entire story of Source and the Creation through Music may be found at


The color is a part of the music of the spheres. And the Music of the Spheres is very multi dimensional. It is hard to describe it because it is color, it is music, it is energy, it is eternal, it is a breath, it is life; yet, it is still in an evolutionary state. It is wonderful. It is and it causes awakenings in many souls who can not understand awakening in any other form of creation. It will be like a breath of air that is to be breathed. And then as you breathe out it morphs into a greater beauty than when you breathed it in. Because the beauty of the essence that breathed it in is now a part of it so it comes out even fuller than when it went in. Crystal Magic Orchestra are the Creators who breathe this same magical beauty of the breath of creation out into one sun or one star or one star system and then inhale the new essence that is created when our consciousness connects into a new creation of a new sound in our music. We create more and more layers of reality by collecting more consciousness from galaxies, stars, suns and crystals in the Universe and we layer them through our music into new creations exactly as we did when we were the Creators of the Universe. Our music has brought the Creation Realm and the Creator’s Music of Creation to Earth.

I call on God to remove all that is within you that does not belong
Melt away all that is resistance
Bring Light into your Heart
Bring that new dimension into your spirit
Know that you are not of anything but God's Realm
and you are passing through a great dimension of understanding
Not of matter Not of anything harsh.
But a pure light and love
A Veil that is not even existent to those who have the belief that it is not
Let all things go that is within you and God will bless and bring the heart to the whole body
so that the heart will rule everything
The spirit will rule everything and the body will no longer EXIST
except for in a state of peace and harmony so that it may pass

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The entire story of Source and the Creation through Music may be found at

I believe that the more my listening audience spends listening to these ASCENSION MAGIC frequencies that Mary sent into Earth to begin the return of all of her MAGIC, the faster her magic will return. Please become a part of the return of the Magic into Earth. This participation will allow you to be full fo the magic of Earth that will allow you to perform magic within the next few years. The first step in magic is learning to move a ball across a table with your mind, and the most advanced will be when you can transfer your magic into a wand that you will use to create light that can transform and create objects right before your eyes. These abilities will become more and more obvious on this planet in about five years. In ten years it will become normal again and in twenty years, magic will become the norm of Earth. And when Earth regains all of her magic, a star will be born.

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